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1989 celebrity fashion trend images

1989: Nirvana Plaid and The Loveshack Video

We’ve made it to the final year of the 80s, the best year, some may say (I only say that because it’s the year I was born). 1989 was a huge year in all respects; the Berlin Wall came down, ‘A Brief History of ...
1986 celebrity fashion trend images

1986: Preppy-Sport Style and Baggy Denim

We’re over the hump of the 80s and have landed in 1986. The Chernobyl explosion disaster rocked the world, the ‘Oprah’ show debuted, and ‘Hands Across America’ raised millions of dollars for those in need.&nbs...
1985 celebrity fashion trend images

1985: Madonna’s Floral Pants and Prince

We’ve taken a trip back in time (in the DeLorean) to 1985. Take it all in. Prince Harry is born, Michael Jordan is cementing himself as a sporting god, and Gorbachev is the leader of the Soviet Union. 1985 was...
1984 celebrity fashion trend images

1984: Bruce Springsteen and Ghostbusters

It’s 1984. The Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale, miners are striking in England and L.A swarms with the Olympics. Band Aid is founded and ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ jangles across the world. Pop down t...