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A black blazer is one of the best style investments you could ever have. From being a fashion staple amongst boating club members, it has evolved into a popular garment that fits both work – and play.

Such style has made the blazer the epitome of the casual chic look – which is all about mixing formal and informal elements. So if want to create multiple looks outside work with your blazer, then make sure to follow these tips below. 


How Do You Dress a Blazer Casually?

While a blazer is more of a formal piece, you can use it to create a casual, laidback look that you can take outside the office. Here are some ways to do so:

Go Graphic

Looking casual is very easy – especially if you wear a graphic shirt with your favorite black blazer. If you’re wondering how you can pull this off, then you simply have to refer to Chloe Grace Moretz’s fashion style. Here, you’ll see the actress looking lovely in her graphic shirt. 

Apart from this informal element, Chloe also wears a pair of trousers with suspenders and lace-up boots. With this hodgepodge of trendy pieces, the movie star has concocted an easy casual look that every girl can readily imitate. 

Hip and Ripped

It is no secret that denim jeans work well with a good black blazer. But if want to create a more unique look, then what you need to do is to follow the styling mantra of model Gigi Hadid. 

Here, the celebrity paired her black blazer with a pair of distressed jeans. To dress it down even further, she wore a graphic shirt (which is another great casual piece) and a cute orange mini bag. While she kept her feet formal with her suede boots, the combination of everything else helped her achieve a nouveau chic look. 

Pop in Crop

Great fashion style runs in the family, just ask model Bella Hadid. Like her sister Gigi, she makes looking casual chic effortlessly easy with her beautiful black blazer.

Bella went the different road by exposing some skin with her black crop top. Worn with flared athletic pants and a pair of rubber shoes, the entire look is the perfect example of a monotone casual-chic style.

Bella’s everything but boring though, as she manages to break the all-black look with her layered jewelry and green & leopard print bag. 

Goodie in a Hoodie

Bundling up is very important, especially during the colder seasons. However, putting on layers shouldn’t make you look frumpy. With a hoodie and black blazer combination – you can get the warmth that you need without forsaking your casual style.

Given the hoodie’s laidback design, it is more than enough to casualize your black blazer. As such, you can opt to wear other formal elements in your outfit – such as a good pair of skinny jeans, a structured bag, and a sexy pair of black heels.

Go Shorty

Since a blazer is reminiscent of everything formal – the best way to casualize it is to wear one of the most informal items in your closet – a pair of short shorts!

Making this mix possible is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who rocks her oversized black blazer with a cami top and belted shorts. Just like the actress-model, you can recreate this look by donning a great pair of shades, layered necklaces, a gorgeous clutch, and a pair of strappy sandals. 

Better with Joggers 

When it comes to the casual chic look, nothing beats Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, undoubtedly the fashion saint of the black blazer. Here, she’s spotted with an Instagram-worthy outfit featuring a sexy crop top and a trendy pair of joggers.

While her black jogger is very athletic, she keeps it sleek by opting for a very simple style. At first look, you wouldn’t even realize that it’s athletic apparel! By doing so, she has created a casual chic look that you could easily wear to the office. 

Be Animalistic

Do you have a few animal-printed garments in your closet? Instead of throwing them away, you should try wearing them with your black blazer.

The blazer’s formal style provides contrast to the casual nature of your animal-printed frock. Just take a look at this model, who rocks her Leopard-printed skirt with a black top and blazer. You can also do this if you have an animal print top. 

Like this gorgeous streetwalker, you can look more casual by completing your look with a pair of white rubber shoes. 

How Do You Style an Oversized Black Blazer? 

Although a well-fitting black blazer is a key piece in any woman’s closet – another garment that’s worth your consideration is an oversized one. You can wear it a variety of ways, just like the ones below:

Put it Over Your Shoulders

Looking for an easy way to glam up your look? Then all you need to do is put your oversized black blazer on top of your shoulders. No, you don’t put your hands in – you’ll wear it the way you do a cape.

