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Chokers, which have always been associated with high fashion, have been around since 2500 BC. Created by Sumerian artisans in present-day Mesopotamia, these 14- to 16-inch-long necklaces continue to be popular – up until today. 

From being a ballerina costume staple – to a style craze popularized by the UK’s Queen Alexandra – chokers are fashion must-haves for any girl. Such is especially the case with black chokers, which is the focus of this article today. 

A great thing about a black choker is that you can wear it with virtually anything. But to cut the long story short, here are the 16 best ways to style your black choker – all organized according to various aesthetics.

Casual Black Choker Outfits

Plain Jane

Who said that plain is boring? As this model will tell you, a simple black choker outfit is just as chic. 

To recreate her look, all you need to wear are three basic pieces: a white button-down top, a good pair of jeans, and a pair of sexy pumps. 

Like the model, you can add some flair into your simple outfit with a black choker, a unique pair of shades, and a lovely braided hairstyle. 

Casual and Chic

Your black choker outfits need not necessarily be over-the-top (though it could be!) With a chic and casual look such as this one, you can be the toast of the town. 

As the model goes to show, it’s just a matter of picking the right top. Her elaborately draped blouse is a good example.

Just like the model, it’s a matter of choosing the ‘haute’ blouse in your closet. Even if you only pair it with your jeans, your black choker can give your outfit the oomph it needs – even if it doesn’t necessarily need one.

Casual and Formal

Fashion is all about channeling the best of both worlds. And as this model shows, it can be achieved with the help of a black choker necklace.

Like her, you can pair your statement tee with a ruffled skirt. If you like to look more formal, you can throw on a structured blazer as well. 

As for your accessories, you could pair your black choker with dainty earrings and some layered bracelets. 

2-Necklace Look

Although a black choker is more than enough for your outfit, wearing it with another necklace is another stylish option. 

As seen on this model, it’s all about wearing a black choker with a longer necklace. Hers is a suede tie, which you can also wear as a choker. 

This layering helped her achieve a unique look, even if she’s only donning a basic tee-and-pants outfit. This goes to show that with a black choker, you can glam up any simple get-up!

Black Choker Outfits for Summer

Go Shorty

Summer is all about wearing skin-revealing pieces. It’s also a great time to flaunt your black choker, and actress Vanessa Hudgens is proof of this. 

Here, the actress is stylishly walking her dog in a black tank top and army-inspired shorts. To add some flair to her outfit, she opted to wear a choker necklace – which is layered with a delicate gold choker. 

Though summer fashion calls for sandals, you can wear this ‘hot’ outfit with a pair of ankle boots as well. 


Model Stella Maxwell is the epitome of summer sexiness in her black choker outfit. 

The Victoria’s Secret Angel is seen casually strolling the streets in her black bralette and a high-slit dress. 

Her hot and ‘haute’ get-up, of course, is headlined by a unique black choker with a chained design. 

Like Stella, you can wear sneakers with this outfit for utmost comfort. But if you’re thinking of making it more sophisticated, then you should wear this summer outfit with a pair of sexy sandals or glamorous pumps. 

Sheer Envy

Models do it best when it comes to sexy summer dressing. Case in point: Bella Hadid, who looks stunning in her sheer outfit.

The model pulls it off with a white bandeau and high-waist boy shorts, which she layers beneath her ultra-sheer frock. 

While you don’t necessarily have to go ultra-sheer like Bella, you can use this style as inspiration for your summer outfit. For example, you can wear your signature undies with your sexy mesh dress.

Lavish Layers

Summer is the perfect time to wear your slip dress. In the event that it’s still too cold outside, you can always layer it up for your black choker outfit.

Such is done by the model, who layered her white off-shoulder top with her black slip dress. With her structured top and white sneakers, she assembled a casually chic look. 

Because her black choker is beautiful enough as it is, she didn’t need a lot of accessories – a pair of oversized shades would do!

Smart (and Sexy) Black Choker Outfits

Sexy Siren

Looking to expose some skin this summer? Then you should try Shay Mitchell’s sexy siren look.

Although the actress used ‘conservative’ pieces – such as a white polo top and black leggings – she made sure to flaunt her chest. It’s done in a tasteful manner of course, as all she did was let her white bralette do a little peek-a-boo. 

With her dainty black choker and designer clutch, Shay’s sexy look is something you ought to try RN.

Foxy and Formal

Like Kendall Jenner, you can wear your black choker with formal clothes – and a sexy bralette.

This fusion of formal and sexy elements is made possible by key pieces, including a simple trench coat, loose-fitting pants, and a lacy bralette. 

You can leave the trench coat all open like Kendall – or you can button some of them so that you only reveal your sexy top. That way, you may be able to take this look to the office without drawing ire from your boss. 

Crop Love

For this look, we refer yet again to Kendall – a lover of black chokers and all outfits smart and sexy. 

Here, the model channels a sexy look with her cropped off-shoulder top. To balance things out, she wore high-waisted trousers with an elongating (not like she needs it) striped design. 

Despite its tummy-revealing nature, this outfit is something you can dress up for the office. Again, it’s just a matter of wearing a blazer or trench coat on top of this lovely outfit. 

Dress and Pants Combo

Whether you’re headed for a meeting – or a date in a posh hotel – you ought to try this dress and pants combo. As the name suggests, it’s all about wearing your frock (instead of the usual blouse) on top of your trousers. 

Like the model, you can create a sophisticated look with your elegant tubed dress and tailored pants. Of course, don’t forget to wear your black choker with this! Should you wish to accessorize some more, keep it simple with a beautiful bag and a sexy pair of heels. 

‘Themed’ Black Choker Outfits

Rocking Out

Although Miranda Kerr is not a rockstar (or a rockstar’s GF), she manages to achieve the said look with her black choker outfit. 

Here, the model is spotted with an inch-thick black cloth choker, which she wore with an off-shoulder top, ripped jeans, and tie-up stiletto heels. 

Though you can keep your look as simple as Miranda’s, you can also go all out with a smudged eye look and a crimson red lip. 

Grunge Love

You need not go all crazy to channel the grunge look. As Kaia Gerber shows, you can get by with pretty basic pieces.

To channel the model’s look, all you need to is to wear a simple crop top with some grunge-style bottoms. In her case, donning a fitted tie-down skirt is the way to go. 

Of course, a grunge look is not complete without a black choker. And like Kaia, you can layer it up with a variety of gold necklaces. 

Back to the 70s

The black choker is a period piece that’s associated with retro fashion. When worn with other statement pieces, this accessory can help you create a terrific themed outfit.

A great example is this outfit – headlined by a purple fur coat and a mesh-lined bodycon dress. Like the model, you can wear some tights especially if it’s cold outside.

Though this sexy outfit is best worn with pumps or sandals, you can always nix them in favor of your trusty sneakers. 

Go Retro

Want to go back to the 70s – or 80s? While this is not humanly possible, you can do so at least fashionably – with the help of a black choker, of course! 

As this model shows, it’s all about picking the right pieces. A tie-up top, mega-flared jeans, and a black choker are, of course, the most important ones. But if you want to make this outfit work-friendly as well, you can do what she did and wear a tailored blazer.

A black choker top is a simple yet stylish accessory every girl should have. You can wear it with casual, formal, and sexy outfits – making it a versatile investment you can use for years. 

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