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Overalls were extremely popular in the 80s (and arguably even more so in the 90s). Overalls (mostly denim) are youthful and cute, but comfortable and slightly rugged at the same time. Overalls never really left, but they’ve certainly burst forth into mainstream fashion once again in recent years (yay!). 

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to style overalls, from classic 80s-centric combos to chic 2020 looks for today. 

  1. Overalls with a crop top

If your overalls are baggy with a low-cut front, show some skin by layering with a crop top. Selena Gomez was snapped wearing blue denim overalls with a floral crop top and strappy heels. A cropped round-neck tee also works well with this look. 

  1. Overalls with an oversized blouse underneath 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wore light blue denim overalls with a loose-fit patterned blouse underneath, and one shoulder strap falling free. This look is timelessly cool, but it’s less “80s costume” when the overalls are more streamlined than baggy, perhaps with fitted hips and wide-leg pant bottoms. 

  1. Overalls with a blazer and heels 

If you’re heading out…out-out, wear your overalls cocktail-style with a pair of stiletto heels and an open blazer with a satin lapel. Roll your overalls to the ankle to make the most of your shoes, and wear a bra you don’t mind exposing when you shed your blazer. If you’d prefer to cover up a little more, wear a silk cami underneath. 

  1. Overalls with a turtleneck 

Olivia Palermo, Vanessa Hudgens, and Karlie Kloss have all worn denim overalls with turtlenecks and heels, turning a sweet playground garment into a high-fashion staple. This is a clear winner when it comes to layering overalls for winter. 

  1. Overalls with a lace bra 

Channel Madonna and wear your best lacy bra under your overalls when heading out at night. A long-line or bustier-style bra adds extra coverage. 

  1. Overalls with a sheer long-sleeved top and pumps 

During winter and fall, layer your overalls with a long-sleeved, round-neck top in a sheer fabric that offers protection without overkilling the coverage. Round off the look with pumps in a bold shade and boom, party outfit complete. 

  1. Overalls with animal print 

Go double-80s with overalls layered with animal print. Even better, layer patterned overalls with animal print for chic clashing. Try an off-shoulder animal print tee layered under striped overalls or a leopard-print sweater under black denim baggy overalls. 

  1. Overalls as jeans with a bodysuit 

Wear your denim overalls as jeans by simply wearing the straps hanging at your hips, (this only works with high-waisted style overalls that are fitted at the waist). Wear a long-sleeved t-shirt or bodysuit for a sleek, smooth top to contrast the bulkier undone overalls. 

  1. Tight overalls with a long-sleeved Bardot top 

If your overalls are modern-style with fitted legs and top, layer with a long-sleeved Bardot top to show off your shoulders and decolletage. Add extra warmth and eclectic layers with a plaid shirt over the top or wrapped around the waist, or a New Romantic-style velvet and embroidered jacket. Chef’s kiss, the fashion edition! 

  1. Overalls with a cropped hoodie and trainers with white socks 

Having an off-duty day? Throw on your overalls over a cropped hoodie, your go-to trainers, and white socks. For extra cozy coverage, top the look off with a knit beret or beanie. This is a favored look in the current and recent decades, with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie stomping the streets decked out in baggy overalls and hoodies. It’s a look that says “I can’t be bothered today…but I’m still cool”. 

  1. Acid-wash overalls with a neon bra 

For an unapologetically 80s look, wear acid-wash overalls over a neon lace bra, with permed hair, a scrunchy, and Chuck Taylor’s with white socks.

  1.  Overalls with a cashmere sweater 

If you’re in the mood for an overall day but you also want to cozy up in your softest, most luxe cashmere sweater, wear them both! Pop your cashmere sweater under overalls and wear with heeled ankle boots and a chic handbag with gold crossbody chain. 

  1. Overalls with a ruffled blouse and bowler hat 

Take inspiration from 1980s Boy George, Lisa Bonet, and Molly Ringwald (in ‘Pretty in Pink’) and wear a ruffled blouse under your baggy overalls and top it off with a bowler hat. Extend the look with layered necklaces, a faux flower pinned to your hat, and lace socks with high-heeled pumps.


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