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Dresses are very feminine, which is why a lot of women wear them with girly shoes such as heels, sandals, and flats. And while these classic combinations are very stylish, some ladies tend to go for the casual/athletic side by pairing their dresses with their favorite kicks. 

Whether it’s your first time to try this – or if you are just looking for more styling ideas – then you’ve come to the right page! All you just need to do is sit back, relax, and read these tips on how to wear your favorite dresses with sneakers (and other accessories too!)


Is it OK to Wear Sneakers With a Dress?

Yes of course! 

If you want a look that is easy to achieve, then your best choice is to wear either a plain white or black sneaker. They’re foolproof options, especially if you want to wear a patterned summer dress. 

Here, you’ll see the model rocking a summery vibe with her printed dress and plain white sneakers. 

Looking for a stylish outfit with minimal effort? Then try this black-on-black ensemble. 

If you’re willing to take it up a notch, then you might as well go for brightly colored kicks! Just refer to the girl below, who is beaming in her floral dress and mustard yellow Adidas sneakers. 

How Do I Style a Dress With Sneakers?

Answer: There are so many ways to wear your dress with sneakers! From casual to formal, here are some pairings you’ll truly love. 

Aesthetic and Athletic

A sexy bodycon dress – such as this one – undoubtedly looks good in a pair of heels. But if you don’t want to have blisters and achy feet at the end of each day, then you should wear it with your favorite athletic sneakers.

This model shows that you can mix luxe and athletic elements for a stunning look. Her pristine bodycon dress and athletic kicks, in fact, are something you never thought you needed. So if you want to move freely – and still look gorgeous – then this is the pairing you ought to try. 

Sparkle and Shimmer

A sequined dress – such as this one – is a formal attire you’ll probably wear for gala events and whatnot. That said, you may find it hard to integrate this with your daily wardrobe. 

However, if you have a pair of white sneakers – you can make this possible.

Your kicks’ casual nature help balances out the ornateness of your dress – thus creating a look that’s great for both morning and night. When worn with a white tank (as in this case), you can create an elegant athleisure style right on the spot. 

Coordinate the Colors

Rihanna – singer, entrepreneur, and style extraordinaire – shows how this pairing is done with her complimenting outfit. 

While most celebrities adhere to ‘plainer’ kicks, she goes with an elaborately designed pair such as this one. To make things better, she wears it with a dress in a coordinating color. 

This combo is so good that it doesn’t necessitate much styling. Like her, you can look effortlessly gorgeous in a mere pair of stud earrings (and brightly painted nails!) 

Denim on Denim

Speaking of coordination, another way to harmonize your look is to wear a denim dress with denim-accented sneakers. 

Despite the rugged nature of denim, the model has created an exquisite look with the ruffled, waist-cinching design of the dress. 

And while she can easily wear this with heels, the model decided to maintain a casual vibe with her denim-patterned kicks. 

When worn with cat’s eye shades and a thick layer of bracelets (just like the model), this outfit can make you look stylishly unique!

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…or Mix it Up!

It’s great to coordinate – but it also works to add some contrast into your dress and sneakers outfit. Just like this model, a contrasting style is something you could pull off – even with the trickiest of prints. 

Remember: looking good is a matter of balance. Since her Leopard print dress is fashionably loud enough as it is, she kept it peeled back with her dark green blazer and bright yellow bag. 

As with the model, you can pull this multi-faceted look off with a pair of neutral-colored kicks. 

Love the Layers

Cold nights are unpredictable, even during spring or autumn. So if you want to keep warm despite the dropping temperatures, then you should layer your dress – and wear sneakers!

Here, you’ll see how a plain white shirt works well with a maxi satin slip-style dress. When paired with white sneaks – it completes a summer-worthy look that works even if it’s still cold outside. 

Tip: Add contrast to your look by wearing a colored or patterned tee underneath your dress!

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Sweat it Out 

Apart from wearing a tee underneath your dress, you can also wear one on top of it! 

