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Once a Victorian jewelry of dubious connotations, the choker has transcended into one of the most fashionable accessories. After all, you can use it to create multiple looks.

Case in point: here are 37 stylish choker outfit ideas we lifted off from Pinterest. 

Take your casual outfits to a whole new level with these cute choker get-ups:


1. Simply Stylish 

It’s easy to create a great choker-centric outfit. 

Just look at Selena Gomez, who looks super chic in her white tank top, black trench coat, cuffed denim, and nude heels. You can say that the fanciest part of her outfit was her silver and black chokers.

2. Tee Time

Don’t have time to assemble a killer look? Then you should refer to this casual get-up by Rihanna.

You can get this look with a statement tee, a mini skirt, mid-calf boots, and a stylish choker. Like the singer, you can put on some shades to stave off the sun’s bright rays. 

3. Grunge Girl

Looking to create a gorgeous grunge look? Then get inspired by Hailey Baldwin-Bieber.

All you need is a black tank top, a plaid buttoned shirt, distressed denim, and of course, a retro-vibe choker. 

4. Boheme Babe

Thinking of going to Coachella? Then you should try to imitate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s outfit.

You can wears a suede, fringy jacket on top of a floral top and a belted denim short. To complete the look of course chose a simple black choker. 

5. Biker Beauty

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is yet another style star in her biker-inspired choker outfit.

Wear a striped top, black skinny jeans, and suede mid-calf boots. And to add some edge, she threw on a leather moto jacket and a luxe suede choker. 

6. Black is Beautiful

An all-black choker outfit is not as boring as many would think. As long as you take heed from Kendall Jenner, you can rock yours like a model.

To get her look, all you need to do is wear a graphic top, a pair of sporty leggings, and your trusty ol’ leather moto jacket. Of course, don’t forget to seal it off with a choker and aviator shades!

7. Leopard Love

It’s quite obvious that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley loves chokers but to recreate a different look, you can swap the black moto jacket with a leather leopard jacket. Mix it up a bit!

8. Double Choker

Kendall Jenner goes to show that you need not one – but two – chokers to rock your outfit. 

You can wear your layered chokers with an off-shoulder top and a pair of ripped jeans. You can wear sneakers for a casual look, or stiletto heels (like hers) for a more elegant style. 


9. Sweat it Out

Looking to liven up your traditional sweater outfit? All you need to do is follow this Pinterest model – and slap on a cloth choker on your neck. 

Tip: For a more luxe look, go for a bejeweled or a more delicate choker. 

10. Sweater Weather

Speaking of sweaters, another choker outfit you can try is that of Ariana Grande.

You can wear a trademark sweater-slash-dress and thigh-high stiletto boots and add a simple touch of style with a thin choker necklace. 

11. Crop Circles

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to wear your crop tops once again!

Like Kendall Jenner, it’s something you should consider wearing with your favorite choker necklace. You can pair both with distressed denim – or a mini skirt even. 

12. Summer Vibes

Apart from your crop top, a full-length dress is something you should wear this summer.

A printed long dress is more than enough for your casual romps. It’s stylish enough to only need a plain black choker and a pair of slip-on sandals. 

13. Sneakerhead

Get the best of both worlds (classy and casual) with this choker outfit idea.

All you need to do is wear a sexy spaghetti strap top (or bodysuit), high-waisted denim shorts, and cute sneakers. Top it off with a sparkly choker and you’re all set!

14. Bandana Beauty

If you don’t have a choker at hand, you need not necessarily buy one. You can use your bandana, just like what this model did.

Like her, you can get the biker vibe by wearing your choker with a sexy black top, a fringy skirt, and a black denim jacket. 

15. Denim Diva

Have a unique denim dress such as this one? Instead of going crazy with the accessories, what you need to do is wear a thick black choker.

You can get a runway-ready look by finishing the attire with the socks-and-sandals trend. 

16. Jumpsuit Jane

It can be hard to style a utility-look jumpsuit. But if you’re anything like model Karlie Kloss, you can glam it up with relative ease.

To get a chic look, make sure to wear a sexy top, stylish boots, and an elegant choker together with your utility jumpsuit. 

17. Rich Romper

If the jumper’s too hot for you this summer, then your next best bet is a romper. 

All you need is a casual romper and a simple piece choker with a pair of printed sneakers. 


18. Sexy Yet Sporty

Sexy and sporty might be polar opposites, but you can exude both of them with this choker outfit. 

For the sexy part, all you need to do is wear a sultry bralette with your blinged-out choker.

As for the sporty look, make sure to wear an athletic cap, a bomber jacket, and a pair of ripped jeans. 

Sashay stylishly around town with these elegant choker outfit ideas: 

19. Suit Up

Make waves at the office by wearing a unique suit – and an eye-catching choker.

