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Cardigans are some of the best pieces of clothing you can wear in wintertime. They are cosy, comfy, and stylish. The same cardigan can be used either on formal and more casual occasions, depending on the accessories and the way your style it.

In other words, we should all have at least one cardigan in our wardrobe, as they are most definitely going to be one of the most recommended pieces for this year’s fashion trends.

Whether you wish to wear your cardigan as your topcoat or to layer it over other clothes to keep you warm and stylish, we recommend buying more than one piece, to have different ways to play with colours, textures and patterns.

As we will see together in this guide, there are several outfits you can create starting with your favourite cardigan and layering it over other pieces of clothing.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to style your cardigan and how to make it one of your most versatile pieces, here you will find plenty of information!


Neutral and Nude Shaded Cardigans

Cardigans in neutral colours, such as black, camel, beige and white, are very versatile. They can be worn on many occasions, and layered over all types of clothes, such as tees, hoodies and flannels.

If you go for a piece like this, you can even play with different silhouettes by buying an oversized cardigan. Nevertheless, make sure it fits under your topcoat.

Man wearing cashmere v neck cardigan

Photo by Mahogany Cashmere (Cameleon V neck cardigan)

Woolly texture and cashmere are usually the best fabrics, as they will keep you warm. Once you find the perfect nude shaded cardigan, you will be able to pair it with basically any outfit!

Flashy and Colourful Cardigans

Yes, your cardigan can be a statement piece. You can style the brightest coloured cardigan with a nice, totally black outfit, and make it your best piece of accessories. If the weather is warm enough, you can even use your cardigan as your coat, to highlight any look.

Man wearing Gucci Oversized Striped Knitted Cardigan

Photo by Farfetch (Gucci Oversized Striped Knitted Cardigan)

Once again, try to avoid oversized pieces if you choose a very flashy pattern or colour, otherwise, your overall outfit will look too messy.

Man wearing Wooyoungmi Oversized Striped Cardigan

Photo by Farfetch (Wooyoungmi Oversized Striped Cardigan)

Buttoned-Up Cardigans

To make your office wear comfier and cosier, you can go for a stylish buttoned-up cardigan. These pieces will keep you warm and replace your blazer or coat with style.

For a more versatile look, find a neutral-toned cardigan, with big buttons and some details. You can wear it over your favourite shirt, or layer it over a suit.

Man wearing Marni Marled Knit Cardigan

Photo by Farfetch (Marni Marled Knit Cardigan)

Knitted Cardigans

Knitted cardigans are particularly warm and comfortable, and they can become your best friend in wintertime. Go for a piece with pockets and with an oversized fit, to make your overall silhouette more dynamic. You can style this piece with a total black outfit or even your favourite t-shirt.

Man wearing a Acne Studios Kabelo Rib-knitted Wool-blend Cardigan

Photo by Matches Fashion (Acne Studios Kabelo Rib-knitted Wool-blend Cardigan)

Don’t forget to find a piece with some large pockets, which will come in handy on many occasions, especially if you wear your cardigan as a part of your office wear!

Man wearing McQ Swallow Patch-Pocket Cardigan

Photo by Farfetch (McQ Swallow Patch-Pocket Cardigan)

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Christmas Cardigans

Let’s be honest: we all have at least one ugly Christmas sweater in our wardrobe. It is now time to expand our Christmas collection even more, by finding the perfect Christmas cardigans!

Photo by Amazon (iClosam Men’s Christmas Cardigan)

The best thing about these pieces is that you can still wear your formal outfit (or your pyjama, depending on how you celebrate Christmas) underneath.

Nevertheless, your Christmas cardigan will always be ready to keep you warm and help you share your Santa’s spirit with your friends and family!

Man wearing a Merry Christmas Men's Snowman Xmas Cardigan

Photo by eBay (Merry Christmas Men’s Snowman Xmas Cardigan)

Chunky Cardigans

If you wish to wear your cardigan as your coat, then you should try a chunky piece. This is the best option to create a dynamic silhouette and build your perfect winter outfit. Style your chunky cardigan with a plain t-shirt or shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, and you will be ready to go!

Textured Cardigans

Textured cardigans are the best option to play with different fabrics and textures while enhancing even the most formal outfit. If the texture is particularly intricate, you should go for a neutral tone, which will grab all the attention it deserves

Man wearing Geometric Cardigan in White

Photo by Light in the Box (Men’s Geometric Cardigan in White)

These pieces can be styled with a shirt and even a tie. Nevertheless, you can use them to make more contemporary and elegant your favourite casual wear. As usual, the best pieces are those with pockets!

Jacquard Cardigans

One of the best things about cardigans is that they don’t need to be too serious to look stylish and cool. You can still rock a jacquard cardigan and use it as one of the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe.

gucci logo linen cotton knit cardigan

Photo by Luisa Via Roma (Gucci GG Logo Linen Cotton Knit Cardigan)

Of course, layering a very colourful and textured cardigan may be a little difficult but, as all fashionistas know, these challenges are what make fashion funny and enjoyable. It is definitely time to express your style and creativity with colours and bright jacquard prints!

As usual, try to avoid lawyering oversized pieces if your cardigan has a very bold pattern. This will focus all the attention on one single statement piece, making the overall look more balanced.

Man wearing grey cardigan

Photo by Ambrose Wilson (Premier Man Jacquard Zipper Cardigan in Green)

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