No shoes are more iconic then Converse. Initially considered as skater shoes, these sneakers have now conquered a place in the Olympus of fashion and we all have at least one pair of Converse in our wardrobe. If you are in love with their style, why don’t you experiment with new outfits to make them shine?

Here you will find plenty of inspiration to style your high top converse.

What Can I Wear High Top Converse With?

High top Converse are a timeless classic, which can suit any aesthetic. For example, you can keep your outfit simple and rock your shoes with a casual denim or even a pair of comfy chinos. On the other hand, you can make the look more dynamic with some cuffed pants or pleated shirt. Of course, you can play with different lengths when it comes to shoes and pants.

Do You Tuck Jeans into High Top Converse?

Streetwear fashion has heavily influenced contemporary looks, making it now acceptable if not even fashionable to tuck jeans into high top Converse (or any other pair of sneakers, if you prefer). If you want to try this look, you must make sure that your jeans fit neatly inside your shoes, without leaving your skin exposed. For this reason, slim-fitting jeans usually are the best choice, provided that they have the proper length.

Do You Wear Socks With High Top Converse?

Socks can be a nice piece of accessory to make your look unique and more colourful. However, they might be just barely visible if you are wearing high top Converse. For this reason, if you still want to make them part of your outfit, you should play with contrasting colours. For example, wear some neon socks underneath your black high top sneakers, and make sure your skirt or pants have the perfect length to make it show.

Can You Wear Converse With Leggings?

One of the best things about Converse is that they just look iconic with every outfit and other pieces of clothing, including leggings. Usually, leggings are more recommended with Chuck Taylors, which hit your ankle differently. However, you can still rock some high top Converse with a cool pair of leggings if you match the proper colours and styles. Try this look with a sweater vest to get the best result.

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