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Every woman has a denim skirt memory, whether it was in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s. Perhaps you rocked a maxi denim skirt with a fringed belt and cotton blouse in the summer of ‘75, or a high-waisted acid-wash skirt with a peplum in the 80s.

2000s teens will remember the super short, low-rise minis worn with layered tank tops (oh dear). However, the denim skirt endures, and has developed into a classic staple of the modern wardrobe for streetwear, work, and play. 

Welcome to our guide for how to style the everlasting denim skirt in 2020, with inspiration from our favorite fashion-forward women. 

The bombshell: denim pencil skirt with a blouse tied at the waist 

Celebrity inspiration: Eva Mendez (one of the most stunning women in history) was snapped wearing a denim pencil skirt styled with a patterned silk blouse and neutral wedge heels.

The blouse was tied at the front, showing the tiniest peep of skin. Needless to say, Eva and her incredible figure looked stunning, and it’s a look us mere mortals can recreate too! 


  • Shop for fitted, pencil-style skirts with a high waist and a hem falling to just below the knee. This will accentuate your curves and give that bombshell, Guess model appeal
  • Dark-colored denim works best with this look, (black or deep indigo) as it keeps it sleek and sophisticated 
  • Try a patterned blouse or a plain block color such as a bold red in soft cotton or silk fabric
  • Tie the shirt at the smallest part of your waist to create an hourglass figure
  • To make the look more work-friendly or a little warmer for colder months, add an open blazer 
  • Style with wedge heels and a smokey eye for extra sultrines

The work staple: denim skirt, shirt or tee, blazer, heels 

Celebrity inspiration: Katie Holmes always looks phenomenal as she pounds through the New York streets on casual days wearing the most drool-inducing outfits. She manages to make “jeans and a top” look nothing less than inspired (and don’t get us started on her red carpet style). 

Katie has been seen wearing denim bottoms countless times, but our favorite looks are those that feature denim, a plain tee or shirt, a blazer, and heels. The perfect combination of essentials for everyday wear. 


  • Balance your proportions when working with a mini denim skirt, and aim for high-waisted styles to avoid the 2000s Paris Hilton vibe 
  • A plain grey marle or white V-neck tee never goes astray, especially when tucked into the waistband of the skirt and accented with a tan belt
  • Long jean skirts (below the knee) can afford to be worn lower on the hip, with a soft white linen shirt partially tucked in 
  • Oversized blazers with longer hemlines work best with this look, especially if you can roll up the sleeves 
  • Switch up the tone of the outfit by playing with different shoe choices. For example, a casual date might garner a pair of cool ankle boots, while a business brunch calls for chic pumps 


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The Summertime babe: flared denim mini and a basic bodysuit 

Celebrity inspiration: one of the best ways to style a Summer denim skirt is to pair it with a cute bodysuit, as Selena Gomez flawlessly demonstrates. Bodysuits are an excellent starter piece, as they can be layered with a jacket or sweater for Fall and Winter, or worn solo in Summer. They work excellently under denim skirts as there’s no risk of bunching or bulkiness under the skirt. 


  • A plain black sleeveless bodysuit paired with a high-waisted denim mini is the perfect holiday trend, finished off with sandals and a hat
  • Elevate the look by swapping out the mini with a pencil midi, adding a chic embellished blazer, and a pair of heeled ankle booties  
  • For extra sun protection during Summer, throw a sheer cotton shirt over the bodysuit and tie at the waist just above the skirt’s waistband 
  • Try a Bardot-style, off-the-shoulder, mid-sleeved bodysuit with an A-line, flared denim mini for a vintage take on the look 
  • For those of us who want to try the cropped sweater trend but aren’t ready to bare our bellies, a high-waisted denim skirt and bodysuit are the keys to the look.
  • The bodysuit keeps us covered if the top rides up, and the high-waisted skirt accentuates the waist while providing extra coverage 

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