For this, you need to take Olivia Palermo as your prime inspiration. Her loose-fitting suit – layered with a luxe white top – makes for a captivating look with her magenta-colored choker. 

20. Band of Beauty

Compared to other celebs, Gigi Hadid’s choker was but a thick black band. And while it’s by all means, simple, it gave the model a sexy look. 

To make it more suited for nighttime occasions, remember to throw a blazer on top.

21. Black and White

Monotone isn’t boring, as Gigi Hadid would show you.

You can look super in her white deep V satin top and cropped trousers. To balance the simplicity of both items, you can opted to wear a bejewelled choker – and of course, ornate sandals.

22. Blazer Only

Think that the dress is the only one-piece item you can wear formally? Well, you better think again. As Rihanna shows here, an oversized blazer is a chic option as well.

Although you can wear a bandeau underneath, you can keep it bare just like Rihanna. Throw on a sparkly choker and a few rings and you’re done! 


23. Deep Plunge

Kaia Gerber, one of Hollywood’s newest it-girls, is one of the best models to follow for a classy choker look. Here, she wears a dress – which she deliberately unbuttoned to create a deep-V look. 

A spitting image of her mother Cindy Crawford, Kaia shows that all you need is a choker to complete a sexy yet stylish attire.

24. Silky Smooth

While a satin slip dress is made for sleeping, you can take it on a night out as well. Just make sure to throw on a just-as-satiny jacket and a pair of thigh-high boots. Of course, don’t forget to wear a choker in the same color and texture! 

25. Nautical Vibes

If you’re heading out to the sea, then you might as well look stunning in a choker-centered outfit!

Go monotone with a white cloth choker, a spaghetti strap top, and striped trousers. And for added warmth, throw on a denim jacket (or a white blazer) on top.

26. Wonderful Workwear

If you’re tired of your usual office outfits, then you should try wearing a choker – just like what Alexa Chung did!

Recreate the rest of her look by sporting a unique button-down shirt (dotted in her case), a pastel-colored skirt, and some tie-up sandals. 

27. Houndstooth Hailey

If there’s one person who can rock the houndstooth trend, it’s no other than Hailey Baldwin-Bieber. 

All you need is a long houndstooth trench, black sweater, grey suede skirt, and black thigh-high boots. Accessories of your choice are just as precious as you want to keep it low key with only a shiny choker and a pair of aviator shades. 

28. Tie it Up

If you’re looking to create a chic evening look, then you should cop this gorgeous look by Rihanna

You can look elegant in a green tie-around dress, gold sandals, and of course, gold chokers. 

29. Fur Baby

Just like her sister, Bella Hadid is a force to reckon with when it comes to choker-inspired outfits.

All you need is a pastel-toned fur jacket, white button-down dress, and white sexy boots. She too keeps it simple with the accessories, as she limited her accessory to just a bejewelled choker.

30. Beautiful Bow

Another way to create an easy choker outfit is to get a suede ribbon and tie it in a neat bow.

While outrageously simple, this accessory is chic enough for red-carpet events. Just look at Michelle Williams, who looks perfect in her bowed choker and lacy dress. 


31. It’s a Mesh

Like Michelle Williams, Olivia Palermo opted to take her bowed choker to the red carpet.

To cop her look, make sure to wear a statement shirt, a crisp blazer, a long mesh skirt, and sexy suede boots. 

32. Flight of Fancy

 Miranda Kerr is living proof that you can still look glamorous even after a long flight.

With a luxe top, an oversized trench coat, a pair of leather leggings, and sexy suede boots. Accessory-wise, you can kept it bare with just a black choker and oversized shades. 

33. Merry and Bright

Experimenting with striking colors is indeed the way to go.

Mixing baby blue, salmon, and lime green is fashionably feasible. With a bandana and a choker to boot, the model has created a look that’s fresh and vibrant. 

34. Au Pair

If you‘re planning on wearing an eye-catching print such as this one, then why not wear a choker with a similar design? 

Sporting a choker with the same design can complement the rest of your look. It works impeccably with a floral blazer. 

35. Go Big or Go Home

When it comes to wearing a choker, the saying ‘the bigger, the better’ holds true.

Case in point: actress Zoe Kravitz.

The style star is a sight to behold with her white ensemble, which is complemented by her thick and chunky choker. 

36. Choker Over Turtleneck

If you’re wearing a plain turtleneck outside, then you might as well wear a choker on top of it.

You can accessorize for a monotone look. With this item, you won’t need a lot of baubles to glamorize your outfit. 

37. Casual + Formal

Want to create a casual-cum-formal look? For this, we take inspiration from the ever-fashionable Gigi Hadid. 

You can create both fashion styles by wearing a bomber jacket over her luxe slip dress. As for the accessories, she kept it simple with her plain black choker necklace.

There you have it – 37 choker outfit ideas straight from Pinterest! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try one now today! 

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