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Wearing overalls can be quite tricky. With the wrong styling, you may end up looking like a 10-year-old child – or a farmer. This possibility, however, should not stop you from splurging on overalls. With the right trends and accessories, you can pull it off like a celebrity. All you need to do is follow the style tips below.


Types of Overalls

Overalls come in different stylish designs. Knowing these trends will help you style your outfits fashionably – the likes of which will be discussed in the next segment.

Classic Denim

A denim overall is the most classic style there is – somehow reminiscent of the carefree days you had as a child. While it is a wee similar to your favorite pair of jeans, it does not some careful styling.

Since the denim overall itself will decorate much of your body, it will look best with simple items such as a plain tee. Should you wish to add more design elements, make sure to pick statement heels – such as this strappy pair.

Colored Variations

Do you want a splash of color – literally? Then you need to get your hands on a cute pair of colored overalls. There are a lot of choices – which is good if you want to vibrantly sashay down the street.

Because of the striking hue that comes with colored overalls, it will look best with simplistic styles. A white tank and sneakers – as is the case with this one – are sometimes all you need to look chic.

Printed Variations

If you love florals, stripes, plaid, and everything else in between, then what you need is a printed overall. Since the design speaks for itself – you need not bend over backward to complete this outfit.

A plain top and shoes – together with simple accessories – are enough to complete this look. Avoid going for over-the-top clothes and accessories as you don’t want to look like an abstract painting gone wrong.

With One Strap

A one-strap overall is not exactly a different type, but rather, a way of wearing your dungarees. It’s just like the way you wear a backpack – you can opt for the two straps or just go with one.

Whether you have a denim overall or a printed jumper, this method is actually the perfect way to avoid the farmer-look (and showcase your flat abs along the way). Just look at Selena Gomez, who looks exquisite in her one-strap overalls, fitted crop top, and white slip-on sneakers.

Slouchy & Oversized Overalls

If you’re looking for a unique pair of overalls, then you should try and rummage your father’s closet. Here, you may find his overalls – which you can wear as a slouchy, oversized dungaree.

If you can’t seem to find one, worry not as you can get this pair in several stores. Its loose nature is sure to make you feel comfortable – and vintage-looking – all at the same time.

Short Overalls

If you’re not feeling the long jumper – or if it’s just too hot outside – you can still rock dungarees like a pro. All you just need to do is pick the short ones.

As they may give a kiddie vibe, this item will need some chic and sophisticated styling. There’s no need to go on the hunt for exquisite items though as a sleek sweater and a nice pair of boots can elevate your look.

Overall Dress

Just like overall shorts, an overall dress is a great outfit to wear during hotter days. They also give a feminine vibe, which means they’re less likely to make you look like a kid – or a beautiful farmer.

It’s easy to style an overall dress, as it can match most of the things you wear with your favorite skirts. Take the case of this model, who looks charming in her off-shoulder top and chunky boots.

Ways to Wear Overalls

Now that you know the different kinds of overalls, it’s time for you to try these chic ways of styling your jumpers.

High Fashion Style

Look like a model, celebrity, and fashion week streetwalker with these high-fashion ways to dress your dungarees.

Black is Back

Think that black is boring? Well, you better think again. Here, you’ll see how model Joan Smalls managed to glamorize her overalls with basic black elements. First is her slip-quality cropped top, which she exposes by wearing the romper with only one strap.

While she may be wearing sexy elements, Joan knows how it’s important to keep warm. She has successfully done so with the help of her furry jacket and a black beanie.

Like the model, you can achieve a sleek yet high-fashion look by keeping accessories at a minimum.

A Kaleidoscope of Prints

While wearing your printed overalls with simple items is the safest way to go, you can always go out of the box by matching it with more prints.

Just take the case of this fashionable model, who wore her camouflage jumper with a striped top and a floral jacket. While it’s a hodgepodge of designs most people think she wouldn’t pull off, she has done so gracefully by matching her outfit with a dressy pair of heels and an ornate bag.

Cute Style

Look dainty and adorable with these ways of achieving a cute overall style:

Style it for the Summer

Even if it’s not summer, you can look charming in your overalls by styling them according to the season. That means sporting a bright top – and in this case, a vibrant, striped one. Complete the look with aviator shades, a rattan bag, and summer slides for a get-up that will remain cute throughout the seasons.

Tip: Bring a cardigan with you so you won’t feel cold – especially during the nighttime since temperatures can drop notoriously low.

Amaze in Lace

Achieving a cute style is as easy as wearing your romper with your girly-girl pieces. Here, you’ll see that all you need to wear is a delicate top such as a lace blouse. This garment is pretty enough by itself that it won’t require a lot of accessorizing. You can wear simple jewelry, maybe a hat, and a nice pair of flat shoes and you can cutely march around town.

