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Christmas is the perfect time of the year to buy new clothes on sale and to show off your new outfits at Christmas parties. However, many of us cannot figure out what goes best on this type of occasion, and whether we should wear formal or informal pieces.

Don’t forget that any different occasion requires a specific outfit, and sometimes you should follow a certain dress code. This may look like a lot of work for Christmas preparations but, as many fashionistas know, everything is worth it to look fabulous and feel comfortable with your outfit.

If you are tired of spending hours looking for the best Christmas party outfit, here you will finally find plenty of inspiration to spice your look up.


What Should I Wear on Christmas?

Let’s be honest. Every year, when the time for Christmas parties comes, we panic. Should we cherish formality, or prefer a more funny and costume-like style? And what if our outfit doesn’t match the others? Or if there is a tacit dress code we are unaware of?

Photo by New Look (Grey Fair Isle Penguin Christmas Jumper)

Photo by New Look (Grey Fair Isle Penguin Christmas Jumper)

To solve your problem and help you enjoy your Christmas preparations, we have chosen some of the best men’s outfits for Christmas. These are completely versatile looks, which can be adapted to any style and silhouette, and will make you look good on any occasion. Ready to rock your Christmas party?

Christmas Dinner with Your Family

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas with your family, it may be a good idea to choose a formal attire, which is also simple and straightforward. Forget your sexy black suit, as you still want to look a bit casual. For example, you can just add a little touch of glam with a bow-tie.

Photo by George (Black Regular Fit Suit Jacket

Photo by George (Black Regular Fit Suit Jacket)

Red Is the New Black

Red is the perfect colour for Christmas time. If you have never worn any red piece, this is the best time to experiment. You can either create a bright and colourful look or just add a touch of red to your usual formal outfit. Try with a red tie or even a red pair of shoes.

Photo by Boohoo MAN (Skinny Plain Sateen Double Breasted Suit Jacket)

Photo by Boohoo MAN (Skinny Plain Sateen Double Breasted Suit Jacket)

Photo by Ties R Us (Bright Red Paisley Classic Men's Tie)

Photo by Ties R Us (Bright Red Paisley Classic Men’s Tie)

Velvet Is the Word

A nice velvet suit is always the best piece for being stylish on Christmas day. Even if you usually wear more minimal outfits, a velvet piece will immediately make you the star of the party, but without being too serious or formal. If you prefer, you can just wear a velvet blazer or the pants, or even just a piece of accessory.

Christmas at Home

You don’t necessarily have to join a big party to enjoy Christmas. If you are planning to spend this day at home with your friends and family, we recommend staying cosy with your favourite t-shirt and a pair of plaid trousers. The idea is to wear a pyjama-like outfit but reinvented for the occasion.

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Matching Outfits with Your Significant Other

Matching outfits have been trending among couples for years, so you should definitely try them. To make it funnier, each of you should still wear a different piece of accessories, such as a red hat or a bow-tie full of glitters.

Photo by Etsy (Matching Couple Outfit by familySTa)

Photo by Etsy (Couple Sweatshirts Matching Christmas Outfit by familySTa)

Photo by Etsy (Couple Sweatshirts Matching Christmas Outfit by familySTa)

Christmas Lunch at The Pub

Many families and friends celebrate Christmas at the pub. If this is your case, then you definitely don’t need anything too dressy. Go for your favourite casual outfits, such as a pair of comfy jeans and a knitted cardigan. Don’t forget some nice accessories, like a nice scarf.

Preppy Holidays!

Not all Christmas jumpers are ugly. If you cannot live without the right preppy vibes, then you should definitely rock your best jumper and show off your outfit to all your friends and family.

Rock Your Navy Cardigan

In some countries, men are supposed to wear green for the Christmas season. However, this may not be the easiest colour to pair with your outfit. Try pairing a navy jacket or sweater with a pair of blue velvet pants, and some brown boots. Alternatively, you can just wear a green hat or tie.

Celebrating Christmas Outdoor

What if you have been invited to an outdoors Christmas party? This is the perfect time to show off your favourite coat. Pea coats are the most stylish pieces to compliment any outfit. They are also very comfy and can be worn for a long time while you eat, drink and have some fun.

Photo by Boohoo MAN (Borg Collar Wool Blend Pea Coat)

Photo by Boohoo MAN (Borg Collar Wool Blend Pea Coat)

Funky Christmas Jumpers

Best known as ugly jumpers, Christmas sweatshirts are the best and funniest pieces you can wear on a party. There are so many available on the market that you can even pick more than one and wear each of them on every day of December.

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