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The black tank top is one of the classic pieces that every girl needs to have in her closet. Although it’s very simple, it’s stylish – and very versatile. You can wear it wherever – be it a casual date with your beau or an executive meeting with the boss. 

Given its adaptable style, you won’t run out of outfit ideas with your black tank top. In fact, here are a few more you ought to try out: 


1. Black-on-Black

Contrary to popular beliefs, a monotone outfit is not at all boring. As this model will show you, you can sashay fashionably around town in a black-on-black get-up. 

The key to achieving this look is pairing your fitted black tank top with your black skinny jeans (or leggings if you want). You can also do this with a skirt – or a pair of sexy shorts. 

Like the model, you can add some flair by wearing a beautiful hat, a pair of shades, a statement belt, and mid-calf boots. 

2. Black and White

Apart from a black-on-black pairing, a black and white combo is one of the best ways to rock your tank top. 

The contrast between the 2 colors is lovely (not to mention elegant). It’s a pairing that’s great for casual romps – as well as nighttime functions with the boss.

To achieve a sophisticated look, wear some sexy heels just like the model. But if you’re gunning for a casual and comfy style, then you should go out and about in a pair of white sneakers. 

3. Life of Stripes

Still with the black and white trend, another thing you should consider is wearing your black tank top with anything striped.

As is the case of the model, a pair of striped black and white pants is a good choice. It’s very sophisticated, which makes this outfit ideal for work or upscale dates.

Apart from striped pants, you can also try a more casual style by donning a pair of striped shorts or a skirt. 

4. Hello Yellow

Find black or white too monotonous for your tank top outfit? Well, you should channel Kate Hudson’s style and pair your top with bright yellow pants. 

Her wide-legged trousers definitely added some cheeriness to her outfit. Even if she’s not wearing any jewelry, this vibrant tone made Kate shine effortlessly. 

Like the actress, you too can go for livelier shades. Magenta, orange, and neon green are just some of the colors you should match with your black tank top. 

5. Plain with Print

Do you have a pair of printed pants in the closet? In this summer heat, the best top to wear with it is your black tank. 

As seen on the model, a plain and print outfit is a match made in heaven. Her black tank top – alongside her black slingback pumps – helped balance her geometric-print pants.

Like her, you can keep everything within the same dark palette – and just make a color splash with any accessory. A hat or bag, perhaps? 

6. Perfect Pantsuit 

Yes, you can take your black tank top to work (or any other occasion that requires some power dressing). All you need to do is wear it with a pantsuit – just like what Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did.

If you want to make waves just like the model, then you should opt for an eye-catching pantsuit. Like her, you can go for a crisp crimson pantsuit. 

Tip: Apart from red, a pantsuit in other brighter colors would be lovely as well! 

7. Short Stick

A black tank top is a perfect piece for casual outfits, as proven by Miranda Kerr. It’s great for summer – which is the time to bare some skin. 

Here, the model embraces everything casual with her rugged denim shorts, waist-tied denim jacket, and studded ankle booties. 

To achieve Miranda’s punk-rock look, make sure to wear a classic pair of aviator shades. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a studded tote! 

Tip: You can make this outfit cold weather-friendly by actually wearing the jacket. It’ll also help to wear opaque tights underneath. 

8. Varsity Vibes

Looking to achieve a sexy yet sporty look? Then you ought to try this fabulous black tank top outfit. All you need to do is wear it with sexy shorts (or a mini skirt – it’s up to you). Top it off with a varsity jacket, which you can don partially for a shoulder-revealing look.

Like the model, you can complete your sexy and sporty attire with a pair of suede above-the-knee boots. 

9. Leather Luxury

Do you find it hard to pair your leather bottoms? To avoid a potential fashion faux pas, you should try wearing it with your black tank top. 

It’s quite easy to create this chic outfit, as all you need to do is put two and two together. It’s so posh that you don’t really have to go crazy with the accessories. 

Want to make this get-up dressier? Make sure to layer your attire with a blazer or a lovely trenchcoat. 

10. Midi Skirt Marvel

A black tank top looks great with all types of skirts, the midi skirt being one of them. As seen on the model, you can pair it with your tank top to create a sophisticated look.

To achieve an office-worthy get-up, make sure to wear your tank top with an ornate skirt. As for the layers, you should add a structured blazer or a lovely cardigan. 

Don’t forget to wear heels (slingback or otherwise) to make your calves look slimmer! 

11. Maxi-Mize

A maxi skirt is another bottom you can wear flawlessly with a black tank top. As seen on this model, it’s glamorous enough for a formal event!

To get this look, make sure to pick a statement maxi skirt. An embroidered, floral style like this one is perfect – although you can also go with an eye-catching jewel tone maxi.

As with most tank top outfits, this one doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing. However, you’re always free to throw a delicate necklace or earring into the mix. 

12. Far and Wide

Pairing a black tank top with jeans makes for a classic casual look. But if you want to upgrade your style, then you should pick a unique cut, wash, or design. 

One great example is a pair of wide-legged jeans – just like what this model wears. It should not be just any pair. For maximum impact, choose one with an edgy style (just look at the dark wash hem). 

Complete the outfit with sandals or pumps for a sexy look – or sneakers for a sporty one. 

13. Hit the Street

Rihanna, without a doubt, is one of the fashion icons to look up to when it comes to street style. As seen in this get-up, the singer is proof that a black tank top is vital to achieving an effortless look. 

Rihanna decided to take the sexiness down the notch with her designer tank, baggy jeans, and camouflage bomber jacket. With her yellow beanie and black kicks, Rihanna looked as stylish as she is comfy. 

14. Leopard Love

The leopard print is one of the trickiest designs to pull off. But when paired with plain, simple items such as a black tank top – this print can shine.

As seen on the model, this outfit is something you can easily take to the office. All you need to do is top the tank with a structured blazer and wear a nice pair of heels.

You can also wear this outfit casually right after work. Just swap your heels with a pair of stark-white sneakers and you’re good to go. 

15. Print-on-Print

The print-on-print style is one of the trickiest styles to pull off. But with the right pieces – including that of your black tank top – you can achieve a look that’s worthy of Instagram reposts. 

Just look at this model, who matched two bright (if not crazy) prints. Her jacket is a colorful, geometric one, while her shoes carry a black-and-white checkerboard design. 

She did, however, kept everything on the subtle side. Her black tank top, light wash jeans, and simple clutch blended well with the rest. By doing so, she made sure that the prints don’t overpower each other. 

16. Embellished Everything

Maybe you have over-the-top clothes that you can’t wear easily. But should the situation call for it, then you should go and wear it with your black tank top.

Just refer to model Miranda Kerr, who’s wearing pants (and a jacket) studded with gold everything. And since these pieces are way over the top, she made it a point to simplify the rest with her black tank. 

Like Miranda, make sure to go easy with the accessories as your clothes are already shiny and embellished. A simple necklace and a pair of oversized shades are more than enough. 

As you see, there are so many looks you can create with your black tank top. Whether it’s casual, formal, or something that represents both – your tank top can keep you fashionable wherever you may be. 

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