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When you think of brands with sophisticated apparel, what brand comes into your mind? 

Of course, we’d always associate these brands with the clothing they have popularised—some of which we see in films, down the streets, or even inside our respective homes. And is it just me and other people who associate them with their brand logos or brand identities? 

How about you? Are you knowledgeable about brands that utilise the most attractive logos – or maybe the most “basic” but hardly forgettable ones? 

Are you perhaps thinking about an iconic ‘crocodile’ in the fashion scene? 

Despite being exposed to the steady popularity of the brand being prevalent everywhere, people as we are, we may always be wondering about the history behind itself. “What makes it special?”

Well, if you keep on wondering about it, suit yourself as we go through the basics and the most exciting things about the brand itself. 

Were you keen enough to notice that I mentioned a crocodile earlier?  If yes, you guessed it right! 

In this article, you’ll know a lot about everything you need to know about Lacoste and more.  


So, who Founded Lacoste? And, why is it a crocodile in the first place? 

Talking about Lacoste would lead to a narrative about a bet, a journalist, and a tenacious player named René Lacoste, who founded the company in 1933 with his partner André Gillier, a French textile manufacturer. History says that his team captain offered him the crocodile leather bag Lacoste had loved in a store display, only if he won his match. Despite not fulfilling his promise to win, he still had the crocodile’s resolve on the court is why an American journalist got him this moniker. I understand Lacoste himself. I mean, I know we all want one for ourselves. 

Lacoste in the ’80s

The public knows that tennis players nowadays usually wear polo shirts alongside tennis visors. But, did you know that tennis players had to undergo wearing long sleeves and a tie and a pair of slacks? When I learned about this, I immediately sighed in disbelief, like, what kind of athletic attire is that?  And, of course, comfort comes first! 

Due to this, Lacoste himself began wearing what are known to be the basics now, enabling him to move freely on the court, improving his performance as an athlete. He had no idea that this would lead to the birth of a perennial fashion style and that it would become one of the most iconic clothes ever.

Was Lacoste popular in the 80s?

Do you also admire celebrities as I do? Do you admire them to the point that you would always want to “couple” with their things? Consequently, because it’s not only you who wants to do so, it then begins to disappear from one shop to another because of its popular demand.  That kind of happened to Lacoste, too! 

Although Lacoste, a French flair, had been present for decades during the 80s, it only rose to prominence when it began to appear often in 1980s television series and films. Indeed, when one starts, another follows, right then and there, a domino effect. 

The “Official Preppy Handbook,” which described why the Lacoste shirt was essential for the Preppy aesthetic, boosted the appeal of the Lacoste shirt even more. Believe it or not, the handbook alone sold over a million copies, inspiring a nation of imitators to dress in Lacoste crocodile shirts with popped collars and comfortable sweaters.

Is Lacoste a good brand from the 80s?

Since it reached the peak of its career in the 80s, you can say that Lacoste is an excellent brand. No wonder various personalities wear them, and competitors try to imitate them, selling unbelievably similar ones. If we are stuck in the 80s, I will buy one for myself. I wouldn’t mind bumping a person down the streets with a similar design as I do! 

Which celebs wore Lacoste in the 80s?

As stated, the brand built a name for itself when celebrities were seen wearing the ever-famous shirts with a crocodile print on them in films. These celebrities include Clint Eastwood, James Dean & Steve McQueen, known for their ever-famous slick-backed hair, Harrington’s jackets & polo shirts

Which celebs wear Lacoste now?

As Lacoste has been a highly prominent brand since the 80s, today’s celebrities are fans of Lacoste’s simple yet fashionable products. You may notice that the celebrities aforementioned wearing Lacoste were men. However, thanks to Lacoste wanting to become an all-rounder brand that sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels, and watches, we can now name many celebrities of varying gender identities! 

Some of these known celebrities are seen wearing Lacoste in public – mind you, not exclusive to shirts and other products by Lacoste! Some include the famous model siblings Bella and Gigi Hadid with the Lacoste Jupe Tennis Skirt and Rene Platforms. Other artists include Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins, Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion, Karlie Kloss, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and more! 

If you were their fan, won’t you be curious to have one for yourself? I will be if my wallet agrees!

Was Lacoste cheap in the 80s? 

Despite its products’ comfortability and sleek design, Lacoste has never been known to be cheap in the ‘00s, and the prices only drop from time to time – end-of-season sales, clearance sales, I can’t even think of more. Coupons, maybe? 

Of course, it would get sold out immediately because we might want famous brands in our wardrobes at some point. Despite wanting to splurge our savings or extra pennies, it’s only normal to want to save money because we can’t just pick cash down the streets, right? When we know we can purchase them within our budget; we’d fight for them for sure.

