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Okay here’s the guide to 13 of the Best Bohemian Inspired Maxi Dresses for Summer. Enjoy.


Red Butterfly Sleeve Bohemian Long Maxi Dress

Short Split Sleeve Wrap Over Long Maxi Dress

Okay first of all lets start with short split sleeves, they are not for everyone. I mean they can annoy some people when the split flaps over in the breeze but for me I actually love it. I like exposing myself that little as my upper arm shows, there is something sensual about it but in a cheeky manner. I always think wrap over dresses are sexy and classy at the same time. Also feminine and demanding too. You can’t help but pay attention to the dress that has such small designs with black, white and green merging together.

Rainbow Stripe Long Button Up Maxi Dress

There is something magical about this type of dress. I mean just look that all the colours side by side yet merging together to become one. The colours are blurring and the stripes are not proper, that is what I love. The fusion of colour coming together.

Butterfly Sleeve Bohemian Long Maxi Wrap Over Dress

I always find that you can’t beat a good light bohemian wrap over dress, they are perfect! I mean just look at the colours, you have yellow, green, blue, red and white all coming together to enhance the intricate floral design that captures your eye. All you need is tan ankle boots and your on your way. You can also accessories with a straw floppy hat if you like.

Long Sleeve Navy Floral Maxi Dress

I think long sleeve dress are just great for summer or the fall as they are versatile. I always find long dresses with long sleeves just add that bit more of a classic look and vintage style to the dress itself. There is something sophisticated and smart about a long sleeve long dress. All you really need is a matching tan belt and handbag. Don’t forget the black heels. I will advise though to keep the makeup nude shades, light blusher and nude brown lipstick.

Sleeveless Bohemian Floral Summer Maxi Long Dress

Here we have the ultimate causal cool sleeveless bohemian floral summer dress. As you can see the beautiful colours coming together with detailed floral patterns that caught your eye. Not much is need for a dress like this keep the makeup simple light and nude shades mostly I would say. A good pair of wedged sandals work wonders with a dress like this.

Short Sleeve White Summer Long Maxi Dress

There is something clean and pure about the colour white yet edgy too. Summer is the perfect time to wear white dresses are they keep you cool. As light reflects from lighter colours compare to dark colours that absorb heat. As we can see the harem detail and v neck really give the dress that elegant yet feminine feel to it.

Floral Pattern Spaghetti Strap Long Maxi Dress

Summer is the time to let go and feel free in the cool breeze and warm sun. So in a nut shell spaghetti strap maxi dresses are great. This dress gets my thumbs up. I love the variety all the different bohemian maxi dresses come in. I mean just look at the colours of this one, the red floral patterns standout amongst the dark navy. Also attention to detail with the gorgeous plunging V neck. All you need is a pair of tie up sandals really and a light pink lipstick.

Embroidered Spaghetti Strap Long Maxi Dress

I always find in summer if I am meeting friends for a drinks and then the theatre or afternoon picnic then an embroidered spaghetti strap maxi dress is ideal because you don’t have to do to much with it. I mean you can accessories of course with statement earrings, boho bracelets and vintage sunglasses. As we can see in the photo below. I love how embroidered spaghetti strap maxi dresses are simple yet glamorous!

Bohemian 3/4 Sleeve Front Open Split Long Maxi Dress

Now a 3/4 sleeves dress with a front open split is not for everyone I understand however I love dresses with different style neck detail, splits and sleeve lengths. I feel every dress is different in its own way whether its colourful or based on pastel colours. As we can see in the photo below. I love how the cowboy boots really compliment the dress and the turquoise beaded necklace just draw attention to the plunging v neck.

Sleeveless Long Two Split Maxi Dress

Okay there is no denying split dresses are not for everyone especially if the dress has more then one split. However for those of you that love split dresses like me, you will agree its the best sort of summer dress. Its the kind of dress that make you feel empowered but feminine at the same time. As we can see from the photo below the dress looks ancient with the side by side block design. The design reminds me of a Greek or Roman design. I love how the orange and black colours really standout on the white dress.

Long Floral Maxi Dress

The thing about long maxi dresses is that they go great with heeled sandals or boots. Long maxi dresses are versatile and easy to wear. I love how some maxi dresses have different themes or you could say styles as seen in the photo below. The maxi dress is simple long and floral but based on darker colours with smaller design. I like how the dress is accessorised with feather type necklace, brown belt and gold bracelets.

Long Blue and White Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Now tie dye dresses in my opinion are all time classics. I mean they have been around since the 60s but were the height of fashion in the 70s popular with the hippy culture. Everything everyone wore had some sort of tie dye whether it was a head band, t-shirt or maxi dress. Colours colours and more colours all blended together, to create amazing fusion.

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