Take this fashion inspiration from actress Kate Bosworth, who looks cool and comfy in her gray sweater and mint green dress. And even if her heeled sneakers go towards a different palette, their neutral nature makes it a great option for her overall ensemble. 

Like the actress, you can add some spice to your look with some layered necklaces and a pair of oversized sunglasses. 

Button-Down Under 

If the temps are unusually nippy, then short-sleeved tops won’t do you good for the time being. In that case, a better (and dressier) option is a button-down top. 

As showcased by this model, a button-down top is a great way to keep warm and stylish in a dress. It helps add a bit of structure – especially if you’re wearing an airy, whimsical frock.

The button-down’s ‘formal’ nature makes it good for the office too. With your sneakers in tow, this outfit can help you redefine casual Fridays.

Luxe in Leather

Looking to put some edge into your printed maxi dress outfit? Then you should wear it with sneakers – and a leather moto jacket! Not only is this a great way to stay warm during the colder days, but it also adds a bit of punk rock flavor.  

Again, this pairing needs not much accessorizing. All you need is a bright red lip and you’re good to go!

Tip: If you want, you can add a little more flair to your outfit by sporting a pair of oversized shades and a structured bag.  

Fierce and Formal

An oversized blazer is one of the most stylish pieces of today. After all, it works well on any type of outfit – dresses included. 

In this picture, you’ll see how the model created an edgy look with her oversized cream blazer and black bodycon dress. And, unlike most people, she chose a chunky pair of rubber shoes – one you’d wear for athletic purposes. Given her mid-calf length socks, she created a style that’s worthy of several Instagram likes. 

Vest is Best

Layering is one of the best ways to style your frock and sneakers.  But if you live in a ‘warm’ area – or if you’re currently enjoying balmy weather – then long-sleeved outerwear is out of the question.

That said, you can still achieve lovely layering with a sleeveless vest. As seen in this model, it can break the monotony of a ‘simple’ get-up. 

You need not necessarily buy a vest for this outfit, either. You can raid your dad, brother, or boyfriend’s closet and incorporate his vest into your ensemble! 

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Around the Waist (or Neck)

Say you decided to wear your dress with a leather jacket or oversized blazer – then the temps decided to go up. While you may opt to sweat in misery, you can do this simple trick of wrapping the sleeves around your waist – or neck.

An around the waist styling (such as this one) is not only helpful, but it’s very trendy as well. It can help cinch your waist so that you can readily flaunt your hourglass figure – even if you are wearing a loose dress. 

The around the neck drape, on the other hand, gives a nautical feel that’s perfect for your beach or vacation romps!

Terrific in a Trench Coat 

A good thing about a dress and sneaker pairing is that it works well with most types of outerwear. Case in point: this trench coat-centered outfit.  

Apart from providing the warmth and coverage you need, this pairing exudes a kind of style you won’t find in any other. For one, the contrast between the lengths – the short mini dress and the long trench coat – offers a lovely layered look. And, if all else fails, you can easily remove your trench once the temps get hotter.

Turn That Trench Into a Dress

Trench coats are not only for layering. Like Emily Ratajkowski, you can wear it as a dress!

The key to achieving this look is to use an oversized trench. To style it, fold up (or roll) the sleeves and cinch your waist. You can use the accompanying belt or a new one for this part. 

While this is more of a formal look, you can make it casual with a pair of chunky white sneakers. With its unique flair, you just might end up transforming all your trench coats into trendy dresses! 

What Accessories Should You Wear With a Dress and Sneaker Outfit?

Apart from rocking a beautiful dress and sneakers, you’ll need a few accessories to glam up your look. Here are some of them:

Humble Hat

The sun can take a toll on your face – so you need to do everything to protect it. Apart from wearing sunscreen, donning a nice hat will help as well – in a fashionable way, but of course!

Here, the model looks incredible in her simple black dress, white sneakers, and gray hat. She also kept her styling to a minimum, only donning a classic pair of shades, a structured bag, and a fine bracelet.

