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There’s no better way to make your statement look than rocking some heavy metal pieces of clothing. If you think that men’s heavy metal fashion is all about skulls, spikes and leather, we will make you change your mind.

The best way to understand the heavy metal trend is to look all the way back to when metal music itself was introduced to the world in the 1970s. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin are only some of the great heavy metal bands who are still loved by their fans today.

If you want to feel like a true rock star, here you will find all the heavy metal menswear inspiration you will need. Ready to live your metalhead fantasy?


How to Dress Like a Metal Head

The Right Attitude

There is no such thing like a proper “heavy metal uniform”. This means that you do not need to wear black t-shirts and leather pants every day to be a true metalhead. If you are a well-groomed businessman, you can still embrace your heavy metal soul by wearing a few accessories to make a statement.

The heavy metal fashion refers to a work of art, which is metal music. If you are passionate about it, you can always find your way to live your fantasy.


No heavy metal outfit is complete without the right band t-shirt. Of course, we recommend wearing a t-shirt from a band that you listen to, as other heavy metal fans may start a conversation with you about music. If you want to give your look a more vintage twist, you can find some good, old t-shirts bought at concerts and events at any second-hand shop.

The Jacket

Of course, black leather jackets are the standard if you want to embrace the heavy metal look. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress according to the weather. If it’s too hot for leather clothing, you can rock a denim jacket.

Looking for something even bolder? Then you should invest in a battle jacket, which is a leather or denim jacket with metal band patches sewn onto it. You can just make your own, as you can easily find patches online or at any shop.

Pants and Jeans

Black pants, jeans, camo, or casual khaki pants are usually preferable. You can customise your denim jeans with band patches. If you are going for an 80s metal look, tight-fitting pants will be the best choice. Don’t forget that being comfy is the best way to be fashionable, as you always need to enjoy the clothes you are wearing.


When it comes to shoes, combat or biker boots or skate shoes always look good with any heavy metal look, depending on the weather. Of course, you should prefer dark colours.


Hats and caps aren’t usually associated with the heavy metal culture, but you can still wear one if you wish to. Band hats, camo hats, or in general dark-coloured fabrics are preferable. Try to avoid brightly-coloured hats. Otherwise, you will look like a hip-hop fan.

Studded or spiked belts are some of the accessories that will highlight your look. You can add as many accessories you want to, such as watches, chains, necklaces and piercings.

Heavy Metal Outfits Inspirations

From high-end fashion to online shops, there is plenty of inspiration for your next heavy metal look!

Be the King of Style

If you really want to wear a statement look, then you should buy a cloak. These pieces of clothing are stylish, elegant, functional, and can even be worn with formal outfits. In other words, they are just perfect.

Photo by Les Hommes, 2013 Fall/Winter Collection
Photo by Les Hommes, 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

Denim Jackets Are Your Best Friends

Denim jackets are perfect to create a layered and dynamic effect, especially if you pair them with a total black outfit. Looking for something cool but functional? Hooded jackets will be a perfect choice.

Photo by EMP (This Road Between-seasons Jacket)
Photo by EMP (This Road Between-seasons Jacket)

Not Your Average Boots

You don’t need to wear real leather clothes or shoes to embrace the true heavy metal souls. Nowadays, there are plenty of vegan alternatives. You can still rock a good, old pair of platform boots and express your style with any outfit.

Photo by Dr Martens (Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots)
Photo by Dr Martens (Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots)

Total Black Is Never Boring

If you aren’t a fashionista, you can still rock the perfect heavy metal look with the minimum effort. Just pick a black t-shirt from your favourite band, and a pair of cosy, black trousers, and you will immediately let everyone know that you’re a true metalhead.

Photo by EMP (Rust in Peace Megadeth T-shirt)
Photo by EMP (Rust in Peace Megadeth T-shirt)

Don’t Underestimate Any Details

Even the smallest details can immediately change your whole look. If you want to pursue your heavy metal fantasy, you shouldn’t just pay attention to your t-shirts and pants. Wallets, bags, and belts are only some of the accessories which will complete your outfit.

Photo by EMP (Papa Emeritus III Ghost Wallet)
Photo by EMP (Papa Emeritus III Ghost Wallet)


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Black Isn’t the Only Colour

You can be a heavy metal fan and still express your personality through your look even if you don’t wish to wear total black clothes. Washed out jeans are comfy and cool, and will look amazing if paired with a light-coloured t-shirt or shirt.

Photo by EMP (Black Rebel Johnny Jeans)
Photo by EMP (Black Rebel Johnny Jeans)

Go Sleeveless

Too hot to wear your beloved combat jacket? Then try with a sleeveless shirt! These pieces of clothing are perfect for any occasion, easy to style with any outfit, and can be customised with your favourite band patches.

Photo by Rebels Market (Assassin Sleeveless Stone Washed Worker)
Photo by Rebels Market (Assassin Sleeveless Stone Washed Worker)

Skulls Are Cool

Skulls are always cool. Most importantly, you don’t necessarily have to style them with black clothes. Hoodies are comfy and functional and can be worn with cargo pants or jeans. You can even wear your favourite t-shirts underneath your hoodie.

Photo by Metal-Shop (Killstar Not Grateful Tie Unisex Hoodie)
Photo by Metal-Shop (Killstar Not Grateful Tie Unisex Hoodie)

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