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We often see turtleneck sweaters and pullovers under many pieces of clothing, such as flannel shirts, other sweaters, jackets and, of course, dresses.

With the perfect turtleneck or pullover, you can completely change the overall look of your dress. For example, you can make it look chic or more contemporary, and play with different styles until you find the one that suits you best. You might even find a completely new fashion path for your wardrobe!

Turtlenecks are cosy yet functional and chic garments which have lately become particularly popular. Their versatility makes them the perfect transition piece in fall and winter, but they can be rocked in several situations.

Keep reading our suggestions if you want to learn more. Here, you will find plenty of ideas on how to layer your turtleneck or pullover over or under a dress. Ready to play with all the pieces in your wardrobe?


What do I layer a turtleneck with?

One of the best things about turtlenecks is that they can be styled with many other garments. For example, for your daily office wear, you can layer a simple blazer over your turtleneck. You can also use a nice coat or a more sporty jacket, depending on the circumstances.

How do you layer a turtleneck?

The easiest way to layer a turtleneck is to pick a piece which isn’t too bulky. This will help you shape your silhouette better, and give you enough space for all your movements. Make sure to avoid pieces which are also too tight. You should aim for a natural effect.

How do you layer a sleeveless turtleneck?

You can think of your sleeveless turtleneck as a smarter t-shirt or undershirt. This means that it can be used as a layering piece for any outfit, and you can build your look over it based on your preference. For example, you can try with a blazer or a crewneck sweater.

How do you layer a white turtleneck?

White turtlenecks can be layered over some black leather skinny pants to create a polished look. On the other hand, you can add some combat boots for a more casual and rock outfit. If you want to achieve a more romantic outfit, you can use some blue skinny jeans.

Can you wear a turtleneck with a cardigan?

For some preppy vibes, you can wear a turtleneck with a cardigan. This will make you look smart and stylish, and you can rock this outfit for a stroll at the park as well as for a day at the office. This is a very smart getup but make sure to match the proper colours.

What do you wear over a white turtleneck?

You can wear your white turtleneck with a black skirt and a dark coat. You can also play with different shades of brown, to create a no-fail fall combination. Just make sure to avoid the bulky effect, as you don’t want to layer over too many pieces.

How tight should a turtleneck be?

Turtlenecks are supposed to slim fit and reach just below your waist. The majority of pieces now available can fit quite long, especially if you are a petite girl. Oversized options are rarely available since you are supposed to layer your turtleneck underneath other clothes.

What Is A Turtleneck?

Turtlenecks are sweaters with a high rolled collar, which is turned down to cover part of your neck. Usually, these pieces are very slim fitting in the body and are particularly cosy. They can be worn on their own, or layered over a dress based on the weather and your personal preferences.

Because of their fitting, turtleneck sweaters should never be worn over undersized or chunky pieces, as you would have very little room for movement. However, they look great when styled underneath dresses or other clothes.

When shopping for a turtleneck, you might meet the so-called mock neck, which is its “cousin”. This top also covers your neck, but it isn’t folded over. Both pieces are characterised by their texture, which is usually ribbed or solid knit, or a combination of both.

Choosing the best turtleneck for your body shape is essential to enhance your silhouette and create your favourite styles. Not all turtlenecks or pullovers can be layered over other pieces, so the best thing to do is trying different combinations until you find the best ones.

Match Your Accessories

Looking for a contemporary and dynamic look, which is perfect for autumn?

  • Wear a patterned, bright maxi dress.
  • Match your sweater with your hat and your bag.
  • Introduce yet another shade with a cool pair of heeled ankle boots.

Are turtlenecks still in style?

Turtlenecks are some of the most functional pieces of fashion, the go-to garments for many situations. For this reason, not only turtlenecks are still in style, but they are most likely to be fashionable and trendy for a long future. Ready to add them to your wardrobe?

Summery Flower Dresses

The cold season is coming but you are not ready to say goodbye to your favourite summer dress? Try this look!

