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As everyone from the eighties will remember, denim was one material that was everywhere, sported in everything from dungarees to jean jackets, but king of all the denim trends were the humble jeans.

The Eighties was home to a whole range of different jean trends and fashions, with different accessories and styles available to get all those outfits looking on fleek.

From chic, high waisted looks to metallic pop star vibes, the Eighties had a style of jeans for everyone.

So as winter starts to roll around this year and you start swapping out those summer shorts for a pair of jeans, get inspired by these fantastic trends of the Eighties.


Amazing Acid Wash

A trend that we all remember from the eighties and one that is having a comeback in the modern market, acid wash jeans, are a chic streetwear look that fit in on any swanky city street.

A favourite of eighties stars like Sigourney Weaver and donned today by celebrities including Hayley Baldwin, this popular style looks great with a polished blazer for that inner city look with a difference.

Shine Through the Night

Metallic jeans were one of the many stylish jeans trends of the eighties. These work particularly well for going out at night or clubbing during those winter months that you don’t want to freeze in a dress.

Take inspiration from the original eighties pop stars and pair some metallic jeans with a graffiti blazer, statement earrings and heeled boots.

Embrace the High Waisted Look

There were few jeans styles as iconic in the eighties as the high waisted trend. A favourite of celebrities like Tina Turner and seen in every city street, this look was the ultimate jeans trend.

Still a great look today, pair some high waisted jeans with a simple, tucked in T-shirt or singlet, chunky bracelet and a leather jacket and boots for a casual, yet stylish weekend outfit.

Who Needs Tight Jeans?

As anyone from the Eighties will tell you, baggy jeans were one of the many great styles of this unique decade. Baggy and cropped jeans were a look that was ever-popular and was donned by top celebrities like Demi Moore.

This style looks great for when you want to embrace those casual weekend vibes. Style this look with some Converse style shoes and a plain singlet, get inspired by Demi and try adding a hat to finish off the outfit.

Hem Roll Jeans

One stylish fashion hack that any true eighties fashionista knew when it came to jeans was that to change up the look, simply roll up the bottom of the jeans.

Sported by fashion greats like Sarah Jessica Parker back in the eighties, rolling up the bottom of your jeans a few inches and pairing it with a boxy blazer creates a quirky and thoroughly unforgettable weekend style.

The Original Ripped Jeans

Although widely popular in the modern fashion market, anyone from the eighties will remember that the ripped jeans look originally found a home in this unique decade.

A favourite of stars like Madonna, ripped jeans injected some instant rebel vibes into any outfit. When tying out this style, try pairing some ripped jeans with a graphic tee and combat boots to embrace those eighties rebel vibes.

Don’t Forget a Belt

Any great jeans-based outfit isn’t only about the jeans themselves but is also about the accessories. Stylists of the eighties knew that a wide belt could really complete a great jeans- based outfit.

With stars like Mandy Smith embracing this style, there is lots of eighties inspiration to choose from. When trying this look in a modern fashion scene, pair a tank top wish some jeans and add a wide belt to finish off the style.


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Brilliant Belt Bags

Who needs a handbag when you can have a belt bag? Belt bags were everywhere in the eighties, worn to red carpet events and incorporated into casual streetwear looks.

The belt bag is a simple concept, consisting of a stylish bag attached to a belt to be worn around the waist or hips.

The belt bag is still in fashion and runway proves! This is just one accessory from the eighties you need.

The Rise of the Mom Jeans

The eighties fashion scene saw the original rise of the Mom jeans trend. A style that isn’t too baggy and isn’t too tight and embraces a trend that has endured the test of time, the Mom jeans look is one that is making a comeback in the modern fashion world.

Looking great with a cable knit sweater or a graphic tee, this classic style was a favourite of eighties stars like Kylie Minogue.

Denim on Denim

As anyone from the eighties will tell you, double denim is nothing to fear. Pairing a denim jacket with some denim jeans was a popular look, and this style worked particularly well when incorporating an embellished denim jacket into the outfit.

Popular with stars like the legendary Madonna back in the eighties, this style has seen a bit of a comeback today with stars like Hayley Baldwin embracing this look.

Jeans with Something Extra

One eighties style that borrows from the jean-wear trends of eighties but offer a little something extra is the denim overalls look. Incredibly popular in the eighties fashion market, the denim overalls style was donned by celebrities and fashionistas and embraced by the general public all over the world.

This style works great with a simple tee shirt or when worn over a chunky sweater for a winter look. For more inspiration check out eighties stars like Julie Roberts, who loved this style.

Julia Roberts wearing denim overalls 80s style collage
Julia Roberts wearing denim overalls

Whether you want a look for a casual Sunday afternoon, to embrace a rebel vibe or want to shine through the night, there is a great jean style from the eighties that has you covered. Try experimenting with different styles and accessories and don’t be afraid to try out the iconic denim on denim look!

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