About Us..

Hi there, I’m May and this photo is one of my favourites photos as you can see me rocking the denim on denim look from very early on.. I have a lot of memories when it comes to the 80s from my mum dancing to Abba as she use to cook dinner to my dad singing ‘I want to break free’ by Queen of course as he hoovered the front room. 

Even though I grew up in the 90s I was always had a passion for the 80s whether its was fashion, music or films and guess what nothing has changed there!!

I mean do you remember Top Gun and Cocktail?? How great did Tom Cruise look? For me the 80s were and still are a magical era of fun, colours, fashion and amazing music so come and join me down memory lane to reminisce! Mind you saying that the 80s is back again though! Not to mention the fashion! Anyway I think I have said enough hope you enjoy your visit here..