  • Match your mini flower dress with a lightweight sweater.
  • If possible, avoid leggings or thighs.
  • Add a small bag and your favourite accessories to make the outfit complete.

Change Your Silhouette

When layering several pieces, it is easy to change your silhouette to highlight certain areas and conceal the curves you don’t like. For example:

  • Wear a pencil dress to conceal a large bust.
  • Wear an oversized sweater over your dress to highlight the top part of your body.
  • Mix and match different silhouettes to get your desired results.

Sweater or Cardigan?

Cardigans and sweaters can be used as lightweight outerwear to be layered over your dress if the weather is warm enough. We recommend playing with contrasting colours and lengths to create an interesting and modern effect. Add a medium or bulky bag, and keep all the other accessories simple.

Mix & Match Light Shades

The best thing about layering a sweater over or under a dress is that you can mix different shades. For example, for a romantic yet contemporary look, you can play with nude colours, such as white and pink. Our recommendations:

  • Add a few black accessories, like a bag or some sunglasses.
  • When it comes to shoes, white sneakers are perfect to give the outfit a less formal twist.

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Blue is Cute and Modern

We surely all have at least a few blue pieces in our wardrobe. Layering them to create new looks can be a good idea to rediscover some sweaters and dresses that you didn’t even remember to have.

Blue is usually a cute yet modern colour, meaning that your possibilities to create different outfits are basically infinite. Try to experiment with different shades of blue, and wear matching shoes and accessories.

Upgrade Your Office Wear

Ready for a new twist in your office wear?

  1. Layer a monochromatic turtleneck sweater under your dress.
  2. The dress should be in a matching colour and a lighter shade than your sweater.

Rock Your Animalier Dress!

Animalier prints are timeless and they can be matched with any outfit. For example, to layer your animalier dress underneath a cosy sweater:

  • Rock a midi animalier dress in a light shade.
  • Pair it with a comfy and overdressed turtleneck sweater or pullover.
  • Add your favourite ankle boots.

Total White is Always Glamorous

Total white is always one of the most glamorous choices when it comes to finding your colour palette. Our favourite total white combination:

  • A long, textured white dress
  • A chunky sweater in another shade of nude
  • A thing leather waist belt, to highlight your curves
  • A black bag, for a touch of colour

Embrace Your Romantic Style

Pink is one of the most romantic colours. You can wear a pink dress and layer it underneath a nude or light brown sweater, to get the perfect autumn-inspired outfit.

  • Add a pair of loafers for the ultimate office wear look
  • Or a cute backpack for an afternoon of shopping with your friends

Bright Pullovers to Highlight Your Smile

If your dress is too light or if you are just looking for a way to make it more colourful and modern, you should definitely try styling it with a bright-coloured pullover.

  • Blue, mustard yellow and red are usually the best colours as they are pretty versatile
  • Match either your pullover or dress with your shoes

Rock Your Short Dress

Winter may be coming, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time to hide your favourite short dress in the wardrobe.

  • Layer a chunky and cosy turtleneck sweater over a short dress.
  • Light shades usually work better as they give you more room for matching other accessories.
  • Wear some over the knee boots to keep your legs warm.

Oversized Pullovers

Petite girls should definitely try oversized pullovers. These very cute pieces can be worn on their own, or layered over a short or midi dress for a chic and romantic look.

This is the best way to make any dress immediately more wintery and ready for any occasion, as you can use any style of pullovers.

Dotted Dresses

Dotted patterned dresses are cute and funny. Besides, they can be worn on any occasion, including the most formal ones. This is how to create a cool look:

  • Wear your favourite mini or mini dotted dress. Ideally, you should opt for a dark shade.
  • Match it with a cosy black pullover and a small bag.
  • Wear your sneaker or, if you prefer, a pair of matching boots.

Pink and White Combination

Pink and white are two colours that always work wonderfully together. You can enhance their contrast even more with a knitwear sweater and a midi or mini dress. Based on how patterned these two pieces are, match your favourite accessories.

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