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Boy George nailed his fashion choices throughout the 1980s.

In fact, some of his outfits are the most synonymous with 80s fashion in our mind.

From his black vest and fedora to his corduroy jacket and skipper cap, check out four Boy George outfits that provide endless 80s fashion inspiration.


Boy George’s White Cropped Jacket and Studded Suspenders on the Cover of Sold

It was in 1985 that the English singer Boy George released his debut solo album, entitled Sold. The album immediately attracted attention owing to the person on the cover, and more importantly, what the person was wearing.

For the cover, Boy George donned a cropped white jacket, matching white pants, a black t-shirt, and studded suspenders. This punk look captivated the public back then and continues to hold up.

First, cropped jackets (jackets that hit above the hips, usually between the waist and the hips) are back in for both men and women. And second, suspenders, as well as similar styles like overalls and jumpers, have popped back up.

Boy George’s Black Blazer and Beret in the “Keep Me In Mind” Music Video

Boy George had another major fashion moment with the release of his “Keep Me In My Mind” music video in 1987. In this video, the English artist donned a black blazer with a checkered scarf and black beret.

This effeminate outfit was one of many worn by Boy George throughout his career, but is one of our favourites owing to its relevance to today’s fashion.

First off, a black blazer is timeless, but the way he wore it, with no shirt underneath, has become very popular in the world of women’s fashion.

Second, Parisian-esque berets have been spotted all over the runway this year, making them one of the trendiest forms of headwear.


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Boy George’s Fedora and Black Vest in the “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” Music Video

Before Boy George went solo, he was part of a successful pop group called Culture Club. It was during his time with Culture Club that he recorded the hit single “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.” In the music video for this song, Boy George dons a black fedora, white long-sleeved shirt, and black vest.

This outfit helped him make a name for himself and is one that has stuck in our memory, mainly because of its fashion impact today. Fedoras, though once out of style, have made a major comeback this year, especially wide-brimmed iterations like Boy George’s.

Further, vests are also having a moment right now. Everything from sweater vests to puffer vests are being worn by fashion-forward men and women.

Boy George’s Corduroy Jacket, Skipper Cap, and Pleated Pants

In the late 1980s, Boy George was photographed wearing a light brown corduroy jacket with an oversized white skipper cap, and pleated, high waisted, heather grey pants. The look was one of Boy George’s less eccentric and may as well be something out of 2019.

Corduroy is back in style, with men’s and women’s stores selling everything from pants, skirts, and jumpers to cropped jackets and car coats made out of the soft fabric.

In addition, both skipper caps (and their flatter cousin, newsboy caps) have returned, not to mention pants with higher waistlines and pleats.

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