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Paris is known for a lot of things – the Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Seine River, to name a few. The City of Light is also famous for its delicious food, impeccable culture, and of course, its own brand of fashion. 

Aptly known as the Parisian style, this fashion philosophy is all about being simple yet chic. Compared to other fashion aesthetics, it only makes use of basic pieces complimented by a statement item. 

That said, it’s easy to channel this Parisian flair – even if you’re not from France. But if you’re looking for more style guidance, worry not as all you need to do is invest in these essential items. 


Parisian Style Essentials

These are the items you need to cop the high-fashion Parisian chic look:

White Button-Down Shirt

Channeling the Parisian look is easy since most working girls have this item in the closet. A priceless fashion investment, it’s versatile enough to be used in formal or casual ensembles. 

What’s great about a white button-down shirt is that you can explore various styles by going for different fabrics. Apart from the usual cotton, you can opt for a silk button-down top as well. 

To get the complete Parisian style look, make sure to pair this top with high-waisted denim pants – just like what the model wears. 

Plain Shirt

There’s nothing plain about a plain shirt. Like the white button-down top, it’s a versatile item you can use in a variety of looks.

As for your Parisian style outfits, it’s just a matter of dressing it up – or down. For casual days out, you can wear this with jeans and sneakers (or heels, just like French girl extraordinaire Capucine Safyurtlu of Stella Luna.) But for dressier events, you can pair this with your blazer and well-tailored trousers instead. 

Buying tip: Opt for 100% cotton shirts as they feel comfier – and look more sophisticated!

La Marinière Top 

The La Marinière Top, known for its blue (or black) and white stripes, is a must-have for any French girl (or any other lady who loves dressing up in Parisian chic). 

Like a plain shirt, this simple blouse makes it easy to pair with any bottom you have. Apart from the trademark high-waisted pants, this top can also be worn with black trousers, a denim skirt, even a pair of ripped shorts. 

Styling tip: Don’t confine yourself to black or blue stripes. A La Marinière top in red stripes is a good option as well! 

Silk Camisole

A silk camisole is not just for sleeping (or for the summer), it’s for creating Parisian style outfits as well. While plain, the silky nature of the camisole helps you create a sophisticated look. It’s very comfy as well, which makes it a great thing to wear all day. 

As with most basic tops, the silk cami goes well with most items. Like the model, you can wear it with white trousers and some slip-on sandals for a nouveau Parisian chic look. 

As for work, you can always wear your silk cami with a blazer and some sleek trousers. 

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Sweaters are comfy tops that can keep you warm during cold days. They’re also very fashionable, which is why it’s a hands-down favorite amongst many Parisians.

Despite being simple, a sweater is something you can wear to achieve a high-fashion look. For one, you can pair it with high-waisted jeans and loafers for a casual look – or trench coat and trousers for a work-appropriate outfit. Since they’re very easy to incorporate in your other ensembles, you will definitely want to invest in sweaters of various neutral colors. 

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Black Dress

A black dress is a must-have for every woman, especially for those who wish to cop the Parisian style look. And while there’s no rule for choosing one, French women often go for retro-style LBDs. 

Granted that you have a different style of dress at hand, you can easily create a Parisian look by adding a statement piece into your simple outfit. Such is the case in this model, who injected some flair into her simple ensemble by wearing fishnet stockings. 

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Tailored Black Blazer

A blazer is not just for the office – it’s something you can use for your Parisian chic outfits as well. The key to achieving this style, however, is to pick a structured blazer that compliments your shape. 

Like the model, a tailored blazer is something you can wear for dressy events – especially if you’re not in the mood to wear a sexy or tight-fitting dress.

A blazer is great for casual get-ups as well, as it can add some class (and warmth) to your basic shirt-and-jeans ensemble. 

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Beige Trench Coat

Feeling cold? If the blazer is not enough to keep you comfy, then you should swap it for another Parisian style essential: the beige trench coat.

Given its neutral color, it’s easy to pair with other fashion pieces. It can even help glamorize your look, especially if you’re wearing a basic shirt-and-jeans outfit. 

While a beige trench coat should be your top choice for your Parisian chic outfits, other neutral colors (i.e. navy blue or light gray) will help you achieve the same degree of high-fashion style. 

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Apart from the timeless blazer and trench coat, there’s another outerwear you can use for your Parisian style look: the classic cardigan. 

While it’s often worn on top of other pieces, a cardigan is something you can wear on its own. The best way to do so is to pick a fitted cardigan and button everything up. When worn with high-waisted pants (more of this below), it can help you achieve a lovely French girl look. 

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High-Waisted Straight Leg Jeans 

While skinny or boyfriend jeans are very fashionable, they pale in comparison to high-waisted, straight-leg jeans. After all, they’re the epitome of Parisian chic fashion.

Although they’re reminiscent of what your mom wore, they’re actually the go-to pants for girls who want to embody the French girl vibe.

As seen on the model, high-waist jeans go well with another Parisian style essential – the button-down shirt. Expectedly, these jeans are sure to look great with your plain shirt or silk camisole. 

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Basic Leggings

Truly versatile, your basic leggings can help you create a unique yet comfy Parisian outfit. 

For one, you can take them to work by wearing them instead of the usual trousers. Top it with a blazer – just like the model – and you’re ready to go. 

Apart from creating unique office looks, black leggings also pave the way for more casual outfits. For a tried-and-tested look, make sure to don them with a plain shirt or a sweater and your favorite pair of loafers. 

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Corduroy Jeans

Corduroy jeans are vintage-style bottoms you can wear for a retro, Parisian chic look. 

As seen on the model, it can add a classic flair – even when worn with a simple long-sleeved sweater. 

As with most Parisian outfits, the key to rocking the corduroy look is to keep true with neutral colors. This makes it easy to wear with most style essentials, be it a plain shirt, a silk cami, or a La Marinière top. 

Silk Scarf

The French love luxurious things, a trend apparent in its signature Parisian style. Like the nature of the camisole, Parisians dote on wearing a silk scarf. 

Compared to most of the essential pieces in this list, the scarf is where French ladies go crazy with the print. In fact, they believe that the brighter it is, the better. After all, it’s the statement piece they usually wear with their simple outfits. 

Styling tip: For a retro look, explore your mom or nan’s closet and borrow their vintage silk scarves! 

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Black Leather Handbag

The Parisian style often makes use of dark tones, which is obvious in this essential style piece: the black leather handbag. 

A popular piece amongst many women, a black leather handbag is a timeless classic that can be worn with many outfits. And – when paired with any of the items stated above – it can help you achieve the  Parisian chic look. 

Given its roomy nature, a black leather handbag can make you look fashionable without forcing you to leave most of your necessities at home. 


For Parisians, comfort should not trump style. And while some of them continue to wear heels, many favor loafers – which are trademark shoes for French ladies (and other nationalities, too!)

While loafers were initially developed men, continuous style evolution has made this a must-have for many ladies. That’s because they’re comfy and stylish – 2 of the things that make them perfect for any Parisian style outfit.  

While the usual choices are black loafers, you can add some nouveau style by going for oxblood loafers – or navy blue suede loafers, perhaps? 

Achieving the Parisian style look is easy as long as you have these 15 items in your closet. By mixing and matching them up, you can create multiple outfits that you can wear at work or play. 

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