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For anyone that has ever devoted themselves to men’s fashion in modern times, there are few eras that have created as much buzz as the 80s. A decade that packed on the decadence and played up the glamour, it is an era that continues to remain popular and has now become a favorite of men currently looking to adopt some of the trends from one of the most exciting times in fashion. The following are some of the best that the 80s has to offer for the fashion forward man of today.


1. Tracksuits

Before athleisurewear made a big splash on the fashion scene, tracksuits were all the rage during the 80s, thanks in part to the fitness craze and hip hop music. Whether wearing a full tracksuit from head to toe, or paired with a blazer, this iconic look remains a perennial favorite.

2. Power Suits

Michael Douglas in the classic film Wall Street made a huge impact in 80s fashion, featuring a look that included shoulder pads, bold pinstripes, and suspenders. For professional men in pursuit of a signature look, the power suit is a quintessential component to a wardrobe.

3. Print Shirts

From Magnum P.I. to Miami Vice, print shirts are arguably one of the most closely associated styles of 80s men’s fashion. Short-sleeve tropical shirts that are bold in colour and fit have made a comeback and the impact is inescapable.

4. The Leather Jacket

Nothing beats the look of leather and during the 80s, the best way to pull off a rock look was with a fitted blazer that represented the rebel aesthetic. As a statement piece, a great leather jacket can be worn with blue jeans or chinos, Chelsea boots or sneakers.

5. Jeans

George Michael was a rock icon that made it very necessary for men to own jeans, but the 80s look went beyond the traditional hues and embraced acid and bleach washes that defined the era. Whether you prefer skinny or ripped jeans, the perfect rock look must include a pair!

6. Slogan Tees

One of the best ways to make a statement is to pop it on a t-shirt, and the 80s rock look was full of slogans that found their way on to the shirts of several big names in the music world. Fully embraced by the streets, slogan tees have never really gone away. And never will!

7. High-Top Sneakers

Bigger, better, brighter, and bolder are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe sneakers during the 80s. Converse and Nikes have continued to debut winning footwear for the masses, and the 80s look is decidedly flashy and edgy.


For men that are always searching for the best ways to stay at the forefront of fashion, bringing the 80s back into their wardrobe is a no-brainer that hits all the right aesthetic marks. Rock has always been about breaking the rules, pushing boundaries, and going against the establishment. As far as 80s rock fashion is concerned?

Don’t call it a comeback!


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