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If you have checked the latest fashion trends for the colder seasons, you might have noticed a lot of girls pairing comfy sweaters over their dresses. This is indeed a girly yet contemporary and versatile look, and you can mix and match different styles to make it perfect for any occasion.

Since we all have at least a couple of sweaters and dresses in our wardrobe, we have decided to list some of the best ways to pair these pieces together.

Layering a sweater over a dress is a cute style, which has urban vibes and can work on many occasions. However, it is important to match the perfect garments and individuate the proper lengths. Ready to get inspired to try this trend out?


How do you wear a sweater over a dress shirt?

Dress shirts are very cute and versatile, and you can reinvent them for a more casual look by layering them with a sweater. For a dynamic and contemporary look, we recommend playing with different colours or patterns but take the lengths of the garments into account.

3 Tips to Style A Sweater Over A Dress

The easiest way to create a complete look is to wear your favourite sweater over a dress, and you will be ready to go. However, it only takes a few minutes to create a more homogeneous outfit, making the sweater and the dress look like they were born to be worn together.

Tuck Under a Belt

Some dresses already have a built-in belt. Tuck your sweater under it and then pull it out enough until it sits on the slimmer part of your hips. This will immediately have a slimming effect on your silhouette. You can recreate this look with any dress, as all you need is a thin waist belt. Just make sure the belt doesn’t sit directly on your hips.

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Use a Belt Over the Sweater

Your thin waist belt can be used to create even more looks. All you have to do is to put it over the sweater, rather than under it. This will accentuate your waistline, creating more flattering layers of fabrics.

Knot the Sweater

Fold your sweater up in the back, grab all the exceeding fabric at its bottom, and make it into a small ponytail. Tuck the know over the sweater and loosen as needed. Here’s your cropped sweater, which will look fabulous especially with long and maxi dresses.

This look was particularly trending in the early 2000s when people were using a hair tie to knot chunky sweaters.

Tie Top Open Front Cardigan

How do you wear a cardigan over a dress?

If you want to layer a cardigan over your dress you should avoid bulky pieces, which might be uncomfortable. For example, you can layer your cardigan over a sleeveless dress. Alternatively, you can try with a dress which hemline hits just above your knees.

Most Common (And Stylish) Types of Sweaters

Before you just wear any sweater over your dress, you might want to know what pieces you can find out there in the shops. Not all sweaters are made equal, and knowing their differences is the best way to understand how to style each piece properly, and how to use it to play with stylish outfits.

  • Crewnecks. Simple and timeless, a crewneck sweater will match every type of dress, especially if you oft per a nude shade.

  • Turtlenecks. Turtlenecks are usually worn underneath the dress, but you can still rock them over your main piece for a cosier and more formal outfit. If you want to show more neck, then opt for a mock neck.

  • V-Necks. Wear these pieces with a buttoned-up or shirt dress and you won’t need anything else for your work attire. Go for a more relaxed and looser piece for a formal outfit.

  • Fair Isle. Usually, Fair Isle sweaters are associated with the holiday season. However, these pieces are absolutely lovely and can be rocked on any occasion. Make sure to pair them with a simple and monochrome dress, to make the knitwear and its pattern the stars of your outfit.

  • Zip. Zippered sweaters are back and they will be trending for long. The zip may either be ¼, ½ or full, based on your preferences. You might even opt for a turtleneck variation of this style for a more contemporary look.

  • Vests. From V-neck to crewneck, sweater vests come in all sorts of variations. Just make sure to pair them with a bold and patterned dress to avoid looking overdressed.

  • Cable Knit. Do cable knit sweaters really need an introduction? These pieces are absolutely must-haves for all wardrobes. They come in all fabrics and colours and with their intricately patterned knits, they will immediately change any dress. Most importantly, they are warm and cosy, which makes them perfect for endless wintery outfits.

  • Cardigans. You don’t need to be a preppy girl to appreciate the style of a good, old cardigan. These open-style sweaters can be zipped up, buttoned up or even belted shut. In other words, there are so many styles that you will be able to create endless combinations with your favourite dresses.