But did you know that this brand used to be reasonably cheap back in the 1980s, during its prime? Why?  Well, because of numerous rivals in the same field, Lacoste attempted to cut the price, which succeeded for a brief time. However, it caused the brand to be viewed cheaply, which was not good. Due to this, the brand resorted to increasing it to regain its respectable feature, and yes, did they succeed. 

Anyone would be offended, won’t you? If only I had been born decades earlier, I would’ve had a wardrobe filled with crocodile-printed clothing! How lucky the older generations are, but I still feel bad for Lacoste having to undergo such dismaying moment! 

Is Lacoste a posh brand?

Due to its known elegance, one can definitely say that Lacoste is a posh brand. With its reputation for products of excellent quality and ageless style, everyone would be enticed by Lacoste to buy one for themselves.  It is a highly accessible luxury brand that even everyday people can dream of it. Who cares if people think we’re inappropriately dressed if we wear stuff from our own opulent Lacoste style choices while we’re working?

Isn’t the fact that the apparel can serve us well enough to make it appropriate?

Is Lacoste a designer brand?

You may be confused about the difference between a designer or a luxury brand

For starters, you can always think of it as something only a few of the population can afford – a few merchants can distribute them, and only a small number of units are produced, as it fosters a sense of exclusivity. 

This is why prices have always been hiked on luxuries. It is raised to the point that impedes some customers who want to buy from the brand. They’re extravagant displays of riches based on social elevation, timelessness perception, valuable experiences, and strong hedonistic urges. 

Meanwhile, designer brands are brands that change seasonally to keep up with the latest fashion trends. By the time the next season begins, the items will be outdated and regarded out of style. It is often one of the most extraordinary things available on the mainstream market. It may even be more cost-effective than purchasing a whole outfit of luxury apparel in the long run. 

After those explanations, are you still confused about where Lacoste belongs? If yes, it’s okay. Don’t feel too bad about it. It’s normal, and I was also confused the first time I was exposed to such information. 

However, it is essential to note that Lacoste refers to itself as a bridge-to-luxury brand aimed towards people’s comfortability and will to live well-appointed lives. Brands referred to as bridge-to-luxury or affordable luxury tend to fall between luxury and premium regarding cost and perception. 

Lacoste is also recognised for its polo shirts and is constantly focusing on expanding its India operations. On average, Lacoste adds six to eight new stores in India, where premium retail projects are steady.

Nonetheless, Lacoste also embodies designer brand characteristics, mainly because it releases seasonal clothing and tries to align with the trend. It is also safe to assume that it might be referred to as a designer brand. 

Why is Lacoste so expensive?

Why is it even expensive in the first place? Can’t it be something I can afford with just my little savings in my little piggy bank? Just why do I have to starve myself if I want to save for at least one Lacoste product? 

As consumers, we might not see what happens in production, but it is vital to remember the process behind the production of sophisticated, luxurious, and durable items. 

Lacoste’s apparel is the epitome of excellent quality, with well-stitched seams and robust fabric performance. They also invest a significant amount of money in promoting their items in a larger number of nations. They cover the costs of retail shops, employee payroll, offices, manufacturing, marketing, and internet businesses, among other things.

Like small businesses that thrive so much to promote their business because of associated labour, even big companies like Lacoste have to maintain and preserve their reputation. We must know that the apparel alone isn’t the only thing crucial there, but also the employees that work under the brand itself. 

A firm will always require workers. Because Lacoste is a well-known brand, it is likened to organisations with many labourers performing complex tasks, all of which are dependent on the plans and choices of those in higher positions. 

For me, there is nothing questionable about it. Unless they were a newly-established brand to be questioned for such prices above the ceiling. But the thing is, they aren’t, and they have proven their worth ever since their founding in 1933. 

If it’s too expensive, let’s just try to save for it if we really want it. If we have more priorities, we can just do window shopping. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Is Lacoste a high-end brand?

As mentioned, because Lacoste is considered a bridge-to-luxury brand, you can also say that it is a high-end brand. Being a brand with an excellent reputation, known for its comfortable and fashionable clothing, it continues to be one of the brands that are easy to recognise, relatively because of its wide range of products, but also thanks to the crocodile logo itself. 

What’s so special about Lacoste?

Savoir-faire is a French word with a literal meaning of “the ability to do”, and not only does it mean just the act of doing, but also the passion and dedication made by Lacoste to do such quality products. 

Lacoste is a brand that can create enchantment while focusing on preserving the quality of their items; buyers can shop more of their products based on their well-known distinctiveness. Even from the production of a shirt, the knitting machine comprises 2500 needles dyed for 9 hours, 1200 stitches for the crocodile logo, and 25 quality control checks for clothes that must weigh 230g.  Even material evidence is used, namely, Petit Piqué and Diamond Weave Taffeta, which can help air circulate freely, incorporating the aim for freedom of movement. Indeed, what truly makes the brand special is its meticulous nature to provide quality and elegant products. 

How can you tell if Lacoste is vintage?