This styling trick is not only easy – it’s very effective too. It can upgrade your look almost instantly, whether you’re wearing a business attire or a more casual get-up like that of the model. 

Keep it Sexy

Given its oversized nature, a blazer can cover a great deal of your body. So if you’re looking to create a hint of sexiness, then wear it with a sultry piece such as a bralette. 

Take the cue from Sofia Richie, who wore her oversized black blazer with a lacy bralette. And while it only shows a small piece of skin, it exudes an aura of sexiness without going overboard. With the right styling, you may just be able to take this look to the office. 

Oversize Everything

While oversized blazers are best worn with more fitted items, there’s no stopping you from donning them with other larger pieces. If you’re clueless about how to go with this, just take inspiration from the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski.

Despite having a swimsuit-ready body, the model/actress opted to cover it all with her oversized blazer and pants. And it definitely works as she looks lovely (as usual). Like Emily, you can achieve a casual chic look by wearing this ensemble with a sporty pair of white rubber shoes. 

Belt it

Want to accentuate your hourglass figure in your oversized black blazer? Then what you need to do is cinch it with a belt. Just take a look at this model, who flaunts her skimpy waist with a sleek black belt. 

Like her, you can go all-black with your top, leggings, and boots. But if you want to break the monotony in a chic way, then make sure to throw in something with a pop of color (say, a fuchsia clutch) along the way. 

Play With Different Lengths

If you want to put some emphasis on your black blazer, then make sure to wear it with garments of a shorter length. A mini skirt and turtleneck top combo – such as the one worn by this model – provide easy contrast with your oversized blazer.

While the model’s outfit is geared toward colder seasons, you can make this more summer-friendly by skipping the tights and boots and wearing sandals instead. As for your black blazer, you can fold or roll the sleeves to expose more of your arm. 

Be Sparkly

If you’re looking for something to wear with a formal dress, then make sure to try it with your oversized black blazer. Not only will it keep you warm and comfy, but it can make your outfit look cooler.

An oversized black blazer is all about structure – which easily juxtaposes the ornate feel of your dress. When worn with a chunky pair of boots, this get-up allows you to have a stylish dinner – while giving you the freedom to hit the club afterward. 

How Do You Accessorize With a Black Blazer? 

Although your black blazer is the focal point of your outfit, it needs some support in the form of accessories. Here are some of the best baubles and add-ons to wear with your black blazer:

The Hat’s All That

A cute hat is more than a fashion piece – it’s a protective item as well. It can shield your eyes and face from the sun, which is highly essential during the summer. 

As for the rest of the months, hats continue to play the same role – while elevating your fashion game altogether. It can help complete your black blazer attire, which is what you see on the model. 

While a black or neutral-colored hat is the safest option for this get-up, you can always go for unique prints or vibrant shades. 

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Throw Some Shade

Just like your hat, your sunglasses can shield your eyes from pesky UV rays. And it’s a very stylish way to do so, especially if you’re sporting your favorite black blazer.

Although a pair of black oversized shades is a classic choice, you can always break convention and try more unique styles. This Leopard-inspired pair, for one, adds a bit of wild frenzy – without overpowering the formal flair of your black blazer.

Play by Ear(ring)

They say that life’s too short to wear boring jewelry. Well, this is more than true – especially if you want to embellish your favorite black blazer. 

Just like the model, make it a point to wear a statement earring with your black blazer outfit. It could be a more casual pair – such as this blue beaded earring. But if you want to create a sophisticated, work-appropriate look, then go for gold or silver statement earrings. 

Say it With a Statement Necklace

A statement necklace, as the name suggests, is the piece you need if you want to turn heads. With this, you won’t have to accessorize much further. 

If you want to stick to the formal side, a chain gold necklace like this one is the best way to go. But if you’re looking to create a more rebellious look, then you should go for unique statement necklaces – such as the ones made from beads, colored stones, even feathers! 

