There’s a popular saying that goes “Women should never go without earrings.” This is definitely true, since earrings can make you pretty and sophisticated. They can glamorize your look – especially if you’re wearing a plain outfit.

Given the many types of earrings, it’s best to know each and every one of them. Here’s a guide of such styles – and how to look good with them.

1. Stunning in Studs

A stud earring is a simple piece that features a gemstone (usually a diamond) or any other embellishment. This stone is affixed on a slim piece of metal, which is then anchored to the ear with ‘backs’. Because of this construction, a stud, which is also known as a solitaire, can make the stone seem to float on your ear.

As studs are particularly small, they’re easy to wear – making them perfect for daily fashion. They’re also very versatile, which means it fits young ladies – even the more mature ones!

2. Gorgeous in Gold

Gold earrings are classic pieces that every girl needs to have in her accessory arsenal. They’re timeless and great for all occasions – whether it’s a typical day at work or a dressy event in a hotel ballroom.

There are many types of gold earrings to choose from:

White Gold

Commonly used in earrings, this type of jewelry boasts of a white luster and some rhodium-induced sheen. As it is made with 58.3% gold and other metals, it’s more durable – yet lighter than platinum. This makes white gold earrings perfect for young girls – and women with smaller earlobes.

Yellow Gold

With its warm shade, yellow gold is the ideal metal to adorn diamonds and other gemstones. It’s made with gold, silver, and copper, making it a great choice for daily wear. As it works on different skin tones, there is nobody who can’t wear (and rock) a pair of yellow gold earrings.

3. Perfect in Pearl

If you’re looking for a classy flair, then one of your best bets is a pair of pearl earrings. The options are plentiful too since pearl earrings come in various colors and styles:

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl stud earrings are simple yet versatile, so you can wear them with anything – and virtually anywhere.

Pearl Drop Earrings

Compared to stud earrings, this earring style is situated below the earlobe – thus giving it its ‘drop’ look.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

If you like pearl and hoop earrings, then this is your perfect match. There are a lot of pearl hoops available, from the smaller, office-friendly designs, to the outlandish, party-worthy ones.

Pearl Dangling Earrings

Compared to the drop style, dangling earrings ‘dangle’ more below. One-pearl styles offer simplicity, while those with multiple pearls create a dressier look.

Pearl Chandelier Earrings

If your dangling pearl earrings are not ‘enough’, then you best set your sights on pearl chandelier earrings. They’re very ornate, making them a glamorous choice for galas or weddings.

Pearl Climber/Crawler Earrings

As the name suggests, these earrings climb/crawl the way up to your ear.

4. Ali-Hoop!

Hoop earrings are versatile accessories that work on a variety of face shapes. They are often plain, yet they may be embellished with gems and other kinds of baubles. Size-wise, they come in small hoops – to outrageously big ones!

Hoops come in a variety of styles, such as:

  • J-hoops, where there is a gap in the back
  • Huggies, which are thrust near the earlobe
  • Prong-set hoops, which are like the traditional ones – though they have a clasp (prong) that keeps the earring in place

Since hoop earrings are sure to catch everyone’s eye, it’s best to pair them with a simple, casual outfit. They also look great on evening looks, especially when you’ve got bright red lipstick on!

5. Hanging and Dangling

Dangling earrings are fantastic for when you want to look more glamorous and exquisite. As they are certified show-stoppers, you need to consider several things before you wear them.

For one, there’s the face shape. If you have a long face, you don’t want to wear long dangling earrings as they can further lengthen your face. As such, you’re best off with round or wide styles. A good example of this is Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore round dangling earrings that go with her long face.

Another thing to consider is the occasion. You wouldn’t want to wear dangling earrings if you’re just going to run. Not only would they look like a fish out of water, but there’s a huge chance that you might lose them along the way. In essence, they’re best donned during dressier events, such as your best friend’s wedding (or even your own!)

6. Make a Statement

Statement earrings are named so because they do make a statement. They’re big, bold, and sparkly – a piece that is sure to draw the attention of everyone.

Since statement earrings are particularly striking, they are best flaunted in dressier events. They should also be worn with a toned-down garment – with the other accessories styled at the minimum. If not, you’ll end up with a look that’s all over the place.

7. A Minimalist Maven

Just like studs, minimalist earrings are what you need for daily use. They often come in simple shapes, such as lines, circles, and whatnot. While they may look very plain, they’re the right accessories for a low-key look. They also give you the freedom to go all-out with your other baubles since they won’t clash with them.

Despite being simple, minimalist styles come aplenty. There are studs – even minimalist hoops. Whatever your taste may be, there’s sure to be minimalist jewelry for you.

8. Sexy and Sultry

Yes, you can look sultry – even if you don’t wear skimpy clothes. All you need is a pair of sexy earrings and you’ll look seductive in no time.

Although there’s really no set definition for sexy earrings – it usually involves sleek hoops and long, cascading lines.

Given its sultriness, sexy earrings are best worn during formal events. They may be worn with some casual attires too, especially if you’re about to hit the beach!

