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Fall is coming, and there is no better way to welcome it than having your wardrobe ready to transition into this new season.

One of the most iconic pieces for fall is long dresses. They are flowy and can easily be the starting point to create a fashionable and comfortable outfit for every day and every occasion. You definitely don’t want to miss this trend!

Maxi dresses are now popular among tall as well as petite girls. They were initially considered evening pieces, but nowadays they have been promoted to daytime fashion. This means that there are even more outfits you can experiment with your favourite long dress!

If you want to learn how to style your favourite long dresses here you will find plenty of inspiration. Let’s find out more.


How do you style a dress?

Each dress has its unique style, which can be enhanced even more with the right accessories. Depending on the circumstances, you can style your dress with some combat boots or a pair of heeled sandals. Don’t forget to choose an appropriate bag, a blazer or a jacket, and some pieces of jewellery.

How do you dress a boring dress?

The first thing to do to make a boring dress less dull is to enrich it with luxury accessories. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. You can still get an excellent result by playing with classic fabrics, such as velvet or wool. Add a blazer or jacket and you’ll be ready to go!

How can I make my black dress stand out?

There are many ways you can reinvent your favourite black dress. For example, you can rock it with come contrasting shoes in bright white, or add a big and sparkly brooch. You should also try it with a patterned blazer, or a matching waist belt.

How do you spice up a plain dress?

No dress is plain once you style it with the perfect accessories. Brooches, ties, hats, belts and waist belts, gloves and long necklaces are only a few of the many accessories you can play with to create every day a different look with the same dress. Fashion is never plain if you know how to play!

How to Find the Perfect Long Dress Based on Your Body Shape

Every body is different, and only the best type of dress can enhance its shapes. To achieve the best results when creating your outfit, try to follow these guidelines:

  • If you want to highlight your curves, you should go for an A-line dress;
  • To conceal a big bust nothing works better than a capped-sleeve maxi dress;
  • Strapless column maxi dresses work perfectly with hourglasses-type figures;
  • To downplay a large bust, you can try with a waistline-cinching piece with lots of accessories;
  • Curvy girls can use empire-shaped dresses for a more elongated silhouette.

Finding the Perfect Dress Length

Of course, there is a wide range of long and maxi dresses you can choose from. From foot skimming to floor-skimming, when it comes to fashion the sky’s the limit! However, you must be careful and make sure you only wear the pieces which enhance your body and make you feel comfortable. To help you with this choice, we have listed a few, essential, guidelines:

  • Ideally, the longer length you should opt for is the one that touches the top of your toes. Longer dresses can be hard to style and to manage, and they may also look outdated.
  • Only the pieces which hit at least your ankles can be considered as long dresses. Shorter pieces are usually known as midi dresses.
  • Before you spend a whole day out with your new dress, we recommend giving it a test run. For example, you can walk around in it in your home for a few minutes to see how easy it is to move without stepping on your toes.
  • Always try and buy the best quality dress you can afford. This is the only way to find a piece which will last for a long time and can be paired with several outfits. Materials such as cotton and silk may be costly, but they will surely become your new fashion allies.
  • On the other hand, avoid breaking the bank. If you have never worn a long dress and you don’t know if and how they suit you, start with one piece and play with different styles before changing your whole wardrobe.
  • Don’t forget that, with the right long dress, you can use all the pieces you already have to create a lot of outfits to be the most glamorous star of this fall’s fashion!

Long Dress, Long Cardigan

Long pieces of clothing are the best when it comes to keeping yourself all warm and cosy. However, you should follow these tips to avoid to make your look too bulky:

  • Play with different lengths. Layer a long cardigan over your dress.
  • The cardigan should be in a different or contrasting colour.
  • Avoid any other piece of accessories.

Total Black

Total black is a timeless classic, even in fall. Long black dresses are underestimated but they are, in fact, a very interesting piece. To rock your black dress:

  • Add a black bag, which shouldn’t be too big.
  • Wear your favourite combat boots, especially if embellished with chains or pearls.
  • Want to feel like a true rocker? Don’t forget your leather jacket!

Big Bags

Although your long dress will always be your outfit’s statement piece, you can make the whole look even bolder with a big or hobo bag. Just a few words of advice:

  • Choose a bright coloured bag.
  • Avoid backpacks, as they will just blend in the look without adding the touch of style you are looking for.

Long Coats

Long coats are very warm pieces which are a must-have in your fall and winter wardrobes. They can be a cool addition to your long dress outfit but you should pay attention to the following:

  • The coat shouldn’t be longer than your dress.
  • Prefer light shades, as they will add a touch of colour to your outfit.
  • Wear white or nude shoes, to balance the look’s colour palette.

Ruffle Sleeves

When wearing a long dress, it is essential to keep your look contemporary and dynamic. For example, you can opt for a ruffle sleeved dress, which will emphasise your shoulder.

  • Avoid this style if you have a large bust.
  • This is a perfect style if you want to make your waist look thinner.

Waist Belts

The only problem with long dresses is that they may not be enough to highlight your silhouette. However, you can easily fix this issue by wearing a waist belt. Choose an accessory which colour matches that of your dress and, ideally, match it with your shoes and bag.

Black Blazer

If the weather is still warm enough, you can wear a black blazer as your outwear. This will give your look a more elegant and contemporary twist!

  • Avoid cropped blazer.
  • Make sure your long dress is not oversized or too bulky, as you will need enough room for your movements once you wear the blazer.
  • Play with different colours if you want to experiment with more looks.

High-Knee Boots

Of course, long dresses cover your legs. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be playing with your favourite footwear! Wear a pair of high-knee boots to elongate your silhouette and keep your legs warm. You can either match your outfit colour palette or try several combinations of different shades.

Don’t Forget Your Hat!

The right hat can immediately give your outfit a completely different vibe. For example, a fedora hat will make your look more summery, but you will still be able to play with your favourite fall’s shades, such as brown and yellow.

  • Add a pair of matching high-knee boots to keep your legs warm.
  • Don’t forget a leather or suede waist belt and a cool handbag.

Contrasting Shades

Petite girls can make their silhouette look taller if they wear a long dress in a white or light shade. However, don’t forget to add a bag or other accessories in contrasting colours to make them look more dynamic and versatile. Curvy girls can still play with several light shaded dresses, although white isn’t usually recommended.

Floral Dresses

Who said that floral dresses should only be worn in summer and spring? These pieces are very girly and versatile, so you should bring them with you when transitioning to your fall wardrobe.

  • Add other floral accessories, such as your bag or a piece of jewel.
  • Play with colourful footwear to enhance your summery vibes!

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