Double denim, teasingly referred to as the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ has often been ridiculed and playfully jibed as the theme of dress-up parties. In 2001, Justin and Britney won themselves a permanent place in fashion history with their questionable-yet-endearing matching all-denim patchwork outfits. 

However, thanks to a few uber-chic celebrities, denim-on-denim is back with a vengeance. Layered denim can be one of the most in-style ways to pack a fashion punch, asserting yourself as a master of street style.

While our inspiration here comes from some of the world’s top supermodels, anyone can wear denim on denim as long as you choose a fit and silhouette that flatters your unique and gorgeous bod.

Read on for our guide for styling denim on denim…on denim. 

Country-chic: skinny jeans, a slim-line denim shirt, and booties 

Celebrity inspiration: it would have been impossible to complete this article without spotlighting Gigi Hadid, one of the most prolific denim-on-denim wearers. While there are many Gigi looks to choose from, we love her classic denim shirt with skinny jeans look. She was snapped wearing dark denim skinny jeans, a paler denim shirt in a slim fit, and reflective sunglasses. 


  • Go for contrasting denim tones such as a pale denim jean with an indigo shirt, or vice versa
  • A slimline shirt keeps the look fresh and sleek, cutting a feminine silhouette 
  • If skinny jeans are a no-go for you, swap them out for boot cut, straight cut, or even wide-leg styles to even out your proportions and make your legs extra long 
  • To accent the onslaught of blue, add a tan leather belt to the jeans
  • If blue-on-blue isn’t your thing, try a pale denim shirt
  • For casual daywear, white sneakers are ideal (as Gigi proves), but for more formal wear or for going out, strappy heels are a great way to sweeten the look and provide a cool contrast to the rough-and-tough denim 

Sexy meets tough: ripped jeans, a short crop, and a roomy denim jacket 

Celebrity inspiration: Bella Hadid has perfected the art of making the double denim trend equal parts sexy and fashion-forward, time after time. One of our favorite Bella looks was when she rocked a short black crop top, ripped baggy jeans, and an oversized denim jacket.

Note: for extra inspiration, check out the images of her wearing a matching 3-piece denim set including a fitted bustier or the time she wore a skin-tight denim jumpsuit. 


  • Play to your comfort zone and choose a crop that makes you comfortable, whether it’s showing your entire tummy or just a sliver of skin
  • Make sure the jeans are on the baggier side, in a boyfriend style that sits higher on the hip or waist. This creates the slouchy street style look we’re going for 
  • Try a roomy, oversized denim jacket that can be worn off the shoulder or tied around the waist if the day heats up 
  • If bulky jackets aren’t your thing, you could try a long-line denim duster coat or even a long-line denim shirt worn open over your crop 


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70’s glam: flared jeans, sleeveless denim shirt, leather belt, and heels 

Celebrity inspiration: If we’re showcasing Gigi and Bella, we’ve got to give Kendall Jenner some love, too, as she’s equally as adept in the art of denim-on-denim fashion moments.

We love how Kendall wears flared or wide-leg jeans, reminding the world just how flattering and always-cool this 70s staple is. Sure, you could pair them with a basic tank or tee, but why do that when you can layer your denim and wear a sleeveless denim shirt? 


  • Find a sleeveless denim shirt with raw edges around the shoulders, with a long enough hemline that it can be neatly tucked into jeans
  • High-waisted flares are best as they elongate the legs and preserve the classic 70s style without veering into the dreaded 00s low-rise territory 
  • For nighttime sexiness, unbutton the top few buttons and wear a long-line lace bralette peeking underneath
  • Break up the denim by adding a neutral-toned leather belt 
  • To go “out-out”, try a pair of embellished heels to add femme flair, or heeled ankle boots to follow on with the country-chic vibe 

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