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Let’s face it: some women are not confident enough to don a crop top for their OOTDs. While it’s no problem for slim ladies with rock-hard abs – it’s a bit of concern for those who don’t have flat tummies – and ladies who are already past the age of 40.

If you suffer from any of these fashion dilemmas, know that you can still rock a crop top just like Selena Gomez or Karlie Kloss. Whatever your size or age might be, you can make your crop tops look classy with the help of these stylish fashion tips.


What Do You Wear Crop Tops With?

The answer to this is quite easy. You can wear almost anything with your favorite crop tops. But to make your life easier, here’s a quick summary of them:

Pencil Skirt

If you’re looking to accentuate your hourglass curve, then your best choice is a pencil skirt. While it’s very sexy, it’s good enough for work because it provides the needed coverage up until your knees (or a few inches above or below them).

As long as your pencil skirt is made from stretchy material, you can readily adjust it as needed. You can pull it an inch (or two) high if you don’t want to expose much skin – or whenever your tummy is feeling cold. And, should the temperatures get hotter, you can readily pull it down an inch again.

A-Line Skirt

Another skirt that goes well with your crop is your A-line skirt. While it flatters every figure, it’s best for those who have narrow hips since it can make them have ‘curvier’ bottoms.

More than just creating a fashion mirage, an A-line skirt can make your crop top outfit look more sophisticated. Such is especially the case if you pick an ornate design like these vintage/retro-style circles. A statement A-line skirt also minimizes the need for accessorizing, which is why the model looks stunning despite having fairly simple pieces.

Wide-Legged Pants

Crop tops are fitted in general, so they’re best worn with something that balances the look. The finest example for this is a flowy bottom, with the number 1 choice being the wide-legged pant. As a very comfy garment, it is something you can wear even during the hot seasons.

Apart from being fashionable, wide-legged pants are very versatile too. As long as you have the right style, it’s something you can flaunt at work – or a beach vacation with family and friends.

Denim Bottoms

Denim is a timeless material that looks great with anything – crop tops included. Whether it’s a short, skirt, or pants, your denim bottom is sure to complement your crop top – no matter how simple or elaborate it may be.

Proving this notion is the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, who paired her polka-dot crop top with a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Like the former Victoria’s Secret model, you can make your attire look more elegant by adding a tailored blazer and a pair of sexy heels.


If you want to maintain a sexy, athletic look, then make sure to draw inspiration from model Gigi Hadid. Ever fashionable, the model more than looks good with her black crop top with a pair of plain black leggings.

Just like this celebrity, you can maintain a rock-chic look by wearing your attire with aviator shades and ankle booties. But if you’re after an athleisure aesthetic, go for sneakers instead. Throw a sporty jacket along and you’re ready to hit the streets.

How Can I Make My Crop Top Look Classy?

Some stay away from crop tops because they find them to be sexy or showy. While this is true, you can always create an elegant look with these itsy-bitsy garments. All you just need to do is follow these smart styling tips:

Choose Ornate Pieces

If you want to look glamorous, then you need to pick out some ornate pieces that channel this look.

Take the case of Jessica Alba, who paired her simple black crop top with a luxe balloon skirt. To top it all off, she picked a pair of statement sandals with some impeccable detailing.

Word to the wise: avoid going over the top by keeping your accessories simple. Again, Jessica perfects this by only opting for a gemstone earring – this and only this!

Be Unique

Most crop top designs are predictable – fitted, in either spaghetti or tank designs. So if you want to break the mold, then you need to sport something unique! Just take this model as an example, who looks elegant in her unique crop top.

Unlike most designs, it has a billowy flair and asymmetrically-designed spaghetti straps. Needless to say, it’s so unique that she didn’t need to go crazy with the styling. Just look at her sophisticated style, which she completes with her cigarette pants, black flats, and simple earrings.

Play With Textures

When it comes to sophistication, nothing beats the style mantra of Amal Alamuddin-Clooney. A pillar of human rights, she never misses a beat when it comes to fashion (and litigation, of course).

To cop this barrister’s look, all you need to do is pick a top with textured details. Here, she turns heads with her furry (if not hairy) blouse, which she pairs with a sleek, black blazer. Except for her geometrically-designed trousers, she keeps everything simple. Her only bit of jewelry is her earrings (though it’s a rock of maybe 5 carats or more!)

Can Moms or a Woman Over 40 Wear a Crop Top?

