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One of the most celebrated style icons of that recent decades was FRIENDS’ Rachel Green, portrayed by the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. Rachel’s fashion flair was one of a kind, with the masses eagerly sporting everything she wore on the show. 

Now, it seems that Rachel’s fashion styles are making a comeback. 

Thanks to the FRIENDS Reunion show, its avid viewers – now aged 34 to 54 – are looking to wear Rachel-inspired outfits once again. 

That said, let’s take a nostalgic walk of Rachel’s hottest fashion trends that you can try out RN. 


How to Dress Like Rachel Green

Although the show started decades ago, most of Rachel’s looks remain to be stylish – up until today. That said, here are some of her outfits that you should copy: 

White Tee and Jeans

Just like most of us, Rachel loved her white tee and denim jeans. So if you’re looking for an easy retro look to copy, then this should be at the top of your list. 

Simply put, all you need to wear is a nice-fitting white shirt and a pair of straight-cut jeans. 

Although it has a very classic style, you can always take things up a notch. If you want, you can wear loud accessories or a pair of attention-grabbing shoes. 

Blazer and Jumper

A true fashion chameleon, Rachel knows how to mix different fashion elements. Here, she can be seen sporting a tailored blazer on top of her striped top and denim romper.

Yes, she is just one of the few characters who can make a ‘childish’ romper look impeccably stylish. 

Like Rachel, you can go for a sporty, nautical-vibe look by wearing a pair of white sneakers. But if you want to look dressier, you can swap these sneakers for a sexy pair of high heels. 

Shirt, Short (or Skirt), and Tights


Rachel might be living in nippy Manhattan – but that’s not stopping her from wearing short shorts or skirts. So to keep herself comfortable, she always makes sure to wear some tights underneath.

Like her, you can channel this look for your fall or winter outfits. It’s as simple as wearing black tights underneath your thigh-baring bottoms. 

In true Rachel fashion, you could wear this get-up with a pair of flat Mary-Jane shoes. But if you want a modern look, you can opt for platformed Mary Janes instead. 

Schoolgirl-Inspired Outfit

Although Rachel is an adult character, she manages to channel a youthful look with her schoolgirl-inspired outfits. 

One good example is this ensemble, where she sports a long-sleeved sweater, a plaid skirt, knee-high socks, and closed shoes.

As this outfit is still considered stylish in this modern age, there’s no need to update it. But if you’re raring to refresh your look, you can throw another layer (like a vest) on top. 

Dress Over Shirt

This outfit is proof that Rachel Green is way ahead of her time. 

The trend, which is slowly making a comeback, is perfect for layering your delicate dresses.

Like Rachel, you can keep it warm by wearing a long-sleeved top. But if you’re expecting the sun to be way up high, you can trade such a top for a short-sleeved shirt.

More importantly, make sure to wear this outfit with Rachel’s favorite footwear: white sneakers. 

Tie-Front Top + Any Bottom

Rachel’s fashion-forward style does not stop with her dress-over-shirt outfit.

In fact, her DIY tie-front top remains a favorite up until today.

To get her look, all you need to do is wear your button-down top. Just leave the few buttons undone. Take the edges to tie a knot and voila – an instant Rachel Green get-up! 

What’s great about this easy-to-do top is that it pairs well with most bottoms. You can wear it with a mini skirt or shorts during the warmer months – or trousers or a maxi skirt for the colder days. 


Looking to take your Rachel-inspired look? Worry not, as this character offers a lot of work-worthy outfits you can emulate.

One such example is this coordinated outfit. Here, she sports a white double-breasted blazer – which is paired with a mini skirt and a cozy sweater. 

Like her, you can seal the monotone look by toting a white purse as well. 

Tip: If your boss doesn’t like above-the-knee skirts, you can modify your look by using a midi skirt or tailored trousers. 

Sheath Dress

Apart from rocking a coordinated outfit, a sheath dress is another Rachel-inspired outfit you could take to work. 

Like her, you can keep it simple by scaling back on the accessories.

But if you’re looking to update this look, you can always accessorize with a long necklace or a thin belt. And for colder days, you could always throw on a tailored blazer for additional warmth. 

As for the shoes, you can keep them classy with a pair of black or nude heels. 

Leopard Anything

If you’re looking for a ‘loud’ Rachel-inspired work outfit, then this is the picture you should refer to. 

Here, Rachel dons a furry leopard vest – an item that some people would call tacky at the very least.

