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Timberland boots were originally introduced in 1973, and they were presented to the public as a hard-wearing shoe that was built to last even under extreme conditions.

From the first prototypes intended for construction workers to the iconic J-lo’s stiletto that fashion designer Manolo Blahnik designed in the ’00, the Timberland brand has grown a lot. Today, these yellow boots are a proper fashion icon, which we want to celebrate with our favourite outfit ideas.


Why Timberland Boots Are So Popular?

It only took less than a decade for the most-famous humble yellow construction boots to become an icon. In the 1980s, New Yorkers started wearing these boots to keep their feet cosy and comfy and it wasn’t long before people realised how fashionable they were. Within a few years, hip hop artists started wearing Timberland followed, in the 1990s, by ravers and rock icons.

Since then, Timberland boots have never stopped being an icon. Their simple yet successful style has now consecrated these shoes as timeless.

Are Timberland Stylish?

Timberland boots have been loved by many fashionistas since the ‘70s and they have always been on point. Thanks to their simple yet fashionable and efficient style, they can be paired with any outfit to create your unique look. Today, a pair of yellow Timberland boots should be a must in any wardrobe, although you can also opt for all the different patterns and colours that the brand has released over the year to meet all styles and preferences.

What Clothes Go with Timberland Boots?

One of the best things about Timberland is that they can go with basically any piece of clothing. For example, you can wear your boots with some denim and a simple t-shirt if you want to stick to a comfy casual outfit. Otherwise, you can rock your Timberland shoes with a leather jacket, or even a smarter dress to make it look less serious and dull. Either skirts and pants look great with the right pair of Timberland on your feet.

Timberland Boots with Jeans?

Both jeans and Timberland boots are timeless and versatile pieces, which can be mixed and matched to find your ideal look. Depending on your denim, you can either tuck them into the shoes or leave them loose on your ankle. Just make sure to find a pair of jeans that can match the tight-fitting apparel of Timberland boots, while enhancing the natural shape of your leg.

Timberland Boots with Denim Shirt?

Denim skirts rose to prominence in the early ’00, and they are some of the most underrated pieces of fashion. In fact, they are as versatile and comfortable as denim pants, and should definitely deserve more space in your wardrobe. if you are looking for a way to make your denim skirt more modern and less dull, you should try it with a pair of Timberland boots. It will immediately look great!

Timberland Boots with Blazer?

Blazers were initially intended as formal pieces, but are now used in many outfits. There are many blazers available, all with different styles and colours to match your look. This means that you can definitely rock your favourite blazer with your pair of Timberland. These boots come in several nude-shaded colours, which will look gorgeous with a black or brown blazer, giving you an urban wear-inspired look.

Timberland Boots with Jacket?

Jackets are the perfect add-on for every wardrobe, and they can immediately transform your look. For example, an iconic black leather jacket will match the Timberland yellow undertone, completing your outfit. However, you can also match the colour and style of your jacket with your shoes, and buy a pair of boots within the same colour palette. Contrasting colours also look good but make sure to match every element of your outfit.

Timberland Boots with Coat?

Timberland are the perfect boots to keep your toes warm in the wintertime. Since these boots already embrace the best wintertime vibes, you shouldn’t struggle to match them when it comes to matching them with your coats.

If you want to make your boots your statement piece, you can rock a total black look. You can either wear a long or a short coat, based on your preferences, although a short piece will draw more attention to your boots.

Timberland Boots with Sweater?

Sweaters are cosy and comfortable, just like Timberland boots. Mix and match these pieces for the ultimate fall or wintertime outfit. You can wear a pair of trousers or a skirt to match your sweater, or even opt for an oversized piece to be worn as a short dress.

To highlight and elongate your legs, and enhance your boots, we recommend some cool and colourful leggings.

Timberland Boots with T-Shirt?