Yes! Fashion knows no age or boundaries. However, moms and women in their 40s need to be more conscious if they want to maintain a sophisticated and more mature look. If you belong to any of these demographics, then you need to consider these elegant fashion tricks:

Layer with Outerwear

While you may have toned abs, certain occasions may require some dressier clothes. So whether you’re going to a PTA – or attending a work meeting – it’s best to pair your crop top (at least for the time being) with a nice jacket or blazer.

Apart from being glamorous, this style particularly useful in rooms where the A/C is on blast. Not only will you look more respectable, but you’ll be able to ward off the cold as well!

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Be Sophisticated

While model Miranda Kerr sure has a flat stomach, she styles her crop top in a way that befits a mother-of-3. To get the look of this former Victoria’s Secret Angel, the key is opting for more sophisticated and tailored pieces.

Instead of the usual juvenile styles, Miranda went with an impeccable crop top. She effectively pairs this in a high-waist skirt and a dressy blazer – both of which make a crop top (however generic) look more elegant.

Plain Jane

Sometimes, less is more. This is especially the case for moms and mature women, as wearing bright or vibrant designs is no longer that flattering.

Just look at Chrissy Teigen, celebrity mother of 2 and Twitter user extraordinaire. Again, the former model has rock-hard abs – but she opted to conceal it in a chic way with a criss-cross crop top that covers most of her midsection. Together with her white high-waisted skirt, Chrissy has created a look that befits an expensive dinner date.

Can I Wear a Crop Top if I Don’t Have a Flat Stomach?

Yes! Even if you don’t have abs, you can look cute in a crop top. Here are 4 ways to do so:

Get it Right

It’s all about loving the skin you’re in.

If you’re on the plus side, know that you can still wow people with a crop top. All you just need to do is flaunt the ‘right’ area of your midsection.

In most people, this part is an inch underneath the bosom – and about 5 inches (or more for long-torso girls) above the belly button. By exposing this ‘flat’ part of your tummy, you’ll be able to enjoy crop tops without the need for exercise or cosmetic surgery!

Go Up a Notch

While a good fit is crucial, you need to go up a size if you don’t want to show your tummy in your crop top.

For one, it doesn’t impinge on your stomach – which could eventually lead to a fluffy tummy roll. Bigger crop tops also tend to be longer, thus keeping your midsection covered for the most part.

Best worn with high-waist bottoms, this type of crop top will make you feel like you’re just wearing an ordinary blouse.

Tie Something Around Your Waist

Tying your jacket or button-down top is a trend that’s both beneficial and fashionable. For one, it allows you to carry a layer with you wherever you go – without the pain of lugging a big bag. It also helps accentuate your waist, which is particularly good when you’re wearing a flowy attire.

As for crop tops, a waist-tied layer can provide tummy coverage whenever the situation calls for it. It could be a savior for places when adequate clothing is required – be it your office or a high-end restaurant. So if you’re looking for something to cover your tummy ASAP, then make sure to always tie a jacket or flannel shirt around your waist!

Wear an Oversized Jacket

An oversized jacket is a must-have for any lady’s fashion arsenal. Apart from being stylish and comfortable, it’s the perfect piece to hide your problem areas – especially if you feel insecure about them.

While this style mantra applies to almost anything, it’s particularly good if you want to paint the town red in a crop top. Even if your tummy is not as flat as you wish it would be, an oversized jacket can hide a great deal of it. Just look at this model, who only has a small piece of skin showing – many thanks to the bagginess of her camel-colored jacket.

How Can I Wear Crop Tops Without Showing My Stomach?

While crop tops usually equate to a bare midsection, it doesn’t always have to be the case. With these 3 fashion trends, you can dress your crop tops while remaining ‘fully dressed’.

Wear a Crop Top With Another Top

Crop tops don’t always have to be standalone blouses.

If you want to wear your crop top to work – and not freeze to death during the nipper seasons – then the best thing you can do is to layer it with your other pieces.

This styling shouldn’t make you sweaty though, as long as you take the cue from Katie Holmes. Here, the actress looks impeccable in her sweater crop top – layered with an almost see-through flowy blouse.

…Or Layer it With a Dress

Another way to keep your tummy concealed is to layer your crop top over a dress. Again, this is a perfect look especially when it’s cold outside – or if you want to rock the crop top trend at work.

To make it more suitable for the latter, pick a tailored dress – such as this model’s button-down frock. Don’t forget to accessorize, especially if you’re wearing solid neutral colors such as black or white.

