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In the world of fashion, aesthetics refers to a style that champions a certain look. From the Parisian outfit to the Maximalist groove, the right style can help you channel the trends you love.

When it comes to aesthetics, one of the most popular (if not timeless) styles is that of summer. As the name suggests, it’s all taking inspiration from beach attires, vacation garb, and more. So if you want to look scorching even if it’s a little bit cold outside, then make sure to follow these tips on perfecting the summer fashion aesthetic.


How Do I Make My Clothes Look Aesthetic?

Achieving a summer flair does not necessarily mean sporting sundresses, crop tops, and skirts (though they’re integral parts of it). In fact, you can make your simple clothes look more aesthetic by imitating these styles:

Knot a Bad Thing

A crop top is one of the most important pieces for the summer aesthetic. And if you don’t have one, you don’t necessarily have to go shopping RN. You can rework your tops to get this popular style. Remember: it’s all about tying the ends in a knot!

While it’s effortless to do this with a button-down shirt (all you need to do is leave the last 3 buttons undone), you can also try this look on your basic tees. A knot in the middle – or on the side – is all you need to make your outfits look edgy.

It’s All in the Belt

Summer dresses are light and airy, but they can make you look frumpy if you don’t style them correctly. So if you want to accentuate your curves without showing a lot of skin, then make sure to wear a belt on top of your dress (or any other summer garb).

While using a statement belt is the way to go, you can always opt for classic and simple belts. That way, it won’t end up clashing with your printed summer frock.

Huff and Cuff (or Roll)

While jeans are timeless pieces, they can make you swelter during particularly hot days. To avoid this – and still maintain your summer aesthetic – try to cuff or roll your jeans. It can be small, repeated cuffs – or a big one (like that of our model). Not only will this help keep you cool (your ankles at the very least), it’s also a fashionable way to make your long pants more suitable (Petite ladies, this one’s for you!)

The More, the Merrier

This adage applies to a lot of things – your rings included! While a small, delicate ring – or one with an outrageously big stone – is good, you can take things up a notch by stacking them.

If it’s your first time to do so, remember to start with the minimalistic classics. As you proceed, work on the vintage pieces first before proceeding with the more flamboyant designs. Soon, you’ll be able to perfect the art of stacking like a fashion pro!

Beautiful in a Bandana

When it comes to the summer aesthetic, less is sometimes more. However, if you want to look ultra-stylish, then you need to go all-out on your accessories.

One of the best (and most functional) items to complete this look is a bandana. You can place it around the neck to catch those beads of sweat – or wrap it around your hair to keep your strands back. You can even put it around your wrist for a bracelet-come-armband. And, if you have a really big bandana, you might even use it as a tube top.

What are the Best Clothes to Wear in Summer?

With summer temps reaching upwards of 90 degrees, it is a must to dress appropriately for the weather. Lest you want to suffer from heat exhaustion, it’ll be good if you craft your outfits around these summer-worthy wears:

Summer (dress) Sunshine

Of course, summer would not be complete without your favorite dress! Perfect for out-of-town trips and beach romps, this frock is sure to give you a summer style – even if it’s still spring.

While a summer dress is chic enough on its own, it deserves some styling too! For one, don’t forget to wear your favorite accessories – just like Emily Ratajkowski. Big hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and bangles – the whole shebang!

For a casual flair, go and wear your dress with your favorite pair of sneakers. But if you’re after a more sophisticated look, then make sure to pair your dress with a sexy pair of heels.

Say Goodbye to Sleeves (for Now)

This summer, you’d want to be the freshest little daisy you could be. One of the best ways to do so is to nix sleeved items – at least for now. That means opting for tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps – you know the drill.

They’re easy to wear with anything, so you don’t have to worry much about your entire outfit. By wearing sleeveless tops, you’ll be able to keep yourself cool – physically and aesthetically.

Let it Loose

If you dislike sleeveless tops, you can still wear sleeves this summer – as long as it’s loose. Going for tighter sleeves is not an option this summer as these may give you pit stains during a hot day.

Just like sleeveless tops, off-shoulder or puff-sleeved blouses will keep you refreshed – even if your arms are a wee bit covered. They’re very aesthetic too, which means you can easily pair them with your favorite shorts or skirt.

Flaunt Your Abs

Summer is perhaps the best time to show your midsection – whether it’s toned or not. And to do so, all you need to wear is your favorite crop top. With this cute piece, you’re sure to feel refreshed – even if it’s sweltering hot outside.

As with most summer aesthetic clothes, crop tops go well with almost anything. Be it shorts, skirts, or a loose pair of pants, you’re sure to look chic in your crop top combo.

Oversize it!

The summer aesthetic is all about “the looser, the better”. That’s because tight clothes adhere to the skin, thus making you feel sweatier.

So if you’re looking for a laidback alternative to sleeveless tops and crop tops, then your best choice is an oversized top. What’s great about this fad is that you don’t have to buy one in the store (or online). You can always raid your father or brother’s closet to get a men’s sized tee – just like Gigi Hadid.