Known to be what clicked in the 80s, being worn in athletics, films, schools, or even down the streets, Lacoste is genuinely a brand of authentic vintage. Rocking these polo shirts was done by the older generations by tucking them in their suitable pants, along with various types of footwear – shoes, slip-ons, sandals, and so on. 

Because it is pricey, we have to be careful when purchasing these goods, especially if they are not authorised distributors of the brand, for they are known to have a lot of imitators. 

Someone may attempt to sell you one for a highly-convincing price, but you can always double-check and make sure the garment’s characteristics can suffice to it being genuine or not. On the front left side of a simple Lacoste polo, there will be a precise crocodile logo patch – you should be shocked if whatever you’ve bought has the logo on the right side. 

Let’s avoid that from happening. More details to notice would be two vertically sewed buttons, high-quality stitching, and particular information mentioned on the tags included. And, of course, it is okay to be sure about this. 

Don’t let people tell you otherwise.  After all, it’s your money, not theirs. 

Is Lacoste a crocodile or alligator?

I previously mentioned that the Lacoste logo is a crocodile a couple of times in this article, right? But are you indeed convinced about it, especially that the internet has varying results? Well, I would like to suffice both terms with details. 

He was first known as an “alligator” because of the American Press after wagering on an alligator-skin suitcase with the French Davis Cup squad captain in ’27. However, when he returned to France, the alligator nickname was renamed crocodile, and Lacoste became known as the Crocodile for the rest of his life – au revoir, alligator. After that, Lacoste had a crocodile embroidered on the jacket he wore on the court after a buddy sketched one for him – thus, the history of Lacoste and the crocodile logo. I know I previously said he wanted a crocodile leather suitcase from his captain, but it’s not my fault both of them look alike! 

So, stop second-guessing and remember that the Lacoste logo is a crocodile, not an alligator! 

Is Lacoste Sustainable?

Because fashion brands are not saints, they are always in front of the camera lenses of the press because of their sustainability issues. And may we believe it or not, as unfortunate as it may seem, even while an increasing number of businesses are striving to be more sustainable and responsible, the sector as a whole still has a long way to go. 

In any case, Lacoste has a well-known “Corporate Social Responsibility” mandate. The company aims to contribute to the global conservation of biodiversity by helping preserve crocodiles and alligators and protecting and restoring the ecosystems in which these animals live. 

The company has also established three pillars for Durable Elegance: Durable Elegance for People, Durable Elegance for Our Communities, and Durable Elegance for the Planet, indicating that, while long overdue, Lacoste is now taking a decisive step forward and putting its long-term action into a new initiative.

Is Lacoste Ethical?

As previously mentioned, while Lacoste aims for furthering its sustainability, included in this would be its aim towards ethical production. They presently have three pillars to ensure the most excellent choice in raw materials: a demanding sourcing policy, a quality that respects persons, animals, and the environment, and lastly, supporting responsible activities.

Is Lacoste cruelty-free?

Lacoste is not cruelty-free, which is yet another example of fashion firms not being saints. Animals may be tested on by the brand itself, its suppliers, or a third party. Animal testing may be required by law for items sold by brands that fall into this category. Lacoste is also known to be owned by Coty, a company known to test on animals; specifically, they test their line of fragrances in animals, mostly on bunnies. 

This is why, as customers, we should not praise the company that produces our favourites but rather call attention to their flaws in the hopes that they would wake up and reduce, if not eliminate, such brutality. 

What are Lacoste styles?

Lacoste clothing is regarded for being simple, elegant, and stylish. Their iconic polos come in two distinct styles: the original and the Paris. The original is available in classic, regular, and slim fits, while the Paris is available in classic and regular fits. 

What were Lacoste 80s casual classics?

As timeless as it is, the 80s casual classics never grow old of their relevance and popularity, that you can still wear them in the present day! And, I bet a definite number of people will be envious to see you wear Lacoste clothing. Lacoste’s 80s casual classics include premium sweaters, summer sliders, classic polo shirts, and high-quality socks.

What were Lacoste’s 80s aftershaves?

Does Lacoste have anything to do with it? Well, they do. 

Aftershaves are fragrances that often include just one to three per cent concentrated aromatic chemicals, resulting in a relatively mild smell. Its initial purpose was to be sprayed on newly shaved flesh to hasten the healing process and clean minor injuries. 

Moreover, aftershaves assist in closing your pores and repairing any shaving nicks while also leaving a light, fresh aroma. They are usually used with eau de toilette or perfume, so their aroma sticks longer. 


The ever-famous crocodile logo has been the subject of much discussion, and its reputation has long been established. If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you for putting yourself in a position to want to learn more about the brand and how, despite their luxury, they are not a brand without lapses.

I hope you have acquired something from this reading experience. Let this article be an inspiration for your next Lacoste purchase! 

Remember always to shop responsibly, but do not ever give up the fun! 

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