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Dr Martens is an English footwear and clothing brand, which rose to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

The iconic Dr Martens 1460 combat boots are very stylish footwear, with a slim and elegant profile, yet an edgy and gritty personality. Besides, there are so many different boots and sneakers made by Dr Martens that you can basically style this footwear with any outfit.

Whenever you are buying your first pair of Dr Martens, or you are looking for new ways to style your favourite Chelsea boots, here you will find plenty of inspiration!

The History of Dr Martens

The brand was initially wounded in 1947, in Germany. However, sales started growing in the 1950s, and the patent rights were bought by an English manufacturer in the UK. This was when the whole history of this brand changed, and it became one of the most famous aspects of British fashion culture.

The first pair of Dr Martens sold and produced in the UK was an eight-eyelet smooth leather combat boot, known as style 1460, which is still in production today. Since that very moment, all young people were dreaming of having a pair of these boots, which were minimal yet stylish, and meet the needs of all styles.

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Smooth Leather Ankle Boots)

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Smooth Leather Ankle Boots)

By 1970, the brand became popular among bikers, punk rockers and musicians. However, the turning point for the brand was in 1982, when a pair of Dr Martens boots featured in an episode of the British TV comedy “The Young Ones”.

In the same decade, youth culture rose against the government, bringing many young people in the streets to express their social resentment. They were all united under the idea of a unique style, inspired by both the urban and psychobilly subcultures. Most importantly, they were all proudly wearing their Docs.

In the first half of the 2000s, the brand was brought to new life, with fashion designers from all around the world working closely with Dr Martens to re-invent the classic 1460 boot.

Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth

When and How Dr Martens Boots Became So Popular

In 1989, Dr Martens boots were finally sold outside the UK. The brand rose immediately to popularity, especially during the 1990s, when grunge fashion arose.

Soon, all subcultures and styles find a spot for these boots. On the other hand, Dr Martens itself launched different styles of shoes, sneakers and boots on the market. Today, the brand has collaborated with many other companies, from Disney to Hello Kitty, and there are so many distinctive styles that we all have our favourite one in our wardrobe.

Men’s Dr Martens Lookbook

Welcome to The Cherry Side

If you like to play the colour matching game, there are several amazing outfits that you can rock with a pair of cherry-coloured Docs.

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Smooth Leather Ankle Boots) red

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Smooth Leather Ankle Boots)

Dr. Martens Men’s Cherry Vegan 1460

Ready for Any Outfit

When styled properly, Docs can be worn with any outfit, including more formal ones. Of course, boots like these will always be the centre of attention, so if you go for an elegant look you should stick to neutral colours, like black. However, feel free to experiment with many colours and styles.

Photo by Dr Martens (3989 Bex Smooth Leather Brogue Shoes)

Photo by Dr Martens (3989 Bex Smooth Leather Brogue Shoes)

It’s Summertime!

Summer means warmer temperatures, and your combat boots may not be the best thing to wear. Nevertheless, you can still style a pair of Docs, with one of the brand’s iconic strap sandals. They come in black, so you can wear them with all outfits.

Photo by Dr Martens (Gryphon Brand Strap Sandals)

Photo by Dr Martens (Gryphon Brand Strap Sandals)

Vegan Friendly Alternatives

Over the past few years, Dr Martens has been working hard to reinvent their classic boots. One of their new products is the legendary 1460 boots made completely from vegan, synthetic leather. This is the perfect environmentally-friendly alternative for all fashionistas!

Photo by Dr Martens (Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots)

Photo by Dr Martens (Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots)

Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 

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Your All-Year-Around Choice

Dr Martens are perfect in any season, except for Summer, where you may go for different shoes. However, if you cannot renounce your pair of Docs, there are plenty of alternatives. In fact, the brand has recently launched its own sneakers collection.

Photo by Dr Martens (Dante Leather Lace Up Shoes)

Photo by Dr Martens (Dante Leather Lace Up Shoes)

Dr. Martens Men’s Dante Boot

Your Go-To Look

Whether you are going to a job interview or another formal and classic event, your Docs will always be with you. Go for some brogue shoes and style them with a plain shirt or a polo shirt, and some cotton pants, and you will be glamorous.

Photo by Dr Martens Instagram (1461 Smooth Leather Shoes)

Photo by Dr Martens Instagram (1461 Smooth Leather Shoes)

Dr. Martens 5 Eye Padded Collar Oxford

Go Bold, Or Go Home

Tired of plain, black boots? Then, go for one of the many Docs limited editions! For example, these boots inspired by Basquiat’s art will immediately highlight your look and become your favourite accessories. Yet, with their black finish, they will be perfect for any outfit.

Photo by Ssense (Dr Martens Black Jean-Michael Basquiat Edition 1460 Boots)

Photo by Ssense (Dr Martens Black Jean-Michael Basquiat Edition 1460 Boots)

Unleash Your Punk Soul

Slim-fit jeans, black socks, right attitude: this is all you need to rock your new pair of studded Dr Martens. If you opt for a particularly eccentric pair of shoes, you should keep your outfit simple, as the focus will be on your footwears.

Photo by Asos (Dr Martens 1460 Harness 8 eye Boots in Black)

Photo by Asos (Dr Martens 1460 Harness 8 eye Boots in Black)

Dr. Martens, Jadon 8-Eye Leather Platform Boot for Men

All Cosy and Warm

If it’s too cold outside, you can still look fabulous. Wear your favourite sweater, some cosy pants and, most importantly, your fur combat boots! Dr Martens has several winter boots you can choose from, to make your perfect Wintertime outfit.

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Pascal Fur Lined Ankle Boots)

Photo by Dr Martens (1460 Pascal Fur Lined Ankle Boots)

Boots and Accessories

The best way to complement your new pair of boots is a cool backpack. Don’t worry: Dr Martens has it sorted, with its collection of leather backpacks and other bags. All products are inspired by the 1990s, with their boxy and minimal style.

Photo by Dr Martens (Leather Mini Backpack)

Photo by Dr Martens (Leather Mini Backpack)

LXY Vegan Leather Backpack Vintage Laptop Bookbag for Women Men

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