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A lot of women around the globe love the color pink. And why not? This muted version of the fiery color red represents harmony, affection, friendship, approachability, and inner peace.

These interpretations aside, there’s no denying that pink is a lovely color to wear at work – or play. So if you’re thinking of constructing a series of pink outfits, then make sure to follow this comprehensive fashion guide on how to wear pink. 


Clothing Colors to Wear With Pink

Pink is a versatile color that goes well with pretty much everything. But if you’re looking to create a spot-on outfit, then you need to pair your pink pieces with the following shades: 

Naturally Nude 

If you want to play it on the safe side of things, then your number 1 choice should be a nude color. That’s because it works well with most hues – the color pink included.

I recommend you can use a classic nude trench coat to layer your pink outfit. Another option is to wear your nude trousers or skirt to go with your pink blouse. You can also do this in reverse, which means sporting a nude top with your pink bottoms. 

Another Shade of Pink

Another way to play it safe is to remain within the color palette – aka choose another shade of pink. This will help add dimension to your look so you won’t end up with a bland, monotone outfit. 

Like Karlie Kloss, you can mix a pink-purple top with a jewel-toned pink skirt (and the same color of shoes as well). 

As for the makeup, you can embody a complete pink look by wearing a rose-colored blush and pinky lipstick. 

Romantic Red

In the early days, mixing pink with red was considered a fashion faux pas. But thanks to the fashion houses of Gucci, Valentino, and Celine, it has become one of the hottest pairings of today. 

I think pink and red go together perfectly. That’s because a pink blazer complements red pants well. Adding a few jewel tones into the mix – just like purple and blue – make for an outfit that you’ll likely see in the Paris Fashion Week. 

Beautiful Burgundy

If you think that red is too bright for you, then you can go for a toned-down version: burgundy. This deep, wine-red color is sure to blend well with your pink outfit – no matter how casual or formal it might be.

As with most darker colors, burgundy complements pink because of its deeper hue. And since fashion is all about contrast, the difference between these colors can help you create a fairly impressive outfit.  

Nice in Navy Blue

If you’re looking to wear a bright shade of pink such as this one, then you need to pair it with a dark, contrasting shade. And while there are a lot of hues that you could use, one of the best options proves to be navy blue.

This traditional color – like nude – can blend flawlessly with any pink outfit. Whether it’s bright – or a softer, baby pink one – navy blue can add some contrast to your spring-worthy outfit. 

Magnificent Magenta 

Magenta is a light purplish-red color that is known to complement green. Although you could show that it jives well with pink as well.

The contrast between the colors – the softness of the pink and the sharpness of the magenta – help create a look that’s perfect for the colder seasons. And by throwing in another color in the mix (an orange bag in this case), the triple combination produces a bright, cheery outfit that’s great for work – or a first date. 

Marvelous Mustard

Yellow is known to be a bright shade – except for mustard, which is a darker – if not duller version. Known to symbolize diversity and creativity, it is considered one of the best colors to wear with your pink outfit. 

The key to achieving a high-fashion look is what you can do – and that is to incorporate some patterns into the mix. Instead of a solid mustard jacket, opted for one that has a green plaid design. Likewise, channel this flair in both your socks and shoes. 

Gorgeous Green

Green is not the first color many wearers would consider for their pink outfits. But as this blogger shows, it goes just as well as other softer shades. 

The key to pulling this seamless look is to choose the right shade of green. Emerald tones, such as this one, work better with the color pink. Also keep the patterns to a minimum, which can be shown with a subtly striped pantsuit. 

Outstanding Orange

Although most people view orange as a tricky color, it’s actually a good shade to wear with your pink outfit. Its vibrant yet warm shade complements the cool nature of pink.

Wearing orange with a bright pink shade, in fact, is a good combination to try for spring or summer. These lively colors also make you look (and feel) alive, which is great after a few months of hunkering down at home. With the help of statement shades and a bold rouge lip, you’ll be brighter than the sun. 

Goodness Gray-ciousness

Some people think gray is a safe, boring color. And while this holds true, you can wear it with pink to create a striking fashion outfit. 

I suggest grey is a good color to balance your bright pink piece. It’s also a good option for work outfits, especially if your boss is not big on unconventional colors. 

You can add some more oomph to your outfit with sandals in a different color.

Shoes to Wear With Your Pink Outfit

If you’re not in the mood to go for an all-pink get-up, you can add some color by wearing any of these shades for your shoes:

White Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, the color white is the safest shade to pair with almost any other color. This is especially the case with pink, which is a hue that is as soft and feminine as white.

For a chic look, you can wear pristine white heels with your pink outfit. But if you want to imbibe a cool, athleisure style such as this one, then make sure to wear your favorite white sneakers. 

Black Half-Mules

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Another shoe you’ll love wearing is a pair of black half-mules. A favorite amongst celebrities and fashion bloggers alike, this flat footwear is as elegant as it is comfy.

I recommend you go for a casual, pink denim attire. At the same time, it can be sported together with more formal pieces – such as a baby pink pantsuit. Given this versatility, it’s a must-have for any girl – pink lover or not! 

Red Loafers

Similar to red clothes, a pair of red shoes will help you create a romantic look.

Red romantic loafers easily pop out – just like the rest of your pink outfit. They’re very comfy too, which is great if you plan on parading around town.

Fashion-wise, there’s no secret that they go well together. With your red loafers, you can expect to turn a few heads along the way. 

Silver Flats

If you’re looking for a pair that’s comfy and chic at the same time, then your top choice should be a pair of silver flat shoes. 

I recommend a pair of flat Mary Janes with a Leopard-laced pink outfit. You can do anything with your pink outfit. Be it for work or a date, a pair of silver flats will add a twinkle to your every step. 

Pink Statement Sandals

A monotone outfit is not necessarily boring. So if you want to embody the pink look from head to toe, then you should wear your pink sandals together with your pink ensemble. It doesn’t need to be of the same shade though, as you can easily work on pinks of different shades. 

To achieve an extra-special look, go for a pair of statement heels such as this one. Be it fur, frou-frou, or gemstones, these embellishments will help elevate your look to a fancier new level. 

Animal Print Heels

While nude or solid-colored heels are classic options for outfits featuring pink (or any other color), going for printed shoes is a good fashion consideration. You can also wear zebra stripe heels.

Although printed shoes are a little hard to pull off, the task at hand is easier with an all-pink outfit. Given its soft color, it won’t clash with the striking design of your animal print heels. 

Wearing pink is not tricky nor tacky. As long you follow these tips above, you can create a look that even fashion bloggers will envy. 

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