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You can get styling inspiration from anywhere – different decades, your favorite music, and even your favorite movies. The movie industry and the fashion industry work hand in hand to create some unforgettable looks. Some of the most iconic of course being from 80s’ movies – the most over-the-top decade of them all!

Sometimes, memorable film looks have made it onto the catwalk and into our wardrobes – this selection pretty much proves this point. We all remember these epic outfits!


Flashdance (1983)

Of course there were leg warmers, and though now they are a definite no-no, Flashdance did bring one trend that has never seemed to fade away – off-the-shoulder tops. Tops that just fall off your shoulder and show a bit of flesh – it’s sexy, sassy, and it’s here to say.

Perhaps you’re not hitting dance rehearsals, but an oversized jumper that slides gently off the shoulder is feminine, shows just the right amount of clavicle, and is a lot less stuffy than your average roll-neck!

We also adore the film for its typical 80s’ big mullet hair. The big emphasized curls are a serious vibe! 

The Breakfast Club (1985)

The Breakfast Club was the ultimate teen film in the 80s! Its aesthetic is still admired today, and it was just years ago that people were reposting stills from this iconic movie on Tumblr.

Its key message spoke to millions – allowing people to be authentic and embrace their personal style. It reunites the high school bad boy and the good girl, with the high school jock and the more rebellious of the bunch.

This look is iconic not only for the female characters’ looks but also the guys – layering denim jackets over flannel shirts, Mom jeans, baseball jackets, the 80s teen flick look is one we all aspire to! It made us want to be in detention, but ours were a lot less cool!

Heathers (1988)

Think of an 80s’ version of Mean Girls – Heathers was the chick flick of the decade! Power suits were huge in the 80s, and Heathers is a case in point. Sassy tailoring, exaggerated shoulder pads, bold and clashing prints – it sounds like a chaotic dream, but a good one! Curled hair, fluffy fringes and quiffs were also at the center stage of the movie.

The dark comedy tells the story of a high school clique witnessing their school friends dropping like flies – their murders being staged as suicides.

This film ticks so many boxes for us – big hair, boxy blazers and crazy plaid. What’s not to love? We are seriously stealing some tailoring inspiration for our wardrobes!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)

It’s the movie that got Sarah Jessica Parker on our screens – way before the Sex & The City days! Like a lot of 80s’ dance movies – it was iconic and fashionable.

We love that American high school vibe with bright reds and sportswear-inspired outfits. Though it wouldn’t necessarily be considered stylish now, it was considered chic at the time, and everyone just wanted to be SJP on the dancefloor!

The thick, chunky and crimped hair was the start of the crimping obsession – a rock you can look in 2020, trust us!

Sixteen Candles (1984)

Sixteen Candles tells the stay of Sam, whose 16th birthday is overshadowed by her sister’s wedding. Why was this film so iconic? For the serious looks it was serving – notably the bridal ones.

Sam still got the man wearing a poufy lavender bridesmaid dress and a flower crown. For the guys, knitted vests layered over oversized shirts is emblematic of 80s’ style. Well actually, a lot of oversized shirts!

Again, off-the-shoulder tops layered over vests seem to be a recurring theme in the movie – and though now it may be cringy to younger generations, we still feel nostalgic!

Questionable floral dresses were also worn in this movie – but the layering in this movie is so emblematic of that time, we can’t get enough of it!


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Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

Though the coming-of-age drama Fast Times At Ridgemont High has been in the news recently for its lockdown table read between the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (swoon), it is also iconic for another reason – its fashion.

In particular, the red bikini scene has become legendary, and has been remembered as one of the sexiest scenes in cinematic history.

Although that’s not the only iconic styling moment within the movie – Sean Penn would rock So-Cal floral shirts and surfer-style vibes made all the girls swoon! This trend would continue well into the 90s, because, well, who can resist a surfer?

Fatal Attraction (1987)

One of the most successful films of the decade was Fatal Attraction. It tells the story of a married man, Michael Douglas, who has a weekend affair with a woman, played by Glenn Close, who quickly becomes obsessed with him.

From the silk and lace lingerie, to the iconic white dress she wore to swing the kitchen knife at her lover – or the paradoxically angelic white power suit she wears in the movie.

Not only do we love the irony of some of her outfits, but the dramatic curly hair is also one of the stars of the show! She was a sexy, powerful woman with a dark side, and that came across in her confident and chic styling.

Scarface (1983)

Scarface will never ever be forgotten, its remake in 1983 helping it shoot to fame, along with its starring actors. Al Pacino playing the dangerous drug lord Tony Montana, and of course, Michelle Pfeiffer playing his elegant and sultry wife Elvira.

What really was the star of the show was the styling – Pfeiffer’s wardrobe overshadowed the rest. It was sexy, slinky and glamorous – just what we love!

It was so impeccable, we could even see us wearing some of the iconic looks now – from her slinky blue dress to the head-to-toe white suit and matching hat, it’s so dramatic, we love it!

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