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You might not believe it, but wearing a hat it’s not as difficult as it seems. Hats are some of the best accessories, which can completely change your look. Even the simplest style can become more interesting and fashionable just by adding a hat. In other words, you should definitely try a hat to completely enhance your look!

Although many believe that hats are mainly a feminine piece, there are several styles for men. Do you know what looks fabulous with hats? Coats! Wintertime is the best time to show both your favourite hat and your coat, and play with new outfits.

For this reason, in this guide we have found some of the best looks you can recreate or get inspired from, to pair your hats and your coats together.


How to Look Good in A Hat: Men’s Edition

If you have never worn a hat, then it is finally time to try and buy one. Hats are some of the best accessories for any look, as they are versatile and can change the whole outfit and give your style a different vibe.

When buying a new hat, you should invest in a good piece, which will last for many seasons and always look perfect. Some hats, for example Panama hats or fedoras, may be expensive, especially if you are opting for some good fabric, such as cotton or wool.

For this reason, if you decide to buy one, you should stick to neutral colours, such as black, white or brown. This will allow you to wear your hat with several outfits, and give you enough freedom when it comes to wearing colourful coats or other pieces of clothing.

There is no best way to wear your hat, as it mostly depends on the shape of your head and your face, and your personal style. For this reason, you should try each of your hats with different outfits and never be afraid of experimenting and look bold.

Panama Hats and Denim Jackets

Who said that Panama hats can’t be the perfect summertime accessories for men? With their hipster vibes, Panama hats can be paired with any style, including your favourite cargo pants and some sandals.

Man wearing Panama hat with sunglasses

Photo by JJ’S House (Men’s Classic Simple Panama Hat)

Photo by Boohoo Man (Regular Denim Jacket with Borg Collar)

Looking for a cosier look? Go for a denim or cotton jacket, and you will have your perfect springtime outfit.

Beanie Hats and Denim Jackets

Yes, you can mix and match different vibes and textures to create your unique look. Denim jackets are casual and stylish, and their look can be highlighted with the right accessories, including your favourite beanie hat.

Bucket Hats And Bomber Jackets

If you are into casual and stylish outfits, then you’ll love bomber jackets. These pieces are very easy to wear, especially with a white t-shirt and some pants.

Photo by Gap (Gap Logo Bomber Jacket in Black Moss)

We recommend going for a bomber jacket, to pair with a black bucket hat. This will create the perfect combination between streetwear and hip-hop-inspired vibes, and you will look fabulous.

Reebok classic supporter bucket hat

Photo by JD Sports (Reebok Classics Supporter Reversible Bucket Hat)

Bucket Hats and Wool Coats

Wool coats are the perfect piece to keep you warm in Winter, while bucket hats are usually worn in spring and autumn. However, if you like both, you should definitely wear them together!

Photo by Atterley (Gucci Men’s Black Wool Outerwear Jacket)

This will make your look unique and dynamic, especially if you play with different colours. Avoid wearing oversized sweaters or other bulky clothes underneath your coat, so that you can focus all details and attention on your hat.

Photo by Lack of Color (Wave Bucket – Zebra)

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Cowboy Hats and Denim Jackets

Cowboy hats might not be everyone’s piece of cake, but they are still worth a try. The best way to make them a more modern and versatile piece is to pair your hat with a denim jacket. This is the perfect combination to get a contemporary cowboy-like look, which is bold and unique.

Photo by Amazon (Stetson Hackberry Western Hat for Men)

Beanie Hats and Wool Coats

It’s wintertime, it’s cold, and you need something to keep your whole body warm? This is the perfect opportunity to rock your favourite beanie hat and make it more formal and classier with the help of a wool coat. Duffle coats usually look very good with beanies, as they can fit your silhouette perfectly.

Photo by Matches Fashion (Moncler Logo-Print Wool Beanie Hat)

Beret Hats and Trench Coats

Beret hats are a timeless piece, which can make any outfit edgier and more stylish. Since this piece will get a lot of attention, we recommend styling it with a classic trench coat in neutral shades, such as camel or black.

Baseball Caps and Denim Jackets

Baseball caps are perfect to add some sporty vibes to your look, or to create a hip-hop inspired outfit. Since this is a very casual piece, you can pair it with a denim jacket. This will create a good balance and give you enough freedom to play with other accessories and pieces of clothing.

Photo by Under Armour (Men’s UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap)

Flat Caps and Duffle Coats

Flat caps are some of the most versatile hats, which can go from casual to smart in a few steps, depending on the rest of your outfit.

Photo by Burton (Grey Prince of Wales Checkered Flat Cap)

When in doubt, you can pair your flat cap with a duffle coat in neutral shades, such as camel or black.

Try to go for a flat cap which fits your heat perfectly, or you will get an odd and unbalanced silhouette which may jeopardise your overall look.

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