9. Terrific Triangle

Are you tired of the usual round studs? Then you should set your sights on a terrific pair of triangle earrings. They’re simple and minimalistic, meaning they’re ideal for your everyday look. They’re elegant enough to be worn at work – and unique enough to spruce up your simple casual look. You can even wear them to formal events especially if have a very ornate dress.

Another great thing about triangle earrings is that they look good with other accessories. You can mix and match them up with your necklaces and bracelets – whether they’re triangular or not!

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10. Cross the Line

Even if you’re not religious, there’s no reason for you not to wear cross earrings. And since they come in a bevy of styles, you won’t have a hard time picking out a style that compliments your look.

There are minimalist designs that sit like a stud on your earrings. There are also drop and hoop designs if you want more length. Lastly, there are dangling cross earrings that you can wear at a party or any other formal function.

11. Cute as a Button

A button earring is a simple type of jewelry that you can wear daily. Like studs, it features a focal design – which is a button in this case.

A great thing about button earrings is that they’re relatively cheap since they don’t make use of expensive gemstones and metal. Because of this, you will find it hard to stop yourself from buying one from the mall (or online, whatever floats your boat).

12. Beautiful in Beaded

Looking to create a Bohemian attire? Or perhaps add a splash of color to your face? Then you need to use a pair of beaded earrings!

What’s great about this style is that it gives the ‘oomph’ that your simple get-up needs. Throw this on and you wouldn’t have to worry about the rest. With your long, vibrant beaded earrings, you’ll look ready for a party – even if you’re just wearing a plain shirt and jeans!

13. Fun in Clip-on

Maybe you have sensitive skin that acts up every time you wear earrings. Or maybe you are just afraid to get a piercing. Whatever your reason might be, a pair of clip-on styles are perfect for you.

As the name suggests, all you need to do is clip this on. Since gravity will try to pull this off your ear, choose a design that doesn’t have heavy elements that will make them slide down.

14. Chunky and Funky

A chunky earring is a great investment, especially if you want to make a statement in a plain outfit. However, styling it can be tricky. If you don’t hold back with the other elements, you may end up sporting a very ‘busy’ ensemble.

That being said, you should wear your chunky earrings with more laidback attires, i.e. a plain tee and denim pants. Avoid wearing it with more elaborate outfits as you may look like a beautiful mess.

15. Ding-Dong Door Knocker

A door knocker is a type of earring that is made of either gold or silver. It dangles below the earlobe – thus providing its ample size with a very commanding look.

More than just being a beautiful accessory, a door knocker earring bears a great deal of cultural significance – especially for women of color. So when you wear this, you’re not only flaunting your style. You’re showing your cultural pride as well!

16. Shell Summer Vibes

Do you wish for the summer to linger forever? While this may not be possible, you can keep the summery vibe all year round with your shell earrings.

Since they have that beachy feel, they’re best worn for more casual attires – especially the ones you wear during vacation. Shell earrings may be used in some formal events too, especially if the theme is ‘beach’ or ‘underwater’.

17. Glam in Grunge

Grunge is defined as an alternative rock genre that found footing in the mid-1980s. Popularized by the likes of the late Kurt Cobain, it’s hallmarked by flannel shirts, ripped denim, slouchy garments, oversized clothes, beanies, and a mean pair of Doc Martens.

Given its androgynous flair, the grunge style is an aesthetic many women embrace in terms of accessorizing.

Grunge-style earrings cover a variety of designs, including studs, hoops, and cross-shaped earrings. Because of this, you can easily get this look by mixing and matching such designs that you already have in your closet.

18. Go and Glow in the Dark

Be the light in other people’s lives – quite literally – with a glow in the dark earring. This one needs no introductions as it’s just like the stars you had at the ceiling when you were a kid.

Made of a product known as phosphors, glow-in-the-dark earrings get their illumination from the sun or other sources of light. So when you turn the lights off, what you’ll see are the phosphors emitting the brightness they have absorbed.

Depending on the earring style, glow-in-the-dark products often work best for casual, dressed-down affairs.

19. Neon Plastic – it’s Fantastic!

If you love bright colors, then a pair of neon plastic earrings is right up your alley. With their vibrant colors, this can add a punch of color into an otherwise plain outfit.

As this accessory is made with plastic, it’s a cheaper option compared to gold earrings or pearl earrings. However, it’s very casual that it really doesn’t fit the office or other upscale activities. That being said, neon plastic is a cheap and funky way to brighten up your casual get-ups.

20. Ace the Smiley Face

Just like neon plastic earrings, a smiley-faced-pair can inject some whimsy into your outfit. Most styles come in the trademark yellow color, though some use other vibrant hues. Again, they’re very casual so they’re best worn during informal activities.

Although that is the case, some smiley face earrings also come in gold, such as the one shown in the model above. Since this style gives a gold stud flair, it’s something you may be able to pull off at work.

Earrings come in various shapes and sizes – such as the 20 styles featured above. As they complement different types of looks, you best be investing in each and every one of them!

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