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Our wardrobes will never be complete with a stylish pair of denim jeans.

Be it low rise, flared, high-waisted, skinny, or boyfriend jeans, we always include denim in our closets. And that’s because well, they’re super easy to style and match with other outfits. Trust me, you can never go wrong with denim. 

With denim jeans being an undefeated wardrobe staple, we can’t help but appreciate one of the denim brands that have remained relevant in the past decades – Levi Strauss & Co

Levi’s has been in the fashion scene since 1873 which is the year that they invented blue jeans. Levi Strauss & Co, along with Jacob Davis, were also awarded the patent for the method of placing rivets on denim work pants for durability. 

They’re so influential that the name “Levi’s” has become synonymous with high-quality classic American denim jeans. And in the early 1960s, the brand started creating a line of durable denim workwear for cowboys until it eventually transformed into the fashion giant it is today. 

But with all its rich history and decades-long popularity, is Levi’s a good brand?

Is it more than it’s longlasting blue jeans? Let’s find out in this article. 


Why are Levis so expensive?

A pair of Levi’s jeans are great but they can be quite pricey. After all, the brand isn’t shy towards investing in their products by using only the best materials and efficient production methods. The brand is known for using selvedge denim – a high quality and expensive textile that need to be processed on vintage looms. 

Levi’s also invests in sustainable manufacturing method like their Water<Less process that saves and recycles of billions of water. Their Water<Less techniques may have been costly on their end but hey, it’s better to produce denim jeans that don’t come at the expense of the environment. 

Is it worth buying Levis?

If you’re someone who wants moderately priced classic jeans with long-lasting durability, then Levi’s will surely be worth your money. 

Levi’s jeans are great for casual everyday wear and their designs are timeless. Their jeans have a soft and stylish fit that won’t have you sacrificing comfort over style. Levi’s 501 Jeans have a reputation of being comfortable and one review even said that wearing it felt like having ‘second skin’. Plus, they can still fit you well even after being worn multiple times as jeans like Levi’s have breaking in periods that can take up to six months

Why are Levi’s so popular?

Writer Anthony Hincks once said that a pair of jeans makes you feel good, while a pair of Levi’s can make one special. I guess that quote definitely holds true as Levi’s popularity has made it a household name in the fashion world. 

A lot of people are fans of Levi’s denim jeans because of the timeless style and quality that consistently maintain. Because Levi’s jeans are so good, they have become commonplace in the wardrobe of influential American celebrities such as James Dean, Marvin Gaye, and Kristen Stewart

Is Levis a cheap brand? 

Levis is a moderately priced brand, but it may also offer denim clothes that might be on the expensive side. However, it’s a brand that offers great jeans without breaking your bank. 

For £70 ($100), you can get yourself a pair of sustainably-made organic cotton skinny jeans from Levi’s that’s surely built to last. It’s quite an investment, but it flatters your figure and is made with the least impact on the planet. 

Which brand has the best jeans?

The definition of ‘best jeans’ can very per person. After all, we all have different fashion tastes and preferences. But since we’re talking about Levi’s in this article, one could say that it is the best jeans for people who would want longevity and classic styles. A Reddit user in a “r/malefashionadvice” thread even shared that Levi’s jeans are “pretty much at the top” when it comes to durability

How long does Levi’s last?

No matter what the brand may be, a piece of clothing will surely last long if it’s well taken care of. But for a brand like Levi’s whose name has become synonymous with longevity, each pair of jeans may last for about four or five years

We take care of our clothes differently. But if you own a pair of Levi’s, it’s best to follow what. Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co, advises when it comes to jeans care. He suggests to wash your Levi jeans after you’ve worn them ten times or more. 

Are Levi’s comfortable?

The durability of Levi jeans does not come at the cost of the wearers comfort. Levi’s jeans have a breaking-in period just like other denim jeans. However, they’re not that super-stiff for too long and will soften after a few wears without being loose. The brand has a lot denim jeans that are lightweight and almost like a “second skin”. For example, Levi’s Sculpt is a popular choice among women who prefer soft, body sculping, and environmentally conscious denim jeans. 

Are Levi jeans cool?

Figuratively and literally, Levi jeans are cool to wear. Their classic “blue jean” styles are timeless and won’t have you sweating when it gets too warm. In fact, the brand has a line of breathable denim jeans that can keep you cool.

Levi’s Cool Eco Performance is a line of denim wear made of breathable fabrics whose sustainably sourced fibers wick away moisture. Whether you’re out frolicking in the sun or exploring the great outdoors, Levi’s has got you covered. 

Which Levis is most popular?

Levi’s has a lot of best seller jeans that made the brand reach stardom. It’s most popular jeans would be its 501 Original Fit Jeans – a straight-leg non-stretchable pair of jeans with a button fly. The infamous pair of jeans is known by Levi’s to be the “jeans that started it all”. The 501 Original Fit Jeans were so great that it became the original blueprint for every pair of jeans that Levi’s has designed since its creation.

What is Levi’s Premium?

Aside from the 501 Original Fit, another standout product from Levi’s denimwear is its Levi’s Premium line. Compared to regular Levi’s jeans, pieces belonging under Levi’s Premium are more durable, has more stitches, higher quality seams, softer fabric, and has a distinct patch made of real leather. And as the name suggests, you can expect taht denim clothing from Levi’s Premium line has a higher price. 

Do Levi’s jeans shrink? 

Yes, but don’t fret. Most of Levi’s jeans are preshrunk. And so, there will be only little shrinkage when washed afterwards. Levi’s recommends that we buy jeans that are fits us right before washing them and they will still come fit us well after. To ensure minimal shrinkage, it is suggested that Levi’s jeans be washed in cold water and line dried. 

How do I choose the right Levis?

Choosing the right Levis, be it a pair of jeans or denim jacket, all boils down to knowing your preferences and needs.  

Knowing your size is already a given but you have to determine what denim wear you like. For example, ask yourself if you’d prefer the original 501 jeans, regular fit jeans, or shrink-to-fit jeans. And when you’re choosing a Levi’s denim jacket, make sure that it fits you like a shirt – snug in your shoulders. 

Whatever your choice may be, make sure it will satisfy your style needs without sacrificing comfort when you wear them.

What size Levi’s should I get?

Just like choosing the right pair of Levi jeans, select one that fits your size well. We all have unique bodies and one must check out the Levi’s size range to find the perfect fit. What’s also great about Levi’s is that it believes that denim is for everyone and their denim jean collection is size inclusive

What’s the most expensive pair of jeans?

Since we’re setting our eyes on Levi’s jeas, the most expensive pair that they’ve sold ever was t their 155-year-old pair of Levis 501 back in 2005. It was purchased by an anonymous bidder on eBay for over £40,000 ($60,000). 

Crazy right? Most of us would even feel guilty spending over a hundred pounds for a pair of jeans.  But then again, it’s a pair of more-a-century-old Levi’s jeans we’re talking about. So if you think vintage jeans are not worth much money, Levi’s will convince your otherwise. 

At this point, you’ve probably read about what every beginner has to know about Levi’s. You now know how they’re immensely committed to their craft in maintaining the durability and highest quality of their denim clothing. Plus, they’re using sustainable means to create their jeans. Oh and, Their designs also continue to keep up with the changing times while honoring their classic style. 

And so, it’s safe to say that the popular denim brand is definitely way more than their long-lasting denim jeans! 

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