Although this was the case, she wore it in such a way that it looks unbelievably classy.

To get her look, make sure to pair your Leopard anything with a simple outfit. In this scenario, it was a black long-sleeved dress. That way, the rest of your outfit won’t clash with your Leopard piece.

3 Makeup Tips for a Rachel Green Look

Looking to copy Rachel Green’s brown-toned, naturally-made look? Then you should follow these makeup tips – as revealed by Friends MUA Robin Siegel herself! 

Eyes and Eyebrows

Rachel Green usually wore brown, earthy eyeshadow colors. And for them to stick, Robin used Eye Base makeup. Not only did this make Rachel’s eyeshadow last better, but it also helped prevent creasing. 

As mentioned, make sure to use earthy eyeshadow colors. To get Rachel’s smokey eyes, you should use eyeshadows with a matte finish. Apart from adding dimension, it helps minimize the appearance of fine lid lines. 

Then there’s the cream eyeliner. MUA Robin applied it to the upper lash line – right after applying eyeshadow – with the use of a thin angled brush. In her words, it wasn’t made to explicitly look like eyeliner, but rather, a defined lash line. 

Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the mascara. While Rachel obviously used an expensive product, you can recreate the look with the drugstore kind. What’s important is that you apply the material to your top and bottom lashes. 

As for the brows, you can keep true with Rachel’s thin eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil to accentuate your arch. 


To get Rachel’s healthy flush, try to layer your powder blush on top of a cream one. For a spot-on impersonation, you can use Chanel’s powder blush in Rose Petale. 

Likewise, you can achieve Rachel’s sun-kissed look by applying a bronzer right after your blush.


MUA Robin used Mac’s Spice lipliner for Rachel’s lips. As for the color, she alternates between Mac’s Touch and Paramount shades.

6 Rachel Green Hairstyles to Try

Apart from being a 90s fashion icon, Rachel Green was a hairstyle icon as well. In fact, a cut was even named after her! 

If you’re looking for a head-to-toe Rachel look, then why not try any of these hairstyles?

Layered With Waves

Compared to the usual woke-up-like-this waves, Rachel’s layers are more polished. It’s as if she always had time to curl them up!

And because they look impeccable, this style perfect for the office – or dressier nighttime events. 

That said, you need to have enough time to create Rachel’s polished waves. And if you do, by all means, go ahead!  But if you don’t, then make sure to try the hairstyle that’s featured next. 

Beachy Waves

Years after Rachel channeled her polished waves, she opted for a more low-key style such as this one. Known to many as beachy waves, this look will make you feel like it’s forever summer.

Although Rachel probably had her beachy waves done at the salon, you can do this right in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is twist some portions of your hair and apply some sea salt spray. 


If you have long hair and you’re looking to channel a shorter mane, then Rachel’s lob should be your top choice. 

Given Rachel’s trademark long hair look, her lob shocked most of Friends’ viewers. This shock, however, was for the better. Because of her, more and more ladies have embraced a shorter hairstyle.

Like Rachel, you can have your locks cut at the lower neck level. But if you can’t chop that much hair, you can opt for a longer lob that falls above your shoulders. 

Sideswept Bangs

If you don’t want to do some major changes to your hair, you can go for Rachel’s side-swept bangs. Like her, all you need to do is part your long bangs to one side. 

Again, you don’t need to go to the salon to get this look (though it’s best if you do). You can do this at home first by cutting your bangs straight. Part them to the side before trimming your hair downwards and diagonally. 

Blonde Highlights

Apart from changing her hairstyle every so often, Rachel has tried highlights as well.

One of her most famous ones is her blonde highlight hairstyle. 

If you’re tired of your usual hair color, you can opt for this hairstyle. You can have it professionally done at the salon – or at home with the help of your friend. 

Tip: Maintain your highlights by using a shampoo with a low detergent level. It will help to apply plant oil to your tresses as well! 

The Half-Pony With Some Bangs

You need not necessarily get a haircut to channel a Rachel Green look. In fact, you can do one with a crab hair clip (or any clip you have at home). 

Just create a half-pony. It doesn’t need to be neat. It’s actually the messier, the better.

Take some of your bangs (or your shorter hairs) and just let them fall freely.

That’s pretty much it. Now you’re good to go! 

Rachel Green is a fashion and hair icon many women idolize up to now. If you’re one of them, you can easily recreate her look by following the tips above.

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