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A dungaree – also known as a bib-and-brace overall – was first developed by Levi’s in the 1980s. Created as a form of protective clothing, this item is usually made with denim – as with the other garments you would expect from Levi’s. 

As time progressed, the dungaree evolved from a type of ‘uniform’ into a piece of fashion clothing. A staple amongst many trendy wearers, dungarees range in fabrics – from the textured corduroy to the sleek faux leather. 

As it provides a fashion departure from the usual blue denim overalls, more and more opting for black dungarees. And why not? It can be styled in a lot of ways – as you’ll see below. 


What Pairs Well With Dungarees? 

The good news is dungarees look good with a lot of things. Here are some of them: 

Crop Top Cutie

Want to feel comfy in your black dungarees when it’s hot outside? Then you should follow Miley Cyrus and wear a crop top underneath it! 

Even if she’s wearing an insulative leather dungaree, Miley keeps it totally cool with her striped crop top. And since it’s in black and white, it blends seamlessly with her black overalls. 

While you can opt to stay monotone, you can sparkle just like Miley! All you need to do is wear a pair of metallic rubber shoes as you sashay around town!

Let the Bralette

Just like the crop top, a bralette can keep you cool with a pair of black dungarees.

This, however, exudes a sexier style compared to the crop top. With its minimal coverage and lacey detail, the bralette helps balance the rugged, loose look of dungarees.

Granted that a black bralette is perfect for any look, you can always feel free to play with other colors! That way, you get to look sexy in an eye-catching shade. 

Terrific With a Turtleneck Top

If you want to look chic in your dungaree, then you best wear it like Alexa Chung – with a turtleneck top.

Compared to other tops, a turtleneck can add a more ladylike flair to your outfit. This is especially the case when it’s made with luxe material – such as that of Alexa’s.

Apart from being stylish, a turtleneck top provides additional warmth as well. So if you’re looking to wear your dungarees in colder weather, then your top choice should be a turtleneck. 

Bare That Shoulder

An off-shoulder top is a sexy garment that doesn’t show a lot. As such, it can help you look good with anything – black dungarees included!

While the shoulder-baring element makes this pairing perfect for spring or summer, you can wear it during autumn or winter as well. You can pull up the sleeves – or wear it with a cardigan (style tips on this outerwear are also available below!) 

With this top’s feminine look, you can minimize the tomboy aura that most dungarees give. That’s why even if you pick a structured design – or an airier one like the model’s – you can easily get the best of both worlds. 

Up With a Button-Down 

Want to add a formal element to your casual black dungaree? Then your top choice should be a beautiful button-down shirt. 

A staple amongst working women, a button-down top proves to be as versatile as it is trendy. You can wear it with business trousers – even a black overall like this one. And with the latter, you’re sure to get a look that’s perfect for Casual Fridays. 

You don’t have to limit your palette to just a white button-down though. You can always go for other shades, such as a monotonous black or a vibrant yellow. 

Denim on Black Denim

They say pulling off the denim-on-denim look can be quite tricky. But as long as you follow this fashion tip, you can do so without a hitch! 

For one, it’s all about choosing a crisp, structured denim such as a button-down shirt. It’s also advisable to go for a lighter wash as it will provide much contrast to your black dungarees. 

The rest of your look, of course, will depend on your accessories. It need not be elaborate – as this model proves with her oversized shades, brown messenger bag, and nude heels. 

Cute in a Cardigan

The thick nature of black dungarees makes them perfect for cold weather. However, there may be times when you’ll need more than just an undershirt.

If it’s nippy outside, then you should layer your dungaree ensemble with a cardigan. With this, you can remain fashionable – and warm all at the same time.

While this look is great for colder temps, you can try it during the balmier seasons as well. All you need to do is swap your thick cardigan for a thinner garment – such as this one. 

Hang Around

Say you’ve got a cardigan – but the temperatures have risen too high that you’re sweating in excess. If you can’t readily place your cardigan inside your little purse, then you should go and put it around your waist.

