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Whether you work from home, or you just like to spend a lot of your time at home, you don’t need to say goodbye to your passion for fashion.

In the past, loungewear was seen as a way to relax at home, when you had no necessity to put a complete outfit together. However, nowadays loungewear has been promoted and can now be worn outside. Looking for some ideas? Here you’ll find many.


Can you wear loungewear out?

Yes, you definitely can. There are many ways for making your loungewear look like a proper outfit. For example, you can add a cool jacket, a waist belt, a luxury bag, or other accessories. This will help you stay comfy and cosy, but also trendy and fashionable.

Can you wear loungewear in public?

It is now socially acceptable to wear loungewear in public. Fashion has been evolving and many pieces of loungewear are now trendy and chic enough to be rocked outside. You can complement them with shoes and other accessories.

Is loungewear the same as sleepwear?

No, loungewear is not the same as sleepwear. Loungewear includes loose and comfortable clothing which can be worn in public. Sleepwear, instead, focuses on garments you can wear for lounging around your house and going to bed.

What is considered loungewear?

In fashion, the definition of loungewear includes all casual pieces of clothing which are suitable for relaxing either at home or in public. They are supposed to fit loosely on your body and make you feel cosy. For example, sweat pants and some sweatshirts can be considered loungewear.

How do you look chic in loungewear?

Looking chic in loungewear is easy once you understand the basics. For example, you want to add some cute shoes and highlight your smile with some makeup. Make sure to avoid baggy clothes, so your style will be casual but not underdressed.

1. Comfy Slippers

No loungewear outfit is complete without a pair of comfy slippers. Whether you like them furry, oversized, funny or minimal, they will soon become your best friends.

  • Feeling stylish? Match your slippers with your top!
  • If your slippers are made of faux fur, make sure you wash them properly so you don’t spoil their colour.

2. Pastel Colours

Loungewear outfits are usually in black, white or other nude shades. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your favourite colour, even if you are going to spend the day at home.

  • Rock a loungewear outfit in pink, to leave your princess fantasy!
  • Light shades usually have a calming effect on our brain, but never be afraid of experimenting with brighter colours!

3. Sportswear vs Loungewear

You can still carry on with your favourite workouts while at home. If you are a gym enthusiast, then you should opt for a loungewear outfit which allows you enough freedom of movement. For example:

  • A pair of trackpants. Cotton and synthetics are good choices, wool can make you sweat too much.
  • A simple top. Go for a sleeveless option if you plan to sweat and enjoy a very energetic workout!

4. Shorts Are the New Pants

Out there it might be cold, but the best thing about staying at home is that you can set your temperature. This means that you can keep yourself all warm and cosy, and wear your favourite shorts even when it’s snowing.

  • Can’t say no to some additional cosiness? Wear some woolly shorts!
  • Match your shorts with an oversized sweatshirt for the cutest outfit.

5. Cardigans My Love

It is hard to find a piece of clothing more versatile than a cardigan. They are cute, comfortable, cosy, and they will keep you all warm and stylish. Looking to wear your cardigan at home?

  • Any cardigan can easily become part of your loungewear outfit, but we recommend an oversized piece for extra comfort.
  • Avoid teddy cardigans or other fabrics and textures which can be easily stained.

6. Cycling Pants

You don’t need to be a cycling addict to enjoy the comfort of a pair of cycling pants. This piece has been reinvented to suit all your loungewear needs, and you can now find several fabrics, colours, and styles.

  • Tight-fitting cycling pants can help you reshape your silhouette, but comfortable should always come first.
  • Looking for the best choice for the coldest wintertime? Opt for a pair of thermal cycling pants.

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7. Oversized Sweatshirts

If staying at home is all about comfort for you, then you don’t need too many pieces to put a loungewear outfit together!

  • Oversized sweatshirts work great to keep you warm and cosy.
  • This look suits petite girls perfectly, but you might want to opt for an alternative outfit if you are particularly tall.

8. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been a real fashion revelation over the past years. They are some of the most underrated pieces of clothing, which can make the perfect loungewear outfit.

  • Jumpsuits can be tight-fitting but we recommend sizing up a little bit, so you can enjoy plenty of freedom of movement.
  • Match your jumpsuit with a nice cardigan for the perfect loungewear outfit.

9. Good Old PJ

Loungewear is all about being comfortable. If you don’t want to invest in a proper loungewear outfit, or if you don’t want to wear additional pieces, you can still rock your good old pyjamas.

  • Opt for a pyjama which can keep you warm even when you’re not under your blanket.
  • There are lots of cute pyjamas out there. We recommend investing in at least two different sets, so you can have one to be worn exclusively when you go to bed.

10. Luxury Textures

When you put your loungewear outfit together, you should choose the pieces that make you feel good. If you are a fan of luxury textures, you can find plenty of pieces in velvet, silk and other stylish fabrics. These pieces have been designed for being comfortable without compromising your style!

11. Hoodies

Hoodies are the symbol of the perfect loungewear outfit. The best thing about these pieces is that you don’t have to buy new ones to create your outfit: anything which is comfortable enough and already in your wardrobe will play the trick.

  • You can match your hoodie with some long pants, sweatpants, shorts, or even opt for an oversized piece to have your legs free.
  • If you believe you might be too hot with a hoodie, wear a t-shirt underneath it so you’ll be ready to change your outfit at any time.

12. Blanket Hoodies

If you are going to spend some time at home, blankets will soon become your best friends. Blanket hoodies are funny, cute and comfortable. In other words, they are the perfect loungewear outfit.

13. Kimonos

When it’s too hot for a cardigan, or when you want to feel sexy and not underdressed, kimonos will save your outfit. You can either match your kimono with your overall look or play with different patterns.

14. Co-ord Sets

Tired of looking for the perfect loungewear outfit? Co-ord sets are perfect because they already give you everything you need to put your look together. Besides, you can often save some good money by buying more pieces together.

15. Different Fabrics

You can customise your loungewear outfit based on your preferences. This means that, for example, you can wear a woolly cardigan with a lace top, if it makes you feel good!

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