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The timeless classic that every women has to see at least once in life… that’s right its Mystic Pizza.

I mean we have all be there in life when we just need a good pick me up movie to feel good. If its laughter, emotions and a good story line this is an absolute must see!

Not to mention the style that is still in fashion today and trending right now!


Bedroom look…

Okay as promised here is the bedroom look. It’s a timeless look that we can all pull off. I mean just simply pull over your other half’s shirt, loosen the hair and light lipstick…job done.. right?

As recommended below a nice loose baggy shirt is all you really need.

Sheep Skin Coat…

The classic sheep skin coat from Mystic Pizza when she is at the house and things get heated from that moment onwards.

As recommended below either coat is great for those cold winters to keep you warm.


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Sexy Smart Wool Jumper and Black Skirt…

This is an iconic look from Mystic Pizza when Julie completely wow’s everyone with her pool skills. I mean common do you remember how she doesn’t miss a singe shot!!

As recommended below you need the classic red jumper, golf skirt and belt to complete the look.

Sweet Pink Turtleneck Jumper…

We can clearly see Julie is questioning life and what she wants from it. Its a fantastic moment in the film, when three friends just think where will they be in years to come.

As recommended below both jumpers give you that cute sexy smart look, when you are thinking about your life and keeping you warm at the same time. It’s a must have!

Dinner with the possible In Laws…

Right now attending dinner and meeting the parents of your boyfriend or the guy you are causally seeing for the first time can be a little daunting for anyone..right? So its crucial to get the perfect look.

As recommended below black off the shoulder dress, black heels and sparkly earrings are a must to impress.

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May is totally crazy about the 80s and everything the decade inspired! Having grown up in a household that was totally taken over by 80s music and fashion its only natural that May lives and breathes the 80s!

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