Just like the model, placing your cardigan around your waist is a great way to keep it at bay – just in case it gets colder later on at night. It also helps cinch your waist – which helps accentuate your feminine figure even if you have a loose or oversized pair. 

One Strap Down

Black dungarees are often worn with 2 straps. But if you want to evoke a charming retro look, then you should keep one strap down. With this, you can achieve a new look in just a few steps. 

More than just being fashionable, the one-strap mantra is perfect for the hotter months as well. For one, it can help provide better ventilation – even when you’re already wearing a crop top or bralette.

That said, you can wear this style in colder months too. Just like the model, it’s all about warming up with a thick sweater, beanie, and a pair of boots. 

No Straps At All

If you’re looking to take your dungaree outfit to a whole new level, then you should set your sights on celebrities such as Gwen Stefani.

The singer-slash-entrepreneur looks very stylish in her black dungarees, which she wears with no straps at all. Instead, the bib is hanging below – thus exposing her graphic ‘tribe’ sweater. 

In an act of full coordination, Gwen matched her orange and black handbag with a tie-up bootie of the same palette. Just like her, you can go and match your bags and shoes with your dungaree outfit (if you can). 

What Shoes Do You Wear With Dungarees? 

Apart from having the right kind of tops, you also need great shoes to wear with your dungarees. Excellent examples include:

Wonderful in White Heels

Yes, color coordination is good. However, it also pays to have contrast in your outfit. One of the easiest ways to do so is to wear your black dungarees with white heels.

Whereas white heels usually evoke a wedding look, they can add more elegance to your ensemble. This is especially the case when you’re wearing a more casual design, such as this faux leather dungaree.

Although plain white heels are best, you can accessorize some more by choosing a style with baubles or eye-catching embellishments. 

Sexy in Strappy Heels

Heels, without a doubt, are great for any kind of look. Not only will they make your legs appear thinner – but they can ‘firm up’ your behind as well.

That said, heels need not only be confined to ‘girly’ attires. They can be used in a more casual attire, such as this black dungaree ensemble.

Strappy heels pave the way for some additional sexiness – which one may need with an oversized/loose overall. They also add a punch of color – especially if you pick a red pair such as this one! 

Sneaky Sneakers 

Heels are great, alright. But they can hurt your feet especially when you need to stand a lot – or walk to and fro.

To prevent this from happening, you should wear your black dungarees with a comfortable pair of shoes such as sneakers. With these sporty kicks, you can skip around town without a care in the world!

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that hard to achieve a high fashion style with this. A pair in white – or black, such as this one – will help you maintain a chic look with your dungarees. 

Fantastic Flats

Like sneakers, flat shoes can keep you comfy and trendy in your black dungaree outfit.

A good thing about this footwear is that you’re free to choose from a lot of designs. You can readily opt for plain black ballerina shoes – or a Leopard-printed loafer such as this one. 

Going for the latter is not as risky as most people think, since black dungarees provide the simplicity that balances the printed footwear. As long as you keep the rest low-key, you can look lovely in your overalls and leopard shoes!

Foot the Boot

Taylor Swift is not only a great singer – she’s a fashion icon as well. You too can achieve her style by wearing your black dungarees with chunky-heeled boots.

A great option for petite women, high-heeled boots add some height – and some junk in the trunk. And since these boots are chunky, they aren’t as troublesome as stiletto-heeled boots. 

If you have skinny dungarees like Taylor, you can always wear the boots on top of the hem. But if you have an oversized one, try to showcase your boots by rolling/folding the hem instead. 

How Do You Accessorize With Dungarees? 

Accessorizing is essential. Make the most out of your dungaree ensemble by wearing these articles: 

Tip the Hat

A hat is one of the most useful accessories there is. It can shield your face from harmful UV rays – and keep your head warm during cold autumn days.

To make things better, a hat can help complete your dungaree outfit as well. Here, you’ll see how it looks great with the model’s attire – even if she doesn’t have a lot of accessories.

