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Although blue jeans are outright classics, black jeans give a fashion flair unlike any other. Compared to its azure counterpart, black denim can be styled in a laidback and casual way – to an even more formal one.

Make the most out of this versatile piece by following these fashion tips on wearing black jeans. 


Different Types of Black Jeans

Black jeans come in a range of styles and cuts. Since it’s something you can easily pair with most stops, it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself (and invest in) these different denim designs:

Sexy and Skinny 

This is perhaps the most common pair of black jeans in the market. And why not? It can make you look outright sexy, hence its name. 

A popular choice amongst celebrities such as Selena Gomez, a pair of skinny black jeans goes well with almost anything. Take the case of the actress-singer, who mixes various style elements with her printed tee, shearling jacket, and mid-calf booties. 

Despite its casual flair, a skinny pair of jeans is your best bet for a more sophisticated, work-approved look. 

Damsel in Distress(ed) 

Want a more rugged look? Know that you can pull it off easily with a distressed pair of black jeans. Torn in strategic places such as the thighs or the knees, it can add a ‘rough’ element into your feminine outfit. 

Just take the case of this model, who wore her tattered pants with a dressy blazer, lacy cami, and studded Valentino heels.  This goes to show that you can still look chic in distressed denim – as long as you wear it with more sophisticated items. 

Cute in Cropped Jeans

Do you find it a little hot to wear full-length pants? Or do you often find your trouser ends stained with mud and murky street water? Whatever your circumstances might be, you’re sure to fare better with a pair of cropped black jeans. 

This casual style – as seen on actress Emma Roberts – is a look that’s worthy of sunny months. When paired with a simple shirt and a pair of flat sandals, it can evoke the feel of a beachy summer vacation. 

Tip: You can also wear cropped jeans during the colder months! The easiest way to do so is to pair it with your favorite tights and boots. 

Super Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are high-waisted trousers that were highly popular in the previous decades. But thanks to models such as Kendall Jenner, they have made an unprecedented fashion comeback.

Usually seen in straight-cut styles, mom jeans provide a breezy fit. This makes it perfect for the hotter seasons when you need some air to circulate your legs.

While a pair of baggy mom jeans are best worn with fitter tops, you can also don it with looser shirts just like Kendall. All you just need to do is tuck it in and wear it with a belt. That way, you get to flaunt your womanly figure even if your clothes are kinda loose. 

Fit and Flare

Aiming for a more retro look? Then go for a pair of flared black jeans. A favorite of models such as Candice Swanepoel, it can give you a more flattering fit. With its fitted waist and flared bottoms, this denim can help you achieve a sexy look right away. 

To accentuate your figure with flared jeans, make sure to wear a more fitted top. A good example is Candice’s cropped top, which hugs the right curves – just like her pants. 

What to Wear With Black Jeans

Yes, you can wear basically anything with black jeans. But if you’re still unsure of what looks best on you, then make sure to heed these tips below:

Terrific in a Turtleneck Top

Comfy yet stylish, a turtleneck is one of the best tops to wear with black jeans. A fashion staple since the 19th century, it represents modesty in the style. 

It can be worn alone, though it may be layered with a vest to provide more warmth during the winter season. 

While it’s perfect for the colder days, you may opt to wear your turtleneck top during the hotter months as well. Just make sure to fold or roll the sleeves so you won’t feel as warm. 

Kitsy in a Knitted Sweater

Another cold season must-have, a knitted sweater is an essential garment you can wear for warmth – and style as well. Just look at Katie Holmes, who looks effortless in her simple knit sweater.

Just like the actress, simplicity is the key to rocking this pairing. Follow Katie by wearing a pair of oversized shades, a delicate necklace, and a structured tote. As for the shoes – you can go for a similar pointy-toe bootie. 

Tip: Another trendy option is a pair of chunky boots – which is coincidentally one of the hottest footwear styles for this year. 

Chic in a Crop Sweater

Whether you have abs or not, now is the time for you to expose them! With the help of a good crop sweater, you can easily look sexy in your black jeans. 

You can take such inspiration from actress Nicola Peltz, who looks effortless in her white crop sweater and black jeans. The fit style of her top, for one, compliments her baggy trousers and chunky shoes. Like the actress, this pairing doesn’t need much styling as a great pair of sunglasses and a small purse would do. 

Tantalizing in a Tank Top

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish outfit for the summer, then all you need is just your favorite tank top. 

Here, you’ll see how a tank top compliments a pair of distressed black jeans. The sleek appearance of the top helps balance the rugged look of the jeans. True to form, pairing these two pieces can help you create a match made in fashion heaven. 

Tip: Keep a cardigan or jacket at bay to help you bundle up during cold summer nights.

Captivating in a Cami Top

Bella Hadid is fashion proof that you can look glam in a simple cami top.