Tie the Sweater Up

If you want to wear a loose sweater, then pull the front together and use a hair tie to flip the tail under the top. This will create a cropped effect which will make your silhouette thinner and more balanced.

  • Play with contrasting colours for a bold look.
  • Wear some boots to elongate your legs.

Elegant Knitted Bodycon Tie Waist Sweater Pencil Dress

Monochrome Looks

One of the best ways to create a cool look is to stick to one colour palette. For example:

  • A grey mini dress.
  • A lighter grey sweater over it.
  • Some black tights.
  • Black ankle shoes.
  • Matching accessories.

High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Sweater Cardigans

If you are transitioning from one season to another, you can just wear a cosy sweater cardigan to make your look warmer and more comfortable. Our recommendations:

  • Make sure all colours match, including those of your accessories.
  • If you want to use your cardigan as your main piece of outerwear, make sure you have enough room for movement.

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What do you wear over a slip dress?

By wearing a sweater over your slip dress, you can make it look like a skirt. This means that you can reinvent your look any time, creating an infinite combination of styles. You can also try with a leather or denim jacket, for a bolder look.

Sweater over a bodycon dress?

Layering a sweater over your bodycon dress will create the perfect texture to complete your look, especially if you want an easy and casual outfit. However, you can get the same result with smarter pieces, like a blazer, a cardigan, or an oversized coat.

Sweater over a maxi dress?

When it comes to maxi dresses, you want to layer them with a sweater that hits the perfect spot. This should be at your waist, in order to create the perfect balance and enhance your silhouette. Otherwise, you might end up highlighting the wrong curves.

Sweater over a midi dress?

Just like longer pieces, midi dresses require to be layered with proper garments. This can include sweaters, provided that they have the right length. Try to hit right at your waist and, if necessary, add a waist belt to underline your silhouette.

Sweater over a dress with a belt?

Waist belts are always the perfect accessory when it comes to styling a sweater over your dress. You can layer different pieces in this way, and choose which curves of your body you want to highlight. Make sure your belt is not too tight and you’ll be ready to go.

Oversized sweater over a dress?

By styling an oversized sweater over your dress you can get a cute and cosy outfit, perfect for fall and winter. However, this look might not be flattering for petite girls or for those who are seeking a more thinning getup to elongate their figure.

Turtleneck Oversize Long Pullover Sweater Dress

Time to Wear Your Boots!

By pairing a sweater and a dress, you will have different lengths covering your body. To make everything more balanced and give your silhouette the right shape, you can wear a pair of high knee boots.

  • Looking for a statement piece? Go for Texan boots!
  • Match your boots with your bag and you’ll have the perfect work attire.

Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs

Three Layers Are Better Than Two

Winter is coming, and you must be ready for colder temperatures. Why not layering over more pieces? For example:

  • Wear a patterned midi dress.
  • Layer over your favourite graphic sweater.
  • Add one more layer, such as a leather or suede jacket.
  • Avoid bulky or oversized pieces, or you won’t do any good to your silhouette.

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Pencil Dresses

If you like to show off your curves and you feel comfortable with it, pencil dresses are interesting and versatile pieces.

  • Layer a sweater in a nude shade over your dress for the ultimate work attire
  • Or add a brighter and more extravagant top for an afternoon of shopping!
  • Make sure the sweater is cropped for a slimming effect.

The Magic of White Sneakers

If you have already paired two different colours or styles with your sweater and your dress, you need a piece which can make your outfit look more homogeneous. This is when white sneakers come in handy! This footwear is versatile and can be even worn on more formal occasions and in colder seasons.

Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Show Your Collar Off

Shirt dresses are very professional and contemporary pieces. One of their many features is the collar, which resembles those of the shirts.

  • Wear a boatneck sweater to make your dress collar show off.
  • Don’t wear any necklace or other accessories on your neck.
  • Ideally, the sweater should fit a bit loose.

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