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Christmas day is a celebration time when you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends, and some good food. However, many men live this day with dread as they don’t know what to wear.

It is easy to dress up too much but, on the other hand, one may end up being too formal. You surely don’t want to look odd on your Christmas picture with all your family!

Whether you want to look fabulous, or you prefer a more minimal look, here you will find plenty of inspirations for all your Christmas day outfits for men. With our help, you will be the star of your next Christmas party!


1. Smart Casual

Smart casual is the perfect answer for those who wish to maintain a classy attire, but with a sharper and more versatile overall look. This is also the best outfit for the majority of Christmas parties, as you don’t need to buy any particular piece of clothing. You can just mix & match whatever you got in your wardrobe and make your perfect style.

Photo by All Saints (Bodell Wool Coat in Black)

Photo by All Saints (Bodell Wool Coat in Black)

2. Tailored Pants & Button-down Shirt

This is the classic match, stylish and crisp. For extra formality, wear velvet or cotton pants. Otherwise, to look more casual, roll up the sleeves of the shirt. Don’t forget your favourite pair of Chelsea boots or loafers and some matching socks.

Photo by Shein (Men Roll Up Sleeve Button Up Shirt)

Photo by Shein (Men Roll Up Sleeve Button Up Shirt)

3. Casual, But With Style

It is easy to get away with a casual style for your Christmas day. All you need is a t-shirt, a comfy pair of jeans, and some sneakers. By playing with the right colours and different patterns, you won’t look undressed and, at the same time, you won’t need to wear a tie.

Photo by DH Gate (Winter Men Long Pants)

Photo by DH Gate (Winter Men Long Pants)

4. Loafers vs. Working Boots

There isn’t a list of standard footwear you should wear on Christmas day. It all depends on your overall look, as well as the dress code of the party. For example, with the proper outfit, you can still enjoy your favourite working boots or sneakers. Nevertheless, if you are wearing a suit, you should go for some loafers.

5. Semi-Formal Attire

The trick to rock the perfect semi-formal outfit is to match sophisticated and sleek pieces. For example, a pair of dark jeans can be paired with a lightweight blazer. Play with different colour schemes and silhouettes to create a dynamic outfit, and don’t forget the accessories.

Photo by Asos (ASOS DESIGN Lace Up Boots in Brown Faux Leather)

Photo by Asos (ASOS DESIGN Lace Up Boots in Brown Faux Leather)

Photo by Asos (ASOS DESIGN Loafers in Black Faux Suede with Snaffle Detail)

Photo by Asos (ASOS DESIGN Loafers in Black Faux Suede with Snaffle Detail)

6. Tuxedos and Suits

Indeed, tuxedos and suits are important pieces, and you should wear them only when requested by the party’s dress code. If you are going to a daytime party, then rules request a lighter colour scheme, such as blue or paste colours. Otherwise, at night time, you can feel bold enough to rock a velvet tuxedo.

Photo by Moss Bros. (Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Black Notch Dress Suit)

Photo by Moss Bros. (Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Black Notch Dress Suit)

7. Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties may be the worst when it comes to deciding what to wear. You want to look formal, but not completely inelegant. For this reason, we recommend playing with greys and blues, which will make you look more sophisticated. Some fitted pants and your favourite blazer should play the trick, especially if you add a tie.

8. Business Parties

Anything acceptable in the office will be perfect for a business party. Try with a blazer and some tailored pants or, if you are into the preppy aesthetic, wear your favourite bulky sweater and some cotton trousers. Oxford shoes and brogue boots will be the perfect footwear.

9. Outdoors Parties

If you are going to spend some time outdoors, then you need to layer more pieces to stay warm. A wool overcoat will play the trick while keeping your glam and stylish. Go for a piece that drops to your knees to create a slimmer and taller silhouette. Add a cosy scarf and a beanie hat.

What to Do If The Weather is Nice

If you are lucky enough to enjoy an outdoors Christmas party in the warm weather, then it is time to rock your best cotton or linen pieces, such as chinos and shirts. Loafers are the best choice when it comes to footwear. Add a touch of style with a cool Panama hat.

10. Accessories

Black Tie

Black ties are one of the most iconic and timeless pieces for any outfit. You don’t need to wear a full tuxedo to rock your black tie. Similarly, this piece can be paired with any colour, so you don’t need to stick to total black.

Bow Ties

If you don’t like ties, or if you want to opt for a different statement piece, then bow ties are the perfect accessory. Of course, they look great with a suit, but you can make them less serious with a more formal outfit. For a bolder style, try a glittered piece.

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