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Dresses and skirts are comfortable, but if you are looking for the comfiest piece of fashion then you should definitely try baggy pants. These jeans fit very loose and can be used to create contemporary and dynamic looks.

However, when pairing them with other clothes, you must make sure to pick proper pieces, which can help you accentuate your silhouette.

To help you understand all the potentiality of baggy jeans, we have picked some of the best looks you can create with baggy jeans.


What Are Slouch Jeans?

The key characteristics of slouch jeans are their silhouette. They feature a low rise, with a long zipper. As their name suggests, these pants slung low on the hips, and are usually cropped or rolled to a shorter length. These jeans are now very popular, although they might not be flattering for all body types.

What Can I Wear With Slouchy Jeans?

Fashion experts and designers recommend wearing slouchy jeans with a crop top or a vintage tee. You can add some rock vibes to your look with a leather or denim jacket. You can then complete the look with some sneakers. This is one of the most classic and comfortable outfits you can create with slouchy jeans.

How Do You Style Slouchy Jeans?

Slouchy jeans are loose and wide, meaning that you should opt for a suitable top. For example, you can rock a tank top, or tuck a smarter blouse in your jeans, to accentuate the shape of your slim.

You should avoid oversized tops, especially if you are petite or if you wish to make your silhouette look thinner.

What are Baggy Jeans Called?

Baggy jeans are also known as baggy pants or slouchy jeans. As their name suggests, they are loose and wide. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot look smart and chic if paired with the right top and accessories. Luckily, there are plenty of different looks that you can try.

How Do You Make Baggy Jeans Look Better?

Baggy jeans can be quite a fashionable piece if you pair them with a crop top or another blouse which can make your waist look accented. The secret is to not look too slouchy and underdressed. Although baggy jeans are comfortable, you still want to create a smart look for every occasion.

What Shoes Go With Baggy Jeans?

The best way to style your baggy jeans is to opt for some strappy sandal heels. If you prefer cosier alternatives, you can rock some pointed toes heels or ankle boots.

When choosing your shoes, you should make sure that they fit a bit loose around the ankle. However, depending on your look, knee-high boots can also look cool.

How Are Slouchy Jeans Different Than Other Jeans?

The differences between different types of jeans lie in the details. For example, boyfriend jeans hit at mid-rise and use a shorter zipper. On the other hand, mom jeans feature a long zipper, but they sit higher, creating a natural waist shape.

Differently, slouch jeans are loose-fitting, creating a different silhouette.

Wider Leg, Bigger Fan

Some baggy jeans are designed to fit loose on your ankle. This look reminds of the ‘90s, where boybands were rocking slouchy pants. You can now recreate the same look with some overlong and wide legs, and you are free to go crazy if you want to.

Baggy Is Not Oversized

Many people believe that baggy pants are supposed to fit one or more sizes bigger. However, one of the main differences between baggy and oversized pieces are the overall proportions that these clothes create.

Embrace That Grandma Style

Combine the streetwear look with your grandma vibes by wearing your slouchy pants high with an oversized tucked-in T-shirt. This will give the illusion of a wider chest, so you want to make sure that this silhouette is right for your body shape.

Balancing Is the Key

When wearing slouchy jeans, you want to balance your overall silhouette. This means that you should be careful to mix different layers without it being too overwhelming for your figure. You should always wear a tight piece to balance all the other clothes.

Consider the Circumstances

Baggy pants are cool, but they may not be appropriate in some settings. For example, you surely don’t want to rock your slouchy pants and crop top at the office. This means that you can create some very chic looks with your baggy jeans, but you shouldn’t be wearing them at formal events.

Layers Look Smarter

If you want to give your baggy pants some smarter vibes, you can style them with a jacket or even a blazer. This is the perfect look for those who don’t want to look too underdressed or overdressed but can’t say no to comfort. Just make sure the overall look isn’t too baggy.

The Perfect Accessories

The right bag can always save your day. For example, if you want to rock your baggy pants but you still want to affirm your fashionista soul, you should try with a designer look. This is the best way to make your look smart but not too chic, for the perfect formal/casual combination.

Mix Different Patterns

Mixing different patterns is always an easy win when it comes to fashion. You can style your favourite pair of baggy pants with a contrasting t-shirt or blouse for a dynamic and contemporary effect, which will make your outfit bolder and very interesting.

Total White? Yes, Please!

We all love a total white outfit, and it does not surprise that even baggy pants look good when paired with a matching top. If you don’t like white, you can get the same cool effect with other nude shades. Add a contrasting piece of accessory and you’ll be ready to go.

Live Your Streetwear Fantasy

In the past, baggy jeans were worn by rappers and streetwear icons. You can now recreate the same look with a pair of slouchy black pants and your favourite sneakers. Add a loose sweatshirt or a tank top, and you’ll be the queen of your neighbourhood.

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Your Chic Ally

Slouchy pants don’t need to be too baggy. You can still find a more minimal alternative, to be styled with a chiffon blouse. This will create a cute and smart outfit that you can rock on more formal occasions. Play with additional accessories to make your outfit unique, and don’t forget some heeled sandals.

Matching Is the Key

You can match your baggy pants with your cardigan or jacket, for a look that resembles a suit but is more comfortable and informal. This is a great choice if you don’t want to look overdressed but you still like to rock a peculiar outfit which can communicate your fashionista soul.

Go Bold or Go Home

Feeling wild? You can finally embrace your feline soul with some animalier-patterned baggy pants. They can be paired with a simple top, or you can play with bolder nuances to create your unique statement look. Don’t forget to add some matching accessories.

Checkered Queen

Punk rockers have always worn checkered pieces, which are now iconic. If you want to embrace the same look and feel comfortable at the same time, you should try some checkered baggy pants. Pair them with a simple crop top and some sneakers for the perfect result.

What About Baggy Shorts?

Show your legs with some baggy shorts! This is the perfect combination for enjoying your own comfort and the nice weather. For a smarter look, opt for faux leather or similar fabrics. You can pair your shorts with some combat boots and a long cardigan.

Rock Your Knitwear

Baggy pants are the perfect choice even in wintertime. Depending on your usual style, you can pair them with a cosy shirt, or even your favourite knitwear. Add a pair of fitting shoes, like some rain boots or combat boots, and don’t forget your best smile.

Feeling Cute Like a Princess

Baggy pants are usually considered as one of the most iconic pieces of streetwear. However, you can turn them into your princess-like piece by opting for pastel colours. For example, match a pair of purple baggy pants with a pink top and complete the look with some white accessories.

Living Your Baggy Fantasies

Tall girls can definitely go bold and big. If you love baggy pants, you should try them with a loose blouse, with some big sleeves. This look is very particular and high-fashioned, especially if you add the right shoes. However, it might not be a flattering outfit for all body types.

Classic Is the New Iconic

Sometimes, you don’t need to wear fancy clothes to feel like a true fashionista. For example, a pair of baggy jeans paired with a simple white t-shirt can already be the perfect look. The combination of the two pieces is a classic perfect for any situation, which can literally save your day.

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