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Beautiful women sitting on a bed with a white shirt on and Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein: Breaking Stereotypes Since 1968

Calvin Klein is one the most notable fashion labels since 1968, with a history of daring promotions, a blueprint for other firms to market with. Despite such a heritage, their peculiarity remains a source of f...
Gucci white sneakers and Gucci bags

The House of Gucci: A Luxury Tale Of Success

When people are asked about exquisite brands they know of, they’ll only think of maybe a few. Even if it doesn’t concern them, they’re just completely intrigued especially when these brands have pronounceable ...
Versace black swimwear and open toe sandals

Versace: A Fashion Companion for a Lifetime

A seemingly common name with an uncomplicated spelling, but you’ll feel something in your brain twist once finding out it is pronounced /verˈsaːtʃe/. Gosh, fancy brands and their fancy names.  Perhaps,...