Who says that Timberland should only be worn when it’s cold out there? You can still rock a pair of your favourite boots and match them with either a simple tee or even a band t-shirt if you want to share your passion for music.

Since Timberland are mostly available in taupe and yellowish colours, you can match them with both basic t-shirts or more colourful and patterned pieces. Wear some cool pants and you’ll be ready to go!

Which Are the Best Timberland Boots?

Timberland is a fast-growing brand, which has designed a wide variety of boots and shoes for any circumstances. For example, construction workers or people who love spending time outdoors can still enjoy some sturdy and durable boots.

On the other hand, there are many other styles available, including sneakers and boat shoes. Of course, the original 6-Inch Classic Double-Collar Boots will always be the most iconic shoes, but you should definitely check out all the other pieces available to expand your shoe collection.

How Long Do Timberland Boots Last?

Timberland boots are notoriously hard-wearing and long-lasting. However, to ensure that you make the most out of your boots, you should take proper care of them. For example, you should keep them clean using the most appropriate products, to preserve the leather.

Check periodically that the sealed stitching is still intact, and don’t forget to replace the rubber soles when needed. This will make your Timberland boots last forever!

Are Timberland Boots Good for Snow?

Timberland boots are waterproof, insulated and breathable. In other words, they are the best shoes to complete all your wintertime outfits. Besides, they are also perfect for snowy conditions, although they cannot technically replace proper snow boots.

If you want to enjoy a stroll in your city on a snowy afternoon, they will nevertheless be an invaluable ally. These boots also provide adequate deep and traction on icy water.

timberland boots in snow

Timberland Boots with a Dress?

Timberland can immediately become a more feminine type of shoe when paired with a cute dress. Since these boots are usually very versatile, you can pair them with any style. This includes black dresses, floral dresses, and even more formal pieces.

If you are wearing a midi or mini dress, you can rock some contrasting socks to make your legs stand out. Keep your legs naked to make your boots your statement piece.

Timberland Boots with a Skirt?

Wearing a skirt over your Timberland boots is the best way to make your shoes ready for a springtime outfit. These shoes usually hit your ankle, so they tend to look better with midi and mini skirts.

You are still encouraged to experiment with maxi skirts anyway, although you should avoid excessive lengths if you are a petite girl. Don’t forget to match your top with your skirt and your Timberland shoes!

Timberland Boots with an Oversize Dress?

Timberland boots hit your ankle and are usually tight-fitting. This means that they are perfect to elongate the natural shape of your legs, and can be used with oversized outfits. For example, if you want to wear an oversized dress with your favourite pair of Timberland, you can highlight your body shape even more with a thin waist belt or other matching accessories.

Can I wear Timberland Boots to work?

If you think Timberland Boots are just chunky boots that you wear out when you see your friends, think again. Timberlands will surprise you! I think nowadays there is a more relaxed style in peoples acceptance of what fashion is.

So I feel its absolutely fine to wear Timberland boots with the right outfit of course to work if its a causal Friday… why not? I feel you can still look elegant and smart.

Timberland Boots and A Parka Coat

Parka Coats are a winter essential and I believe you just can’t go wrong with pairing Timberland boots with this coat. Its a pair made in heaven. Timberland boots are just so versatile.

Timberland Boots and White Tee

Timberland boots look great in summer or winter. They are a classic timeless boots. Honestly I love my Timberlands! I just feel in the summer a simple white tee and roll up jeans is all you need to look fresh and elegant! There is beauty in simplicity.

Timberlands and Leggings

Who said you can’t wear leggings and Timberland boots? I personally love mixing the two. I like looking causal yet sexy at the same time especially in all black. One tip wear sexy shades to give a touch of glamour if you want.

Timberland Boots and Black Skinny Ripped Jeans

Okay all of us have a pair of skinny jeans whether they are ripped or not both jeans work for this look. All you need is a warm sweater to go with that and your done. For that extra drama don’t forget your sunglasses and nude lipstick.

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