Although keeping your hat plain simple is the way to go, you can go for flashier designs. Just remember to pick a style that doesn’t clash with your overall look. 

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50 Shades of Black (Dungarees)

Maybe you lack sleep – or maybe you just want to remain low-key. Whatever your reason might be, you can do it in a chic way with the help of dark-tinted shades.

Just like Blake Lively, a pair of shades is one of the things you need to look dashing in your dungarees. As you see, the rest of her outfit is markedly simple. Even with her white shirt, black tote, and loafers – Blake keeps it classic with her chic pair of shades. 

Bejewelled Sophistication

Jewelry can make or break your look. Remember: It’s all about wearing the style that best complements your outfit.

True enough, the chicest designs prove to be the best – especially when it comes to a black dungaree ensemble. 

Just take a look at Olivia Palermo, who looks casual but elegant in her black-on-black outfit. And although she keeps it monotone, she adds a bit of sparkle with her chain necklace and stacked bracelets. Together with her stud earring, she shows that you don’t have to wear big stones to make a splash. 

Bandana Beauty

Versatile and fashionable, a bandana is an accessory you ought to wear with your black dungarees.

For one, you can wear it wherever you please. For colder seasons, you can wear it around your neck – just like the model.

For the hotter seasons, you may wear it around your head to help wick the sweat. You can also put it on your bag handle to add a bit of design.

With these features, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear a bandana with your dungarees (or any other outfit!) 

Classic Clutch

Although a dungaree is very casual, you can use it to create a more elegant look. With the right styling – and bag, such as this classic clutch – you can achieve a posh aura.

What’s great about a structured clutch like this one is that it blends nicely with a dungaree outfit. Whether you’re wearing a plain white shirt – or a more elaborate lace top – your clutch won’t look out of place. 

And while you can always go for a statement purse – such as one with fringes or a blinding color – a classic style like this one is the best way to look chic. 

What Hairstyles Look Good With Dungarees? 

Your hair is your crowning glory. So if you want to look 100% stylish in your dungaree outfit, then you need to wear your locks in any of these ways: 

Pretty in a Pony

Simple is good – and proof of this is the ponytail hairstyle. A go-to look for every kind of outfit, it complements your dungaree outfit.

Like the model, you can try a parted, low-set pony – or you can go for a high, cheerleader-like one. 

A safe choice is a black, Goody tie – but you can always glam up with a more elaborate or bejeweled one. That way, you can make your dungaree outfit appear more sophisticated and exquisite. 

Fun in a Bun

Are you a girl who doesn’t like strands of hair on her face? Well then, a bun is the perfect hairstyle for you. With this, you can look chic – and free of annoying locks.

What’s great about the bun hairstyle is that you can wear it in a variety of ways. You can have a top knot just like this one, or a mid-placed one. You can also opt for a low-set bun – although it might not keep some of the shorter strands out of your face. 

Accessory-wise, you can pull this off with a bobby pin or a more ornate hairclip – the choice is up to you!

Made With a Braid

A braided hairstyle is no longer just for kids. Many thanks to Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), this ‘do has become more popular than ever.

Proof? Even the make-up icon Kylie Jenner likes wearing it with her black dungarees.

Since a braid hairstyle comes in many styles, you can create a new look every single day. You can go for 2 braids like Kylie, or just a long, single one (in a mermaid style, if you want). You can also try a crown-like design if you want all of your hair to be tied up nicely. 

Let Your Hair Down

It’s fun to play with different hairstyles. But if you want to look effortlessly good in your black dungarees, you can always let your hair down.

Just like the model – you don’t need to pull your hair up or wear anything on your crown. It’s just a matter of letting it fall freely – the same way you do every day.

This doesn’t mean you should be careless though! Some combing or ironing (if you want) will help you look perfect for Pinterest or Instagram. 

Unique and versatile, a dungaree is something you can wear in a variety of ways – together with your favourite shoes, accessories, and hairstyle!

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