Brilliant Bandana

Tired of having your hair all up on your face on a windy day? Well then, a useful and trendy solution to this is a bandana. More than just framing your beautiful face, it can add some more flair to your overall outfit.

Remember: You don’t need to follow any color coordination rules at all when it comes to a bandana. Just look at the model – who paired her printed dress with a multi-colored headpiece. 

While you can always buy a ready-to-wear bandana, you can always use your big hankies. That way, you don’t have to spend more just to style your everyday outfits. 

Stunning Shades

Looking to add a bit of oomph to your plain outfit? You can easily do this with the help of a stunning pair of shades.

Just like the model, you can wear a pair with some embellishments. But if you want to maintain a classic look, then an oversized pair of aviator shades would do. 

While most women use shades for style, it comes with the bonus of being protective as well. With its benefit for your eyes – and overall look – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear this with your dress and sneaker combo. 

Enthralling Earrings

Most people say that women should – at the very least – wear earrings. This is quite reasonable, as a pair can make you look elegant no matter what your outfit might be.

While earrings can easily glamorize your dress and sneaker pairing, they help you create a fashion statement as well. Take the case of this model, who turned heads in her pink chandelier earrings. Not only are they perfect for her pink dress, but they make her face pop out as well! 

Nice Necklace

A necklace is a timeless piece any girl should have. After all, it works well with any type of outfit!

Such is the case whenever you’re wearing a plain frock such as this one. Although the green maxi dress is very simple, the wearer’s long necklace gave it a stylish, beach-like feel. 

Taking inspiration from this model, you can opt for beaded or shell necklaces for a more casual look. But if you’re after a classier vibe, then you’re better off with metal (gold or silver) or statement necklaces. 

Stylish Scarf

You don’t have to worry about the cold if you’re not in the mood to wear a jacket or a trench coat. With a scarf, you can keep yourself warm and stylish! 

Like this model, you can stay true to your color palette with a matching scarf. However, you can go for contrast with the opposite color (say, a black scarf with a white dress.)

Better yet, you can add some element of whimsy to your attire with a printed scarf. Best for plain outfits, a printed scarf can add some fashion flair without the need for extra accessories. 

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Beautiful Belt

Want to sparkle in your dress and kicks outfit? Then you should consider wearing a beautiful belt around your waist. 

Apart from upgrading your look, your belt can help you flaunt your figure. It doesn’t matter if your size 0 or size 20, a belt is all about accentuating the thinnest part of your torso – your waist.

While a solid-colored is the best way to go – as it fits both plain and printed dresses – you can always step your game up with a bright or patterned belt. 

Bright Bag

We girls can’t go anywhere without a bag. It’s our lifeline – it’s where we put our wallets, cellphones, keys, cosmetics, among many other things.

While a dress and sneaker combo looks great with virtually any type of bag, you can make more of a splash by pairing it with a brightly colored bag. A good example is this orange purse (it need not be necessarily a Hermes purse though!)

Just like the model, you can embellish the handles as this can help create varying looks for your purse. Add to that, it can protect the handles from damage as well! 

High Socks

Ankle socks are perfect to wear with sneakers. But if you want to create a statement, then go for high socks! 

Just take inspiration from this model, who layers her mid-calf socks over stockings (more about the latter coming up!) 

An athletic style such as this one is a great way to add a casual flair to your overall outfit. That way, you inject some element of contrast – especially if you’re wearing a girly dress. 

Sassy Stockings

Even if you have a good jacket in tow, a short frock can leave your legs exposed to the elements. If you don’t want them to turn into popsicle sticks during a cold spring night, then you ought to cover them with stockings.

One of the good things about wearing stockings is that they look great with sneakers. No need to choose between ankle-length or mid-calf socks because this hosiery easily seals the deal.  

A black pair such as this one is a very classy choice – though you can always opt for colored or fishnet stockings for your dress and sneaker outfit. 

Wearing your dress with sneakers is one of the best things to try today. Stylish yet comfy – it’s a pairing you can rock throughout the year!

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