Colorful Clutch

When it comes to a casual chic look, nothing beats the flair that a vibrant purse can bring. As seen in this model, a cobalt blue bag helped break the monotony of her black and white outfit. 

To make things even better, you have the freedom to try virtually any color you want with your black blazer outfit. Be it lime green, banana yellow, or sunny orange, these bright shades are sure to add a pop of color to your sleek get-up. 

What Shoes Do You Wear With a Black Blazer? 

Many thanks to its casual-chic style, a black blazer is sure to go well with every type of shoe! We’ve rounded the best ones up and compiled them in this list. 

Fabulous in Black Flats

Say you want to look sophisticated without high heels. Well then, the perfect shoe for this is a pair of black flats. Seen on model Miranda Kerr, this simple pair is something you can take wherever you wish to go.

While you may always go for a plain design like Miranda’s, you can go for a pair with more embellishments. Be it a glaring logo or a patch of Leopard print – your black flat shoes are sure to work well with your black blazer. 

High in Heels

High heels provide a beauty lift – which is why it’s one of the best shoes to wear with your black blazer.

They are particularly perfect if you’re looking to create a sophisticated look. Because even when it’s worn with distressed jeans, these sexy black heels can easily add a hint of elegance. 

Ideal for casual Fridays, high heels can make you look glamorous – even if the rest of your outfit is downright casual. 

Lovely in Loafers

Loafers were created by Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger, the Norwegian shoemaker with which we should all be thankful. If not for him, we wouldn’t have a sleek and versatile pair of slip-on shoes.

Loafers are not only perfect for your formal black blazer ensemble – they work on a more laidback outfit as well. Such is the case with this elegant model, who wore her black blazer with a gray shirt, cropped pants, and loafers. Perfect for both work and play, this shoe is something you’ll love wearing every day. 

Beautiful in Boots

Maybe it’s cold outside. Or maybe you just want to create a sophisticated look. Whatever your reasons might be, you can easily fulfill it with a pair of sexy boots. 

Just like Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, you can go for mid-ankle boots made of luxe suede. You can also opt for a more conventional leather ankle bootie – even a knee-high one. As different boots help create different looks, it wouldn’t hurt to buy every style available!

Wonderful in White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is one of the hottest shoes of today, just ask Irina Shayk. The model and mother of Lea Cooper looks stunning in her pristine pair, which readily contrasts her sleek black blazer. 

To keep the entire look casual chic, Irina went with a distressed top that juxtaposes her sexy pencil skirt. And, with a bright orange Hermes bag in tow, she has created an outfit that’s good for the office – and a night out with friends. 

Comfy in Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors are not only for casual get-ups – they’re for blazer-centered outfits too! Case in point: this model rocking a mix of formal and informal elements.

She wears her sleek black blazer with a more playful Leopard-print maxi dress. And yes – there are the iconic Chucks – such casual pieces that blend well with her more formal bag. With this right balance of structured and playful items, the model has created a look that’s perfect for all seasons. 

It’s a Colorful World

If you’re a person who likes to add a splash of color to your outfits, then this is the advice that you need to heed. Just like the model, you can go outside in a vibrant pair of shoes.

Red is an easy choice, though you can always go for other livelier colors. Yellow, fuchsia pink, orange, or neon green are good examples. However, if you’re looking for a ‘tamer’ splash, then pastel blue, baby pink, or burnt orange are excellent considerations for your shoes. 

Pedal to the Metal

Looking to dazzle, sparkle, and shine in your black blazer? Then what you need is a pair of metallic shoes. Be it silver – or gold, just like the model – these metallic shades are sure to draw eyes to your feet.

When it comes to accessorizing, make sure to wear jewelry in the shade of your metallic shoes. For example, if you prefer gold shoes just like this model, then you should keep your baubles in the same tone. 

A black blazer is a must-have for every woman’s closet. With the style tips above, you can wear it casually – or whatever way you want! 

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