Chic Style

Overalls are not just for casual wear. You can make it more sophisticated with these chic styling options:

Opt for Classic Pieces

A way to wear your overalls elegantly is to pair them with your classic pieces. Just look at this model, who looks ultra-chic in her button-down top, plush cardigan, and knee-high velvet booties. She also kept the accessorizing to a minimum with only her aviator shades and black chain bag.

While her pieces seem very basic and simple, the way she put them together made her look very elegant – even if she’s sporting a rugged, button-down overall dress.

Leather is Forever

Leather can be particularly hard to style, especially when it’s sewn in the form of an overall. But as long as you wear it with impeccable pieces ala Olivia Culpo, you’ll be able to create a super chic look.

To get the style of the former Miss Universe, all you need to do is wear your leather dungarees with a crisp white top. Pair it with an ornate bag and sexy strappy heels and you’ll look as fab as this titleholder.

Bohemian Style

A Bohemian look is all about using retro patterns – as well as neutral and warm shades – to achieve a hippie style. With your overalls, pulling this look off is something you can accomplish easily.

Keep it Warm

As mentioned, warm shades and retro patterns are some of the elements that bring the bohemian look to life. Well, you can easily tick all these options with this stylish outfit.

Just like the model, you can cop this early 20th style by wearing a striped sweater – in warm colors, but of course. Complete the outfit with a suede hat, belt bag, and sexy sandals for a look that screams Coachella.

Choose the Right Print

An easy way to channel the Bohemian look is to pick a printed overall. Here, you’ll see a short denim overall decorated with small floral prints. Worn underneath is a ribbed off-shoulder top – in a vibrant color pattern that’s very Bohemian.

A great thing about this style is that you get full artistic freedom with the accessorizing. Here, you’ll see that the look is completed with vintage 90s baubles, such as a native bag, wedge heels, feather earrings, and a chunky yellow bangle. Wear all of these with an updo and you’re ready for a Bohemian shoot!

Business Look

Overalls may look casual, but you can wear them to the office as well! All you need to do is follow these business-worthy styles below:

It’s All in the Blazer

A blazer is a basic piece for business dressing. As such, it’s the most important thing you need to wear to dress your overalls up. Here, you’ll see how a unique blazer transforms the model’s look from streetwalker to a corporate queen.

To complete this office-worthy attire, make sure to wear a dressy top underneath – just like the model’s lacy top. Wear it with your classic accessories to take your overalls where no business-minded woman has gone before.

Keep it Neutral

If you have a worker-type overall, it’s one thing you can surely wear at work. Just remember: it all boils down to the color – as well as the layers.

As you’ll see in the fashion week streetwalker, the key to pulling off a light brown overall is to keep it neutral. All she donned are quite simple – a fitted sweater, a structured bag, and some low-key jewelry. The only ‘statement’ item she had on was her furry stiletto sandals, which were still in a shade that compliments her entire outfit.

Casual Look

Dungarees are casual pieces, which means they need not much styling to achieve such a look. Although this is the case, you can take your outfit to a whole new level with these clever styling ideas:

Play With Different Textures

If you’re tired of wearing your dungarees with the usual basic tee, then why not try it with your dressier tops? It’s a combination that actually works, as you’ll see in this model who paired her denim jumper with an ornate see-through top, a black hat, and a pair of black booties.

She did find a way to break the monotony of the outfit with her colorful scarf and (literal) camera bag, both of which breathed an element of flimsy into her unique casual get-up.

Layer it Up

Rompers are great for cold weather because you get added layers right by your torso. That being said, you can keep it casual and comfy by wearing your overalls with your favorite sweatshirt.

If you’re unsure of the nighttime temperatures, it will help to keep a plaid button-down wrapped around your waist. Not only is this an emergency garment that you can wear when it’s cold, but it’s a great way to accentuate your figure as well!

Hip-Hop Inspired

Look like a fashion mogul with these tips on how to wear your overalls like a hip-hop star.

Feminize it

Rihanna is one of the best fashion inspirations for achieving the hip-hop look. Here, you’ll see that you don’t have to wear baggy, masculine things to channel her signature style.

In true queen fashion, Rihanna opted to embellish her overalls with a sports bra, sparkly accessories, a pink bag, and some statement heels. She did, however, included a hip-hop item in the form of a beanie. This goes to show that you can opt for delicate accessories and still get the hip-hop feel.

Leave One Strap On

Another way to channel a hip-hop style is to wear your romper with just one strap. Take inspiration from this model, who embellished her look with an oversized statement shirt and white sneakers.

Again, it’s important to accessorize with stylized pieces – such as her signature bucket hat. This will give your look a high-fashion style – even if it’s mainly about hip-hop meets.

Achieving a high-fashion or business look is possible with a dungaree. As long as you keep these styling tips in mind, you’ll be able to shine in your favourite pair of overalls!

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