Here, the model is seen rocking a black cami top that matches effortlessly with her black skinny jeans and classic black pumps. Breaking the beautiful monotony of her outfit is her bling choker, which is the only accessory she wore with this stylish outfit.  

Just like Bella, you can easily upgrade your look by wearing a statement accessory with your simple cami top and jean pairing. Be it a studded necklace or a pair of elaborate chandelier earrings, any of these accessories is sure to add some pizzazz to your outfit. 

Lovable in Long Sleeves 

Sofia Richie may look disappointed in this picture, but we’re not. Her get-up, after all, is a good fashion inspiration we can all try. 

The olive-skinned model looks flawless in her fitted long-sleeved top and distressed black mom jeans. With her sexy strappy sandals – and her pop-of-pink purse – not much accessorizing is needed. A beautiful watch – just like what Sofia has – is probably the only thing you need to complete this outfit style. 

Sassy in Short-Sleeves

Do you want to look effortless – without putting in a lot of styling effort? Then make sure to follow this model, who looks casually elegant in her short sleeve top and distressed black denim. 

Despite the rugged nature of her bottoms, she kept her chic with her black top. Paired with oversized glasses, a gold necklace, a sophisticated bag, and an elegant pair of pumps, this timeless style is something you can wear whenever, wherever. 

Ladylike in Lace 

While a pair of black jeans offers a casual vibe, you can turn it into something more elegant. All you just need is an elegant lace blouse such as this one. 

A lace top injects some feminine contrast to the casual (if not rugged) nature of black denim jeans. And since it’s already very elaborate, it doesn’t require much accessorizing. But if you want to add some more things into your outfit, a pair of oversized glasses and a statement bag are great style options. 

Smart and Casual 

Tired of the usual outfits you bring to the office? Then you should consider pairing your smart-casual top with a distressed pair of black denim. The contrast between the 2 elements will help you create a work look unlike any other.

While smart casual tops are usually about solid colors, you can go for a printed one. The model’s polka-dot blouse, for one, is a great example. They make use of traditional colors, namely black and white. They’re also complemented with sophisticated pieces – such as a structured bag and black heels – 2 of the things you need to complete a fashion-forward office outfit. 

Fun yet Formal 

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can take your casual black jeans to a more upscale event. All you need to do, of course, is to wear it with a dressy formal blouse. 

Here, the model takes her style to a whole new level with her puff-sleeved top – which is one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. The unique look of her blouse – paired with oversized shades, a big clutch, and nude sandals – transformed her otherwise casual pants into a more formal one. 

Back in Business 

Although black jeans are not made for the office, you can make them appear as such. With the help of a business-style blouse, you may be able to take your trousers to the office.

Take the cue from the ever-style Miranda Kerr, who looks stunning in her loose button-down top. True enough, it’s all about business – while her black pleather jeans are all about play. 

Despite the interplay between these 2 varying elements, you can make it more work-worthy by using business attire elements. In the case of Miranda, she went with a chic, structured bag and a classic pair of black heels. 

Classy and Sassy 

You can easily make a statement with your black jeans – as long as you wear it with a classy blouse. 

A good example is this wrap-around blouse. Even with its plain white color, it looks very chic because of its unique design and puffed sleeves. 

With its sleek look, a classy blouse such as this one isn’t hard to embellish as you can simply wear it with a pair of black strappy sandals. 

If you’re looking to add some Haute elements into your sophisticated attire, just throw on some statement accessories – like that of the model’s dangling earrings and structured wooden bag. 

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What Colors Work Well With Black Jeans?

A great thing about the color black is that it goes well with everything. But if you’re looking to stand out in your black jeans, then you need to go beyond the usual black or white. Instead, you should try out these great colors: 

Ravishing in Red

Red is a color that easily pops out. While this fiery shade is a little bit tricky, it’s something you need to wear if you want to stand out from the crowd.

While a conventional red top is good, you can always go out of the box and style it in a unique way. Just take the cue from model Kendall Jenner, who transformed her red knit sweater into a ribbon-tied crop top. You can even put on a pair of leather gloves should you need some additional warmth during the colder days.

Cute in Cobalt Blue

Black and navy, hands down, make for a good style pairing. But if you’re looking for a stand-out blue and black outfit, then go for cobalt. Since this medium-blue shade is brighter than the traditional navy, it can help you pop out in a sea of traditional colors.

Styling a cobalt blue top is not that complicated, as all it needs is a few accessories here and there. Oversized shades and chandelier earrings are good – but you can always go further with a matching pair of cobalt blue sandals.

Slick in Silver

If you want to shine – quite literally – then silver should be your go-to color. A symbol of elegance and glamour, it’s the shade that represents utmost sophistication. 

What’s great about a silver top is that it can easily elevate the look of your black jeans. That said, it’s the color you should consider if want to create a more dazzling appearance. 

