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Combat boots have been popular through several decades, and today they are still one of the most loved footwear. They are comfortable and stylish, as well as versatile. Most importantly, they can be worn in winter to keep your feet warm and cosy.

From the best heavy-duty options to cool pieces to make your outfit bolder, combat boots aren’t just a way to achieve more grip when tackling mud, ice and snow anymore.

Versatility is indeed what has made combat boots popular among fashionistas all around the world. First ideated as military service shoes during WW2, now combat boots are a proper fashion piece featured and reinvented by many high-couture brands, from Gucci to Prada.

Whether your everyday style is, here you will find plenty of inspiration on how to wear combat boots in winter. Ready to revolutionise your wardrobe?


Are combat boots in style?

Combat boots are definitely worth your attention if you are a true fashionista. These shoes are known for their edgy aesthetic, although they can be paired with different styles to create several outfits. Combat boots are the perfect transition shoes in fall and winter, but they can also be styled with a summery dress.

Can you wear combat boots in the snow?

Combat boots are cosy, comfortable and sturdy. However, they might not be the smartest choice when the snow starts falling, as the moisture may damage the leather. If you still want to rock some cute boots, you can opt for brands like Timberland, which produce dedicated shoes for outdoor activities.

How to Choose the Best Pair of Winter Boots

Quality Material

Not all combat boots are made equal, as you will learn when you start shopping for these pieces. Trying to save some money is always a good idea although, when it comes to buying shoes, you should avoid pieces which are too cheap. In fact, you want to invest your money in high-quality boots, which will last for many seasons.

Leather is usually a good material because it is durable and comfortable. For a more weatherproofing option, you can opt for tanned leather.


When looking for a new pair of combat boots, you should find something that you can wear almost everywhere, from the office to the pub. Luckily, combat boots are very versatile pieces, which will complement any outfit adding a touch of personality, but without stealing too much of the spotlight (unless you want them to be your statement piece).

The Soles

You will walk a long way with your combat boots. For this reason, you should find a solid footing with a sturdy and durable sole, which will allow you plenty of movement on any type of road, including when it snows or rains a lot and it’s all wet.

Speaking of which, try to find a pair of rainproof combat boots. Alternatively, there are several products you can apply on leather shoes to make them weatherproof or at least protect them from rain.

How should combat boots be worn at 50?

When it comes to fashion, age should never be discriminatory. Combat boots are always a great piece, and the best way to rock it is to know how to style it. This means that you can look fab in your combat boots at 20 or 50, or even 80, if you feel good with yourself!

Maxi Dresses, Maxi Fun

Maxi dresses allow you to play with a lot of fabric, so this is the best opportunity to rock your favourite style or pattern. To give your look some rock-inspired vibes, we recommend:

  • A leather jacket or black blazer
  • A pair of leather combat boots
  • A small bag
  • Oversized sunglasses

Floral Dresses

No piece is bolder than the right pair of combat boots. Even if you have a romantic soul you can find a place for this footwear in your wardrobe. To toughen up your look, you can:

  • Match your favourite floral dress with a pair of black or brown combat boots.
  • Add a small bag and a few bright accessories, to highlight your outfit.

Get the Punk Rocker Look

Nothing shouts punk rock like a checkered midi dress and a pair of leather combat boots. to achieve this look you only need a few pieces of clothing, such as:

  • A checkered dress. Mini and midi pieces usually work better, but you are free to experiment with different lengths.
  • Your favourite combat boots. Black is a versatile colour but, again, you make your own fashion rules!

Fishnet Thighs

It’s time to show off your legs, but without underestimating the cold weather! Fishnet thighs are the perfect transition piece from one season to another, and they can help you create the perfect look. How to style them:

  • Wear a mini dress. Any colour will work fine, although we recommend a black piece.
  • Don’t forget your combat ankle boots! Platform boots are the best match for this look.

Leather Is the Key

The majority of combat boots are made of leather, so why not trying to match them with other leather pieces? In particular:

  • Rock a leather midi skirt. Opt for a pencil skirt if you want a more contemporary look.
  • Add a leather jacket or oversized blouse to make the whole style more dynamic.

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Chunky Sweaters

Sweaters are some of the cosiest pieces you can wear in winter. However, they may make your body look a bit odd, so you definitely need to balance your silhouette with your footwear. This is when you can use your favourite pair of ankle boots!

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Tights Jeans

If you want your combat boots to be your outfit’s statement dress, then you should keep your legs’ look simple. To achieve this style, you can either:

  • Wear a pair of tight washed jeans in dark shades
  • Rock some skinny black trousers

Add a cool sweater or cardigan and you will be ready to go.

Camel Coats

Camel coats are one of the most iconic pieces in wintertime, and they can immediately enhance your workwear. However, if you want to create a statement look, we recommend:

  • A faux leather midi skirt
  • A comfortable pullover or shirt
  • A long camel coat
  • Your favourite combat boots!

Baggy Jeans

The most important fashion rule is: always wear clothes which make you feel comfortable. For an afternoon or an evening out with your friends, baggy jeans are the best choice if you want to look fabulous but not overdressed. Add a pair of combat boots and a leather backpack for an extra touch of personality.

No Tights Day

Yes, we know: it’s wintertime, and it’s freezing cold! However, you can still rock a tight-less outfit if you go for the right cosy jumper and a woolly skirt. Add a pair of platform boots to keep your feet and ankles warm.

Streetwear Inspired Look

Combat boots meet the most iconic streetwear pieces in this outfit! All you need is:

  • A pair of checkered trousers or leggings
  • A comfortable hooded sweater
  • Your bulky combat boots!

Although you don’t need additional accessories, you should definitely experiment with this look.

High Boots, Long Cardigan

By playing with different lengths, you can achieve a dynamic look with an interesting slimming effect. Our best tips for a cool look:

  • A long, knitted cardigan. Nude shades work better as they will make you look thinner
  • High-knee combat boots are a must, as they make your legs look longer
  • Add a mini dress to make the overall look cuter

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Different Patterns, One Cool Outfit

One of the best things about combat boots is that they look great with basically any other piece of clothing. For a contemporary and versatile outfit, you can match them with your favourite skirt, regardless of its pattern. Add a black blazer or leather dress if you’re heading for a casual business-type event.

Total Black? Yes, Please!

You can never go wrong with total black. Any black t-shirt and a pair of skinny trousers will immediately look less boring and dull with a pair of combat boots. To make the outfit a bit brighter, we recommend either:

  • A camel or pastel coat
  • A colourful bag or backpack
  • Your favourite accessories

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