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The best way to survive the bad weather is opting for the perfect clothing choices. In particular, layering over more pieces of clothing is always the best idea when it comes to creating your fall and winter wardrobes.

As all fashionistas know, there are many ways to style a dress and a parka. So, what happens when we combine these two pieces together?

Here you will find plenty of inspiration on how to wear your favourite dress with lots of cosy parkas, to stay warm and stylish in any weather.


First of All: What is a Parka?

Parkas are designed to keep you warm and dry in the wintertime. They are cool pieces that can be worn even if you don’t have an additional layer underneath. This is what makes them different from sweaters and are wintertime tops. Besides, a parka usually leaves less range of movements than other pieces, which are instead designed for constant activity.

In other words, parka are heavier than your average winter top, and they provide warmth and dryness. This is the perfect combination if you are looking for a piece to layer over your dresses.

What do you wear with a parka?

Any piece of clothing can be styled with a parka. This jacket is the perfect addition to your fall or winter wardrobe and will look lovely with a casual sweater as well as a more formal blouse. Dresses and skirts are also some pieces you can match with your parka.

How to Pick the Perfect Parka


Parkas are usually made either in down or synthetic fill. Down is very warm, and it is also an excellent insulator. Because of its high quality, down can be particularly expensive and requires professional cleaning.

On the other hand, synthetic fill is less warm but can perform better under the rain. Besides, it is a more convenient and easier to manage and style option.

Consider the Weather

Whether you need protection from the wind or moisture, there is the right parka for your out there. This means that you should consider several factors. For example, you might need a simply water-resistant parka or a completely waterproof and windproof piece.

In other words, when looking for a new parka, style should not be your only consideration. Don’t forget that you are going to buy a piece which will keep you warm for many years!

Quality Material

You should choose the material of your parka based on style and practicality.

  • Leather parkas are durable and stylish but they don’t usually provide any protection against rain and wind. Besides, they are not very warm, so they might not be the best choice when winter hits.
  • Wool coats are also durable and they are warm. Wool parkas are very stylish and come in a variety of rainproof and windproof insulations. However, they tend to be bulky, so they might not be the best choice if you need some room for movement.
  • Cotton parkas are the perfect transition pieces when going from autumn to winter. They perform well under the rain, but they are not very warm.
  • Faux fur coats give your outfit plenty of vintage styles, but they are not good if you want to spend some time under the rain. These pieces should be your last resort when you just need to spend a few minutes outdoors and you want to look fabulous.

Short Pants, Long Parka

If you are leaving for a weekend out in the woods, rain could be your worst enemy. This means that you should wear different layers of clothes, keeping in mind that you might not be necessarily too cold. This is how you create the perfect multi-layers outfit:

  • Pick a pair of cotton pants or even shorts. If you prefer.
  • Wear a comfy sweater which is not too bulky.
  • Add your favourite waterproof and windproof parka.

Can you wear a parka with a suit?

Yes, you can wear a parka with a suit. This is the best way to make your suit less formal, without looking underdressed. Make sure you still have plenty of space to move freely, as suits can usually be too tight. Besides, your parka must fit perfectly and be in a matching colour.

Should your coat be longer than your dress?

To look correct and well proportioned, your coat should come about halfway down your tights. As a general rule, you can layer a long parka over a short dress for more formal occasions or in the evening. By doing the contrary, you will achieve a more informal and casual look.

Does a Parka go with a midi dress?

Parkas usually look fabulously with all types of dress, including midi pieces. To create the perfect outfit, we recommend a parka which extends just beyond your knees, reaching more or less the same length of your midi dress. Otherwise, you can way shorter parkas, but you should avoid longer pieces.

Play with Different Styles

Yes, you can mix and match your sporty parka with a more elegant dress. In fact, this is one of the best ways to give your outfit a more contemporary and interesting twist, which will surely grab all attention! Choose the right colours and make sure all your accessories are appropriate for the occasion. And don’t forget to have fun!

Fur Collars

Who says that you cannot be fashionable while protecting yourself from the cold weather? Faux fur collared parkas are indeed one of the best statement pieces for this season. Our tips:

  • Avoid collared dresses underneath.
  • Keep all the other pieces and accessories minimal.
  • If your parka is very long, wear a pair of ankle or combat boots.

Warm and Dry, but Always Fabulous

The bad weather cannot stop you from going out with your friend for a glamorous night? Then your parka is there for you!

  • To layer your parka over a night or elegant dress, choose contrasting colours.
  • Make sure your parka is cleaned.
  • Match your parka’s colour with your bag or other accessories.
  • Don’t forget your smile!

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Yes, your parka can easily become your outfit’s statement piece, especially if you are going to spend some time outdoors so people will be admiring your outerwear for a while.

  • Keep your clothing simple. For example, opt for total black or another nude colour palette.
  • Add a parka in a contrasting colour, such as with or black.
  • Ideally, your parka should have a few distinctive details, like a fur hoodie.

Don’t Be Afraid of Breaking the Rules

If you are creating a statement outfit, then choosing the right parka is essential. There are many patterns and colours out there. You can even find a piece which mixes different styles all together! This is the best way to style your extravagant parka:

  • Keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple.
  • Avoid matching the shoes and the bag.
  • Don’t be afraid to be daring, but also opt for a parka which can enhance your silhouette.

Leave Your Leggings at Home

If your parka is warm enough, you might not need to protect your legs against the cold weather. This means you can leave your leggings at home! however, to make your outfit look wintery enough, you can still play with grey or other cold shades colour palettes. Don’t forget to add a bright coloured detail, such as your shoes.

Long Skirt, Short Parka

Not all pieces of outerwear need to be long to be cosy. For example, waterproof parka usually hits the wider part of your hips. They can be styled with a long skirt. a few words of advice:

  • Avoid short parkas if you want to conceal large hips
  • Opt for a colourful and patterned skirt, which will be your statement piece.

Matching Colours

Your parka can blend perfectly with your outfit, especially if you are wearing a matching dress. Although it might be hard to find two pieces in similar colours, the result is surely worth it. Just don’t forget to add a contrasting item, such as your boots, scarf or beanie.

Bulky and Cosy

When the coldest weather hits, all you can do is to protect yourself with your bulkiest parka! However, these pieces usually leave very little room for movement, meaning that you should wear slim fitting pieces of clothing underneath.

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