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Made with light fabric, a high-waist skater skirt is named so because it copies the look of figure skaters. But now, it’s something you can wear off the arena. In fact, it’s a versatile item that you can use to create many fashionable outfits. 

Case in point: here are some edgy ideas for 15 skater skirt and dress outfits: 


What Goes Well With Skater Skirts?

Well, you can wear your skater skirt almost anything! As long as you follow the fashion tips below, you can create multiple looks – even if you only have one skater skirt in your closet!

Prim and Proper

British actress Georgia Toffolo is the true image of prim and proper in her skater skirt outfit.

The media personality pairs her luxe pussy bow top in a rich, navy blue suede skirt. With her black stockings (forgive her for the slight run), she has created a posh look that you can take to work – or a 5-star restaurant date. 

Styling tip: Want to remain comfy in this beautiful outfit? Swap your heels for a comfy pair of black oxfords or brogues. 

Sexy in Summer

Taylor Swift is a hands-down fan of skater skirts. In fact, you’ll often see the singer sporting this garment in many of her outings.

One such romp is this one, where Taylor channels a sexy summer vibe in her tied-up top and floral skater skirt. (Tip: you can create a tied-up top by unbuttoning and tying the ends of your favorite button-down shirt.) 

While you can wear a pair of sexy heels just like Taylor, you can dress it down (and be comfier) in a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylors. 

Au Pair

Still taking Taylor Swift as an example, another way to wear your skater skirt is to pair it up with a coordinating top. 

Like the singer, going matchy-matchy is a way to style your outfit – especially if you don’t have a lot of time to put various looks together. 

Should you go for a printed set like Taylor, make sure to keep your shoes plain and simple. The only exception applicable, however, is if you want to go shiny – which you can easily do in gold or silver heels. 

Red Carpet Casual

Although a skater skirt may not be your first choice for formal wear, Rihanna goes to show that you can take it to the red carpet as well.

The singer and make-up mogul channels this casual aura with her backward-worn cap, white shirt, and faux leather skater skirt. And instead of her usual heels, she went all comfy with a trusty pair of black Chucks. 

Despite the casual flair of her look, she managed to maintain a high-fashion look with her elaborately designed statement necklace. 

Dark and Mysterious

A skater skirt is not only for flirty, feminine outfits. In fact, you can use this to create edgy ensembles as well.

Just take a look at this model, who looks grunge chic in her lacy top, skater skirt, and thigh-high boots. With her blood-red lipstick and cigar in tow, she looks like she just dominated a popular rock show! 

Styling tip: Like her, you can add a bit of roughness to your outfit by adding a leg holster. Not only is this stylish, but it’s also a good place to keep your wallet and phone. 

Love the Leather

The skater skirt’s flirty look makes it a perfect partner for ‘rough’ fashion elements, such as a leather moto jacket.

As seen here, the celebrity manages to marry the best of both worlds – pairing her edgy leather jacket with an ornately designed skater skirt. 

Like the model, you don’t have to go all out with the rest of the outfit. A simple tank top, a suede bootie, and a designer clutch bag are more than enough to finish your leather look.

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Move in Monochrome

A black skater skirt is a timeless classic any lady should have. Given its versatile look, it’s something you can use to create several stylish outfits.

However, if you want to remain true to its dark shade, you can opt for a monochrome look ala Kourtney Kardashian. It’s a matter of choosing fun prints though, just like her psychedelic black & white dotted top. 

And – with a belted designer bag just like hers – you don’t have to lug a big bag around to keep your belongings! 

Everyday Elegance

As mentioned, a skater skirt is a versatile outfit you can wear day in and day out. And – as the model shows – it’s something you can take to high-end events as well.

Like her, you can create an elegant look by wearing your black skater skirt with a luxe sweater, a beautiful cape, and a pair of black booties. Accessories such as a statement necklace and shades are optional, though they’re sure to glam up your look even more. 

Show Your Goodies

Did you know that you can make a Pinterest-worthy outfit with a button-down top and a skater skirt? Yes, this is possible – as long as you seek inspiration from this stylish blogger.

Instead of buttoning her polo up, the model kept it open in a V-like shape. If you want, you can wear a Y-shaped necklace to accentuate your chest. 

Styling tip: If you don’t like showing your cleave, you can wear a bralette or a bandeau underneath. 

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Schoolgirl Style

Since skater skirts are reminiscent of schoolgirl fashion –  you might as well try to achieve it. But, instead of the usual get-up, you can style it in a chicer look – just like Zoe Kravitz.

Here, the actress channels the student style in her printed shirt and amazing high-waisted skirt. And, in true schoolgirl fashion, she wears her black flat Mary-Janes with white socks. 

Styling tip: You can go for a sexier look by wearing knee-high socks with sky-high Mary Janes. 

How to Wear a Black Skater Dress

A black skater dress is a good LBD choice instead of the usual traditional styles. You can wear it in many ways, just like what the models do below: 

Cinch Your Waist

You don’t have to bend over backward for your black skater dress outfit. Like actress Camilla Belle, you can create a sleek look without a lot of effort.

Just do what Camilla does here – and that is to cinch your waist with a thin belt. If you have a wide statement belt, you can use this too!

As for the rest of your look, it’s best to keep it simple. A pair of flat black shoes – and a structured bag – are all you need for this sleek and polished outfit. 

Go Fishing

As established, you don’t have to spend a lot of time styling your black skater dress. With this second fashion tip, you can create a complete look in just a few minutes.

Just like the model, it’s all about wearing some unique stockings underneath. While the opaque type is a good choice, a lacy stocking such as this one can make your outfit look visually appealing. 

Since the stockings are statement pieces by themselves, keep the rest of your ensemble simple – your shoes and bag included!

Come Undone

There are many ways to style your button-down black skater dress. As the model shows, it’s as quick as leaving some of the top buttons undone.

This styling hack exposes most of your chest – which you can easily conceal in a pretty bra, bralette, or bandeau. Or, if you like, you can keep it bare for the world to see.

As for the shoes, you can wear whatever style you want. Be it heels, a pair of Vans, or your chunky boots – it’s all about choosing the best footwear for the weather. 

Button-Down Belle

Button downs are versatile pieces you can easily wear with your black skater dress. 

As seen on the model, it’s a matter of layering your favorite button-down top underneath. It’s best to go for a contrasting hue or design, which is exemplified in this black-and-white top.

While the model kept the accessories to the minimum, you can go over the top by wearing a statement necklace under the collar. Glam up the look even further with statement heels to assemble an outfit that you can take from work to after-office drinks.

Layer Like a Pro

While your black skater dress is perfect on its own, it wouldn’t hurt to layer it with some of your other items.

Like the model, you can achieve such a look by topping your dress with a button-down top. Just make sure to keep most of them unbuttoned! 

It’s also good to have a leather moto jacket at hand, especially if you plan on staying out until evening.

Keep your outfit sexy with a strappy pair of heels – or your favorite nude heels from work.  

Skater skirts and dresses are great additions to your wardrobe. They can be layered up – or down – depending on the weather (or your mood). Given its versatility, it’s something you can wear throughout the year. 

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