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Sweater vests are some of the most popular pieces for the next seasons. They have been featured in many fashion shows, and influencers and fashionistas from all around the world are now in love with these iconic pieces.

If you are ready to add a sweater vest to your wardrobe, here you will find plenty of inspiration to make sure you style it properly, to always get the best look depending on the circumstances.


What Do You Wear with a Sweater Vest?

It would be impossible to enlist all the different ways to wear a sweater vest. These iconic pieces are very versatile, and can become the key of your entire wardrobe. For example, you can wear it with a puffy sleeved shirt and some jeans for a 80s-inspired look.

Otherwise, style it with a monochrome contrasting outfit for a wow effect. Depending on the different accessories you decide to wear, your sweater vest can either be a casual or a more formal piece.

How Do You Style an Oversized Sweater Vest?

There are several ways to style your oversized sweater vest. For example, you can wear it over a contrasting collared shirt or long sleeve top. Or, if you want to get a bolder look, you can style it with a white shirt and some leather shorts.

Ideally, you should always play with contrasting colour, in order to highlight each piece of your outfit. On the other hand, you can still rock one specific colour palette if you prefer.

Can You Wear a Sweater Vest With Short Sleeves?

Although there is no limit to fashion, sweater vests are usually worn with long sleeves or even no sleeves piece. This keeps your outfit balanced and helps shape your silhouette.

However, if you still want to rock a t-shirt, you can try with a matching colour. If you stick to a single colour palette you should be able to achieve the perfect balance between all your clothes.

How Do You Wear a Sleeveless Sweater Vest?

The best way to wear a sleeveless sweater vest is to layer it over a slim fitting top. For example, you can use a collared shirt or a turtleneck dress. Make sure the length of each piece is balanced, and that there is no extra bulk especially on your arms.

Avoid sweatshirts or oversized t-shirts to get the perfect balance. When it comes to bottom, you can either rock your jeans or favourite shorts.

Is a Sweater Vest Business Casual?

Of course, sweater vests can become the perfect pieces for a business casual look. For example, you can style them over a collared shirt, a simple dress, or even a turtleneck top.

Additional accessories, like a necklace or a tie, are not required, since the sweater vest will be the protagonist of your outfit. Try to avoid t-shirts, unless you still want to keep a more casual attire.

Do You Tuck in Sweater Vests?

As a general rule, sweater vests should never be worn tucked in. Since they are designed to hit your hips at the right height, they should be free to follow your natural body shape.

However, some people like to tuck their sweater vest in if they are wearing shorts or trousers. This can help you achieve a cute look, but we recommend adding a statement belt to make sure you highlight the right curves.

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