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This fall, you’ll be spotting all of these nostalgic fashions trends from the ’80s in full force. It’s becoming more and more clear that we are all of a sudden trapped in an 80s state of mind, re-listening to records by Tina Turner and taking huge amounts of influence from one of the boldest decades in fashion history.

There’s no denying that the 80s gave us a lot to be thankful for. This fall, all of our favourite modern-day designers have been busier than ever re-working iconic 80s trends just in time to start rocking that fall street-style outfit.

Let’s take our imagination right back in time to the 80s era for a second- in fashion you’ll spot some big shoulders, neon hues, and lots of athletic wear – just to name a few.

In 2020, it looks like we are fully embracing these 80s fashion trends again, with a lot of these fall outfit ideas being inspired by the 80s. It’s more than we have served this decade in a very long time.

Today we’re rounding up all the modernized outfit ideas from the eccentric-eighties that you’ll want to add straight into your wardrobe, think: dressy, striking and colourful.


Padded shoulders are making a comeback

We’ve detected a throwback trend this fall and it’s the shoulder pads once again. But hey, don’t be intimidated. This time it will be a little less super-sized and a lot more structured.

Although we won’t be embracing the style to its full potential it once was, we’re still loving the idea of a more modernized version of shoulder pads. This fall we’re going to wearing statement-making shoulders.

What to wear: Try adding an oversized wool-blend blazer with padded shoulders in a plaid pattern, finish off the look by wearing a fanny pack wrapped across your shoulders.

Knitted sweaters, just make them neon

Once upon a time, neon was everywhere, and you’ll be pleased to hear that the neon outfits of the 80s are slowly creeping back onto the shelves this fall. Don’t put away your brightly coloured summer wardrobe just yet.

The mint green hues are in and to truly embrace the fall-aesthetic, your wardrobe demands bright orange too! This fall you’ll definitely want to warm up the colder days by adding some major stand-out contrasting colours to your outfit.

What to wear: Bold Fuchsia tones when painted onto soft knitted sweaters, try pairing them with some high waisted mom-jeans and chunky white sneakers. Accessorize with some gold hoops for an 80s inspired look we’re loving.

It’s simply sporty

The 80s era was obsessed with athletic gear with all credit due to the workout videos created by Jane Fonda that sparked a new movement for active clothing.

Although this trend has sat quietly for a long time now, this fall it’s back and bigger than ever before. The revival of this trend was inevitable, its laidback and put together. And with the current climate, who doesn’t love to lounge in comfy athleisure regardless of working out?

What to wear: Where do we start? Start by adding using sneakers as your go-to shoe look and pairing some statement earrings to this sleeky sports vibe.

Invest in a pair of white or heather grey sweatpants that you can wear casually throughout the day and also look flattering at evening drinks with the girls.

Tie-dye fever

Embrace a little bit of that vintage tie-dye spirit straight from the 1980s style scene. This look may seem tacky if we’re looking back at decades ago, but modern tie-dye is on a completely different level, we’re seeing pastel tie-dye hues layered with athleisure pieces.

What to wear: We’re loving tie-dye t-shirts, especially in pastel pinks. Accessorize with a scrunchie for that ultimate retro look.


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These boots are made for walking

Knee-high boots are a killer look this season, the 80s are really creating their mark on us. These boots have been a fashion staple since forever and this fall, they’re back ruling our wardrobes once again. Whether they’re being paired with an edgy t-shirt dress or a casual-chic knit and jeans look, they are sure to elevate your outfit straight away.

What to wear: Pair your knee-high boots with an A-line skirt and some tights for a look that boasts 80s nostalgia, wear them and you’re bound to make a statement wherever you are.

What to wear: Pair your knee-high boots with an A-line skirt and some tights for a look that boasts 80s nostalgia, wear them and you’re bound to make a statement wherever you are.

It’s still all focused on hair

Fall hair accessories, we love them! Around 1988, it was hugely popular amongst women of all ages to rock a hairstyle with a wide headband or little plastic clips that were butterflies or pearls. Not to mention the statement-scrunchie!

For fall, experts are expecting all of these ultra-chic hair accessories to be a re-emerging trend. Time to embrace our inner-child and rock some Gossip Girl inspired headbands.

What to wear: Use the hair clips on the front pieces of your hair to create a real late 80s early 90s look. Try rocking the headbands with athleisure, you could put up a top-bun using a colourful scrunchie.

Dynasty-inspired Puff-sleeves

The pants are getting looser and our sleeves are getting bigger. The 80s was over the top, and the dresses didn’t miss out on this trick either. Puff-sleeved tops and dresses are here to make a huge comeback this fall and they’re serving some huge ‘Dynasty’ vibes.

The ‘80s revival is taking to some extreme levels with these puffed-out party dresses being transformed into daywear.

What to wear: Time to pull out that sequin or metallic puff-sleeve dress! Elevate your look with some flashy heels or tone it down with sneakers, you can even glam it up by adding a pair of tights.

The bralette under the blazer

The ultimate look for evening cocktails with the girls. Back in 1983, Brooke Shields was already rocking this look. Nowadays it’s hard to remember a time where blazers were only reserved for the business world.

What to wear: Pair the bralette and blazer combo with some comfy satin pants for a ‘lingerie as outwear’ look we are loving this fall.

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