Since silver is shiny enough as it is, this color doesn’t require a lot of baubles. A unique pair of shades – and a vibrantly colored bag (mustard in this case) – are just some of the things you need to compliment your silver top. 

Pop in Pink

Pink is a feminine color that you could effortlessly rock with a pair of black jeans.

Since there are many styles of pink to choose from, you can always go for a soft, baby pink – or a bright, millennial pink. But if you want to look more formal and sophisticated, then go for a more delicate shade.

Take the case of this sheer pussy bow top, which is worn with a black cami underneath. Paired with flat black Mary Janes and a small, structured bag, this pink top gives an element of whimsy to an otherwise casual attire.

Say Hello to Yellow

Black jeans work well with light and bright colors such as yellow. 

If you’re afraid of this sunny color, know that you can rock it without looking like a big banana. It’s a matter of choosing toned-down yellow shades such as this one. It boasts of a pastel yellow color, which makes it easy on the eyes – just like your favorite pair of black jeans. Even if it’s worn with simple accessories, the color is enough to make a statement – especially during the sunny summer days. 

Graceful in Green

Green is a cool shade that denotes nature. At the same time, it represents luck and tranquility. 

These meanings aside, green is a great color to wear with your black jeans. After all, they stylishly contrast each other. Case in point: the model’s green top complimenting her black flared jeans. 

While choosing a jewel-toned green is a great option, you can always explore other more unique shades. Pastel green, for one, is a lovely shade that you can take out this spring (and the other seasons too!)

Outstanding in Orange

The people’s reluctance to wear an orange top with black jeans is quite understandable. With the wrong styling, you may end up looking like a Halloween décor. 

While this is certainly possible, you can pull off the orange-and-black pairing with relative ease. It’s all about mixing and matching certain styles to create an Instagram-ready look.

A good inspo for this is this confident model, who rocked her orange cardigan with a printed orange-and-black top underneath. She took these Halloween colors in stride by pairing them with classical pieces – such as a structured bag and a pair of sling-back pumps. 

Tip: Afraid to rock bright orange? Then go for a more toned-down version, such as rust orange.

How to Wear Black Jeans With Prints

While black jeans go great with the colors stated above, they work well with prints as well. If you’re thinking of sporting a livelier outfit, then here are some foolproof ways of wearing black jeans with prints. 

Sophisticated in Stripes 

Striped patterns are traditional classics that go well with almost anything. As such, it’s not surprising that it looks stunning with a simple pair of black jeans.

While black and white stripes are popular, you can create a more unique look by choosing a unique design. The model’s blouse, for example, comes with a side knot – a detail you won’t find in most striped blouses. 

Should you stay true to a black and white palette, you can always opt for vibrantly colored accessories. A brightly-colored clutch – such as the model’s purple one – can give your monotone outfit a fun pop of color. 

Fun in Floral

If you want to achieve a dainty look with your black jeans, then you should wear it with a beautiful floral blouse. Whether you have a nice pair of skinnies – or a distressed one – this design is sure to work with your fashionable jeans.

When it comes to floral tops, picking vibrant colors is the way to go. This is especially the case during spring and summer when florets are the prints of the season. 

Tip: Large prints are good, but if you want to look ‘smaller’, then go for more minute details. 

Perfect in Plaid

Plaid is defined as horizontal and vertical stripes converging into right angles. Popularized by the Burberry line, this design is something you can effortlessly blend with your black denim.

Just like the model, you can opt for the neutral black-and-white design. However, you can go for brighter shades – such as red, blue, or turquoise.

As plaid is ‘busy’ enough as it is, it’s best to keep your accessories toned down. Just like the model, you should go for a plain, structured bag and a pair of black (or any other neutral-colored) booties. 

Luxe in Leopard 

You can unleash your wild side by pairing your black jeans with a Leopard print top.

While this detail is too adventurous for some, it’s something you can take if you want to add a punch of design into your outfit. 

The key to rocking a Leopard print top is by going for smaller, more uniform prints – something the model has taken into great consideration.

Lastly, make sure to tame down this ‘wild’ style by adding chic pieces, such as aviator shades, a leather brown clutch, and black suede boots. 

Sultry in Snakeskin

Snakeskin is another design that’s difficult to pull off. But when worn with black jeans, styling it is as easy as 1-2-3.

The key here is to pick a more delicate design, such as the one seen in the model above. The snakeskin print is on the sheer side, which means it’s not as loud.

While a snakeskin top works great with simple accessories, you can pair it with more elegant accessories if you’re going to a more formal event. The model’s elaborate earrings and bracelet, for example, have helped elevate her look into a more sophisticated one. 

Even though black jeans are basic, they hold a lot of styling opportunities. With the help of the tips above, you can create looks that range from sexy to sophisticated. 

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