The eighties were a turbulent and ever- changing time in the fashion world. By the late eighties new and unique styles and trends were starting to rise to prominence in fashion scenes around the world.

Although many late eighties styles drew inspirations from the trendy looks and styles that rose to prominence earlier in the decade, including the use of bright colours and bold looks, the styles of the late eighties were ones that put their own unique spin on iconic looks, reflected a changing world and embraced the true, fun-loving spirit that embodied the late eighties.

The Mini Skirt Style

Although the mini skirt rose to prominence in the mid-eighties world of fashion, its place was thoroughly cemented in the late eighties fashion scene. The knee length skirts of the early eighties were well truly forgotten as the mini skirt became the only skirt to have.

Madonna rocked this look in the 80s and when styled with some chunky boots, fish nets, a crop top and a leather jacket, this is a trendy 80s inspired outfit.

Shoes that Make a Statement

Every fashion expert of the late eighties knew that shoes should make their own statement. Shoes in bright colours with thin, skinny heels were what was popular in the late eighties fashion world.

While stars like Jane Fonda rocked red heeled boots in the 80s, this style still maintains its prominence today with famous faces such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham stepping out in some stylish, late-eighties inspired brightly coloured heels.

Brilliant Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves were a popular choice in the late 80s and were a particularly favourite of Lady Diana Spencer. If you are wanting to emulate some of these 80s royal vibes, a top with balloon sleeves goes great with a pair of skinny jeans for a more modern twist or style with some straight leg trousers to really embrace the 80s vibes.

Fashionable Faux Fur

Continuing the trend from the early eighties, faux fur was found in every late eighties fashionistas wardrobe. A faux fur coat added an element of sophistication and luxury to any look and worked great when styled over a satin dress for an evening look or could be worn with stylish jeans for a more casual outfit.

While Vanessa Williams rocked the faux fur coat it in the 80s, it is still popular today, faux fur coats are a favourite of stars such as Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller.

Brilliant Beaded Necklaces

Having thoroughly moved away from the minimalism jewellery vibes of the early eighties, colourful, chunky, beaded necklaces were a staple accessory in any fashionable late eighties wardrobe.

These were a fun way to embrace the spirit of the late eighties and inject some colour into an outfit. Back in the 80s Cyndi Lauper was a particular fan of the chunky bead look.

Don’t Forget the Tights

As mini skirts were all the rage in the late eighties, it is only natural that tights were also soaring to new levels of popularity. As any late eighties fashionista will tell you, the best tights are opaque and brightly coloured.

In the 80s Cyndi Lauper was a fan of the coloured tights, wearing them with eclectic dresses and corset style belts. This style of tights emulates a trendy late eighties vibe when styled under a mini skirt and looks great paired with combat boots for a modern twist.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

If there is one thing that eighties fashion is iconic for being, it is bold. Fashion stars of the eighties weren’t afraid to experiment with over the top looks, and excessive use of accessories fitted right into this ideal.

Style any late eighties look with the use of accessories like colourful rimmed sunglasses or chunky neon earrings to inject some late eighties vibes into any outfit. Queen of 80s fashion Madonna, could often be seen in chunky earrings and multitudes of bracelets.

The Stylish Sweater Dress

A natural step from the mid-eighties style of oversized sweaters, the sweater dress rose to prominence in the late eighties fashion scene. Still a chic style that fits right into the fashion world today, try styling a sweater dress over tights and with heeled boots for an effortlessly chic style.

This look was popular in the 80s with film star Julia Roberts while remaining popular today in the celebrity community with stars like Bella Hadid and Ashley Tisdale embracing this look.

Accentuate the Waist

Before the rise of the 90s hip huggers, the late 80s was all about accentuating the waste. High waste jeans were all the rage, often worn by stars like singing sensation Tina Turner. This style looks particularly good when styled with drop earring and a white vest top.

The Taffeta Trend

In the late eighties formal dresses were more often than not made of taffeta. This unique material gives a great shine to an outfit while providing a more fashionably understated vibe than a satin dress.

While Olivia Newton John wore a taffeta skirt to a red carpet event in the 80s modern stars like Jennifer Lawrence have embraced taffeta for red carpet outfits.


When incorporating a late-eighties themed style into your wardrobe, be creative, start off with modern 80s inspired trend and try a sweater dress or style some colourful tights with a mini skirt, be inspired by the balloon sleeves of Lady Diana Spencer or experiment with accessories like some colourful rimmed sunglasses.

The most important thing about any late eighties look is to embrace and celebrate what makes you, you. So be creative, have some fun and channel those late eighties vibes in your next outfit.

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