Summer is almost here so you know what that means – time for sundresses, shorts, and other skimpy clothing!

While you can easily wear these garments outside work, it’s a different matter when it comes to office fashion. Although this is the case, you can still incorporate the elements of summer with these stylish outfits to wear in the office. 

What to Wear in the Office This Summer

Here are some playful yet tasteful outfits you could sport this summer in the office: 

Play With Summer Colors

Summer is all about bright, vibrant shades. That said, the best way to create this season’s office look is to make use of these hues.

Imbibing the summer vibe is this model, who incorporated yellow and baby blue into her wardrobe. She didn’t go all out though, which is good if your office requires traditional business garb. 

Although her coat remained neutral, her yellow pants and baby blue clutch and sandals added some summery pops of color. 

Tip: You can trade the sandals for colored shoes if your workplace follows the ‘closed shoes’ policy. 

Be a Maven in Monochrome

A monochrome business outfit doesn’t always have to be boring. Opting for summer colors, as mentioned above, is a great way to achieve a chic monotone look right at the office. 

The best example for such is this model, who wore an all-lilac ensemble. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, going monotone is not as boring as one would expect. It’s all about playing with different hues and textures. The rough nature of her sweater, for example, is set against the flowy nature of her feminine skirt and the luxe feel of her satin sandals. Complimented by her lilac shades and bag, she has created a dainty office look that’s perfect for summer – and spring as well. 

Embody Summer

As mentioned, summer is all about bright colors and prints. So if you want to encapsulate this season right in your office wardrobe, then you should wear something that represents it.

If you’re clueless as to how to proceed, then you should take directions from the very posh Victoria Beckham. Here, she rocks an orange tie-dye ensemble – which is more than perfect for a beach vacation. 

Like her, you can transform this summery garb into an office-worthy outfit by wearing a sleek pair of high heels. And, should the situation call for it, you can always throw on a fitted blazer for a more sophisticated feel. 

Light and Airy

While fitted button-down tops and sweaters help enhance your figure, they can make you sweaty during a hot summer day. To prevent this from happening, you should pick a light and airy top such as this one. With its loose design, it promotes some ventilation – so you don’t have to suffer in heat at your cubicle. 

Although you are free to go with any color, picking lighter shades such as this one is the best way to go. They don’t absorb as much light (or heat), so they’re sure to keep you refreshed even if it’s sweltering hot outside. 

Show Your Shoulders

Off-shoulder tops are not only for the beach – they’re good enough for the office as well. As long as you pick a work-worthy design – such as that of the model – then you can easily rock it at work.

Just like light and airy tops, off-shoulder blouses help provide ventilation during hot summer days. And while they may be sexier than the usual business attire, one that bears some arm coverage can help balance the look. 

Although neutral colors are good options for your work outfit – you should make it a point to play with vibrant summer colors just like the model! 

Go Print-on-Print

One of the easiest ways to create a playful office wardrobe is to go for prints. But if you want to look entirely unique, then you should replicate this model’s style of wearing a print-on-print ensemble. 

The key to achieving this tasteful look is to use prints that use one color palette. As for the model, she chose the neutral unifying shade of brown.

Another way to pull this off is to mix big prints with small ones. As you’ll see, the model successfully does so with her large animal printed top and ditsy dotted pants. 

Unleash Your Wild Side

Speaking of prints, you should try and traverse the wild side – at least during this summer. With an animal-print dress like this one, you can look impeccable at the office – and any after-hour party. 

What’s good about a printed dress is that you don’t have to worry much about accessorizing. You can wear it alone – or embellish it with a pastel pink coat just like this one. You can even achieve a sultry look with a sexy pair of sandals – or complete the athleisure look with sneakers. Whatever your choice might be, you’re sure to look and feel good in your animalistic outfit. 

Choose a Unique Suit

A pinstripe business suit is one of the best sets you could ever have. It’s timeless and fits you well (as long as it’s tailored). 

However, it can be visually tiring to wear the usual black or navy prints daily. As such, it’s time to consider a unique color palette – especially during this summer.

Just like the model, you can opt for a different type of pantsuit – which is pinstriped green in her case. With her blouse and shoes in complimenting green colors – she achieved a monotone look that’s smart yet summer-friendly. 

Suit Up Without the Sleeves

Suits are almost always synonymous with long-sleeved blazers. But this summer, this tyle proves to be something very uncomfortable to wear. 

You could, however, maintain the formal look of a suit with a sleeveless one. Just like the model, you can go for a coordinated look. 

What’s great about this piece is that it allows you to create different styles easily. Depending on your mood, you could pair your sleeveless suit with cropped trousers, a pencil skirt, or a flowy maxi skirt. 

Wear Your Blazer a Different Way

A blazer is a must-have for your office wardrobe. But this summer, it’s time to style it the funky way.

Like the model, you can wear it as your top rather than your outerwear. This essentially cuts down the layers you need to wear underneath – which is good if it’s too hot outside.

True to summer, you need to pick a unique blazer color. A powder blue blazer – such as this one – is guaranteed to make your outfit bright and cheery. 

To the Max(i)

You don’t have to buy new office clothes this summer. In fact, you can use existing pieces in your closet to create a unique yet comfy attire.

One item you should consider is your maxi skirt. For one, it’s sure to be work-approved since it provides ample coverage. It’s fashionable and outright comfy – which are the 2 things you need at the office right now.

Like the model, you can pair this beautiful bottom with a simple tee and a brightly colored coat. You don’t have to worry much about accessories, especially if you decide to go for a printed frock such as this one. 

Sheer Perfection

Sheer garments have the perfect mix of sexiness and decency. While they give some skin peekaboo, they provide some coverage as well. As such, wearing something sheer may be the best solution to your summer fashion woes.