Do it Over(all) Again

If you’re very conscious about exposing your tummy with your crop top, you can always resort to wearing it underneath an overall. This popular trend – applicable to size 0 and size 20 women alike – is proof that crop tops go beyond just exposing some skin.

More than just hiding some problem areas, this outfit is a grown-up way to jump on the ‘overalls’ trend. They work hand-in-hand since a crop top can make the romper look more gorgeous – so you don’t look like a kid on the loose.

A crop top may be a sexy piece, but you can style it in an elegant way that hides your lady lumps (or your age). Given this versatility, a crop top is a great fashion investment – whether you’re young, old, slim, or plus-sized.

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Bonus Crop Top Styling Ideas

Tiffany Amber Thiessen’s tropical crop and high-waisted jeans 

Quite possibly one of the most iconic crop top moments from the 1980s! Tiffany Amber Thiessen paired that little floral number with high-waisted jeans, big, plastic earrings, and swishy hair lifted at the roots. Tiffany was a crop-top queen back in the day, with other classic pairings such as a black bandeau and jeans, and a white, lacy bra with suspenders…and jeans. 

Johnny Depp’s sports crop and track pants  

Now for an unexpected reference…Johnny Depp in a cropped sports tee and very low-riding track pants. Note that landline phone with the curly cord? Those were the days. This shot is from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ if you want to see it in action! 

Cher’s draped crop, leather jacket, and black denim jeans 

Cher is a fashion icon, through and through, even when she’s being seemingly casual. A slinky, cowl-style crop with metallic thread, a chunky leather jacket with embellishments, and black denim jeans. It’s biker-chick-meets-disco and we want to recreate it asap. 

Slouchy trousers, chunky trainers, and an over-shoulder bag 

Take a crop top in plain black, with a square neckline and thick straps. Pair it with ultra-baggy trousers in a neutral-tone tartan. Add chunky sneakers and an over-shoulder bag with a metallic chain strap. Dress it up by adding a matching suit jacket and a pair of pointy-toe heels. 

Velvet pencil skirt, high neckline, and strappy heels 

A crop can be just as at-home at a special event as it is at a house party. Pair with a fitted velvet skirt and a pair of metallic strappy heels. Pick a crop with a high-neck and extra coverage at the chest, like a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. Carry a satiny clutch and slick the hair up. 

Layered over a fuller-coverage ensemble 

Who said crop tops mean showing skin? During cooler months (or when you’re not into showing your tum), layer a statement crop over a blouse, tee, or even a long-sleeved turtleneck. Pair with high-waisted, cropped trousers and statement flats or mules. 

High-waisted denim, a fluffy cardigan, and heels 

Crops needn’t be extreme, no, they can show the faintest sliver of skin and still be firmly in the crop camp. Pair a fitted, knit, long-line crop with high-waisted, flared jeans (70s-style!) for a little peep of the tummy. Add a cropped knit sweater and elevate the look with sweet, strappy heels. 

All-over bright, with a pop of contrast 

A crop is a perfect layering piece to lighten-up a pantsuit. Even better, match your crop to your suit…and your shoes. Find a rich, jewel-toned pantsuit and wear the jacket open to show off your simple crop. Add a pop of color with a contrast-hue handbag. 


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Mermaid-inspired satin midi with statement flats  

Another satin midi…but make it mermaid. Find a shimmering, shining satin midi skirt in a sea-green or blue shade, and pair with a simple cropped tee in plain white. Add a pair of pointy-toe flats in holographic metallic, and head out into the sun. 

A Lacy Bra with an Oversized Suit Jacket and Denim Cut-Offs 

Want to up the ante with your crop? Go for a straight-up lace bra or bralette. Wear with an open blazer in neutral tweed, and a pair of ripped denim shorts. Add layered necklaces and dark sunglasses.

Baggy cargo pants and Adidas 

Get your 90s and 00’s on with low-rise, baggy cargo pants, sneakers, and a fitted crop. This is the Sporty Spice way of life, and the perfect way to make the most of contoured abs (or soft tummies!) during Summer and warmer Spring days. 

Breton stripes with palazzo pants and a statement handbag 

Get inspired by Parisian street style with a boxy, long-sleeved crop in blue and navy Breton stripes. Pair with flowing palazzo pants, a statement belt, sunglasses, and an oversized handbag to stash all your shopping. Oh how chic, darling! 

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