Yoga tops, biker shorts, and leggings are not just for the gym – they’re for fashionable strutting too. Just like Emily Ratajkowski, you can transform your athleisure garb into the epitome of summer fashion.

While it’s best to keep your athleisure garb simple, it wouldn’t hurt to throw some accessories into the mix. Put your favorite statement earrings on – as well as a pair of trendy shades – and you’re sure to achieve Emily’s sultry yet athletic look.

Eye(let) of the Tiger

Keeping cool this summer goes beyond sleeveless/crop tops, wide-legged pants, and pieces made with breathable fabrics. If you want to experiment with textures, then opt for a stylish eyelet outfit. There are so many options to choose from, as eyelet attires come in the form of tops, dresses, and skirts.

As with most summer aesthetic outfits, it’s great to keep your eyelet outfit simple. For an elegant look, pair it with classic accessories – such as oversized shades, a gold watch, and a classic pair of ballet flats. If you wish to achieve a unique look ala Olivia Palermo, you can use your chiffon button-down top as an additional layer.

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Sashay in a Skirt

Just like the summer dress, a skirt is a garment that is somehow synonymous with summer. That’s because it’s all about exposing some skin – and keeping fresh along the way.

With the summer aesthetic, you can basically try any type of skirt. Mini, knee-length, midi, or maxi – it’s all up to you. It’s just a matter of choosing looser skirts especially if you’re going for maxi length. And, should you go for a bodycon style, make sure to pick one that’s made with breathable fabric.

The Wider, the Better

If your favorite skinny or cigarette pants make you sweat a lot during summer, then make the temporary switch with wide-legged pants. With this, you still get full leg coverage – without getting soaked in sweat.

A great thing about wide-legged pants is that it’s not just for vacation inspiration. You can also rock this in the office by pairing it with a tailored top or a button-down polo. Truly versatile, you can continue to sport this aesthetic even if summer is over.

Play by Ear(rings)

It’s fun to accessorize, but they can be cumbersome when it’s hot outside. This is particularly true with some necklaces, which can stick to your skin because of the immense heat.

To add some flair to your summer aesthetic outfit (minus the irritation), wear your statement earrings instead. For best results, pick a color that pops – quite literally! Since they’re very elaborate, they can make you stand out – even if you’re wearing a fairly simple attire.

Sexy in Strappy Sandals

Shoes and boots are good, but they can make your feet sweat a lot this summer. To prevent this from happening, use your strappy sandals in the meantime.

Summer sandals are fairly comfortable, mostly because they’re flat. Tying the laces may be a little troublesome (especially if it’s in gladiator-style), but they’re well worth the effort. And because they’re very ornate, you don’t have to worry much about your accessories.

PS: If you’re going for a glamorous look, go for high-heeled strappy sandals instead.

What is the Best Color to Wear in Hot Weather?

For scorching hot weather, the best colors are well within the light range. Not only do they look airy, but they feel fresher too because they reflect (and not absorb) the sun’s UV rays.

Although there are many options out there, the best summer colors for the year 2021 are these:

White is Right

A summer aesthetic will not be complete without this immaculate color. It’s crisp and clean, which can make you feel (and look) cool all at the same time.

While white clothes can be worn with basically everything, it’s good to cop a monochromatic look. Take this all-white inspo from model Kendall Jenner, who’s sporting all of the hottest summer trends – cropped top, wide-legged pants, and a cute pair of sandals.

Blush in Pink

Blush pink is a soft shade that many ladies love. While it’s often seen during spring or Easter, it has become one of the best colors for a summer aesthetic look.

Whether you go for a strapless dress or a blush pink ensemble, you won’t be limited by the usual styling options. But if you want a laidback, ‘I’m going to the beach’ look, then make sure to wear this with one of the most famous summer staples: the iconic bandana.

And It Was All Yellow

Yellow has perhaps earned the reputation of being a complementary color for warm, autumn shades. But now, models such as Gigi Hadid have shown that it’s perfect for a summer aesthetic as well.

While you can go all yellow like the mother of the adorable Khai Malik, you can always mix your golden hues with shades of white, pink, green, or orange. That way, you’ll get a tropical look that’s very reminiscent of summer.

Orange You Glad?

If you’re looking for a vibrant hue for your summer aesthetic, know that you can’t go wrong with orange. You do, however, need to be careful with the styling – or you might end up like a pumpkin!

For a sophisticated, office-worthy look, keep it simple. Just like stylist Annina Mislin, it’s all about playing with textures. She does so perfectly by donning a knit blouse and an airy, chiffon skirt. There’s no need for a lot of accessorizing as well, as she effortlessly completes her look with a small bucket bag and a pair of suede kitten heels.

The summer aesthetic continues to be famous because it’s casual and laidback – though it proves to be very versatile as well. As long as you style it according to the tips above, you’re sure to perfect this hot style the way models and Instagram influencers do.

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