Your attempt does not need to be as daring as the model though, as you can always start with blouses that have some sheer patches here and there. And – should your boss permit – you can go bolder with a sheer back or something like the model’s sheer pants. 

Cropped Pants Instead of Long Trousers

Length matters – especially when it’s summertime at the office. Whereas long trousers work well during the nippier seasons, they can be a boon during a hot summer day.

That said, you can look respectable without breaking the dress code policy by swapping your trousers for cropped pants. Although they only show a few inches from your ankles, a straight-legged pant such as this gives your legs the ventilation they need.

Tip: Like the model, choose a bright, summery color for your cropped trousers!

Bop With a Crop Top

Wearing a button-down top or sweater underneath your coat may be good for the colder months – but it can make you sweat a lot this summer. That said, one of the best ways to escape this inevitable happening is to wear an ‘airier’ blouse – such as a crop top.

If your office is quite strict with the dress code, then remember to expose as little skin as you can. You can achieve this by wearing your crop top with high-waisted trousers, just like the model. 

And, if all else fails, you can always button your coat up to hide your midsection! 

The ‘Short’ Straw

Pants may be quite uncomfortable to wear whenever the temperatures reach over 100F. So, if your boss permits it, then you could try wearing shorts to the office.

To keep your look chic and professional, avoid the short or ripped variants. The best way to go is for a tailored Bermuda short, just like what the model wears. While it shows some leg, it covers a respectable part of it. That way, your sexy gams won’t end up causing a commotion in the office. 

How to Accessorize Your Summer Office Outfits

A summery business outfit is not enough – it needs some accessorizing as well. Evoke the vacation feel while you’re in the office with these complementary accessories:

Ear and Dear

A nice pair of earrings is something any office girl should have. When worse comes to worst – and you’re already running late for work – it’s the accessory you should try to put on. 

That said, it would be good to have a nice pair of statement earrings at bay. With this, you don’t have to worry about putting on a bracelet or necklace (though you should!) 

A pair of statement earrings can readily upgrade a simple work attire, such as this one. Even if you’re wearing a plain top or a boring work suit, your statement earrings will surely add some flavor to your ensemble. 

Ace the Necklace

Wearing a plain office outfit? Well then, you can make it a lot better with the help of the ‘right’ necklace.

It need not be expensive though, as a simple design such as this one is enough. And since it’s reminiscent of music festivals such as Coachella, it can help you achieve the perfect summer vibe.

Tip: Wear statement necklaces with plain tops, such as this one. Avoid pairing it with printed garments as you may end up with a ‘chaotic’ look. 

Go Parisian Chic

Find your office attire to be too bland or boring? You can style it up a notch simply by wearing a beautiful scarf.

As seen in this model, her neck scarf effectively gave a chic touch to her simple get-up. Together with her trademark accessories and red clutch, she created a look that’s perfect for the office – and the after-work drinks that come with it. 

Try a Ribbon Belt

A belt is not only for keeping your pants in place – it’s an accessory that can enhance your overall style as well. 

Just look at this model, whose Fuchsia pantsuit is more than perfect for summer. But with her ribbon belt, she managed to add a feminine touch to her oversized attire. It’s a great way to balance your entire outfit, especially if you opt to wear chunky rubber shoes to work. 

Tip: You don’t need to necessarily buy a ribbon belt as you can use the gift box extras you have at home!

Bag it Up

A chic bag is a definite work must-have. But if you want to make waves just like the fashionable Amal Clooney, then you should sport a unique bag this summer. 

It doesn’t have to be a small clutch like the one you’d take to a party though. Like Mrs. Clooney, you can actually go for a bigger purse that accommodates everything you need – your phone, wallet, cosmetics, and other stuff. 

With a unique bag, you can remain trendy – just like the rest of your summer work outfit. 

The Best Shoes to Wear With Your Summer Office Outfits

Here are the shoes you need to wear with your ‘hot’ summer office outfits:

Feel the Heels

Say you have a collection of black and nude pumps in your closet. Summer means you should shelve them – at least for the time being. After all, this is the time to wear your brightest and most outlandish heels!

Just like the model, you can easily sport your yellow or fuchsia-colored heels. You can use them to brighten up a simple outfit. At the same time, you can add them to complement a brightly colored attire. Whatever your workwear might be, it’s sure to look fabulous with vibrant heels. 

Get Low

Do you want to wear heels – but not the 4-inch ones? Well then, you can easily achieve the middle ground with low-heeled or kitten-heeled shoes. With a typical height ranging from 1 to 2 inches, you can get the elevation you need – without hurting your arches.

Just like heels, you can go crazy with the many designs available! You can pick from a safe, neutral pair – to a vibrant blue pair such as this one. Needless to say, the latter is the best choice if you want to rock a trendy summer work outfit. 

Fantastic in Flats

Flat shoes are not necessarily boring. In fact, the right pair can add some oomph into an otherwise plain outfit. 

This model goes to show that you can wear a simple white tee and black pencil skirt – and still look as hot as the summer. Of course, she managed to do so with her pointed, color block flats.

Like her, you can create a summer-worthy ensemble by going for unique (printed, patterned, or embellished) flats. Remember – they are very good investments since you can also use them outside work! 

Slay it With Your Sandals

Black or nude-colored strappy sandals are classic pieces for work. But since it’s summer, you might as well bend all the rules and go for printed sandals. With this, you can add a unique flair – even if you’re wearing a particularly simple attire.

And, should you decide to wear it with a printed frock, then make sure to remain true with the color palette. For example, if you have black and white sandals just like the model, then your outfit should be in that color circle as well.

Work garments need not be simple or plain. With these summer outfit ideas – coupled with the right shoes and accessories – you can be a trendsetter right at the comfort of your own cubicle. 

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