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Wearing a hat offers some protection against the wind, sunlight and the cold weather. On the other hand, it also adds some extra style to any outfit. For this reason, you should definitely have one or even more hats in your wardrobe, ready for any season and any occasion.

Some people tend to struggle when it comes to choosing and wearing a hat because they are afraid of looking too edgy or too extravagant. However, finding the best hat for our style is easy and will immediately highlight any look. Once you fall in love with the perfect hat, you will wear it any time you leave your house.

Whether you are a fan of baseball caps or you are looking for a more formal look, here you will find all the ideas you need to rock your hat!


How To Rock a Hat With Long Hair

When wearing a hat, you are free to style your hair as you want to. If you have long hair, the hat can be the perfect piece of accessories to highlight your face. All you have to do is to wear your hair styled down, or braid it. In other words, your hat and your hair will become one only unique way to customize your overall look!

Bucket Hats And Wind Breaker Jackets

Windbreakers are a sporty and casual piece, perfect to embrace your perfect streetwear vibes. You can make it more unique and contemporary with a bucket hat.

wave bucket hat in black

Photo by Lack of Color (Wave Bucket Hat in Black)

Underneath your jacket, you can wear a simple t-shirt, black or white, and a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Don’t forget your favourite pair of sneakers!

unisex breaker jacket in black

Photo by Atterley (Unisex Breaker Jacket in Black)

Panama Hats and Denim Jackets

Panama hats are the best option for Spring and Summer because they will protect you from the sun and make your look more fashionable.

Woman wearing panama straw hat

Photo by Etsy (Panama Straw Hat)

These hats are often in natural colours, such as brown or beige. You can style them with a denim jacket, to play with both masculine and feminine vibes.

Woman wearing dark blue denim jacket

Photo by Atterley (B.Young Denim Jacket Women in Dark Blue)

Fedora Hats and Cardigans

Cardigans are not technically coats, but they can be used to keep you warm and cosy and, most importantly, they look fabulous, so they are definitely worth a try.

Cable knit chunky knit casual sweater

Photo by Chicsoso (Solid Cable-Knit Chunky Knit Casual Long Cardigan)

Cardigans can be worn on their own, or layered on a t-shirt or a shirt. A colourful fedora hat can add a touch of style to your look, and make it more “outwear-like”.

handmade colour blocked fedora asymmetrical brim hat

Photo by Etsy (Handmade Colour-Blocked Ladies Fedora with Asymmetrical Brim)

Leather Bucket Hats and Oversized Baseball Jackets

One of the best things about fashion is that you can play with different colours, texture, and materials. For example, you can wear a very sporty and casual piece like an oversized baseball jacket, and pair it with a more formal and modern leather (or faux-leather) bucket hat.

black souna soft leather bucket hat

Photo by Lyst (Maison Michel Women’s Black Souna Soft Leather Bucket Hat)

This is a low-key, easy and sexy look, perfect for Spring and Autumn. To give your silhouette a better shape, you can wear some skinny jeans or a pair of black thighs.

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Bucket Hats and Wool Coats

Wool coats are the perfect piece to create a feminine and fashionable work outfit, especially if paired with a bucket hat. You can wear your favourite sweater or even a blazer underneath, depending on the occasion.

Add a pair of leather ankle boots or knee-high boots, to shape your legs and balance the whole look.

Bowler Hats and Wool Coats

Bowler hats are classy and their fashion potential is underestimated. They look cute with the majority of outfits, but they can also be your “secret weapon” to make your workwear more fashionable and elegant.

You are more than welcome to experiment with bowler hats and your favourite coats, although you should never wear two pieces made of the same fabric. If you are wearing a wool coat, then go for a cotton bowler hat.

Bobbie Hats and Trench Coats

What happens when you pair a sporty bobby hat with a classic and chic trench coat? You get one of the most fashionable and edgy looks for your Autumn wardrobe!

womens bobble hat in beetroot

Photo by Regatta (Women’s Rushley Bobble Hat in Beetroot)

Bobbie hats are very cosy, but you don’t need to wait for wintertime to wear them, especially if you want to protect your head against the wind. On the other hand, the trench coat will make your look classier and more versatile, creating the perfect mix between two different and interesting looks.

Fedora Hats and Trench Coats

This is such a classic and stylish combination that it doesn’t even need any introduction. Both pieces are perfect for either autumn and wintertime and can be worn on any occasion.

Play with different colours and styles, but try to stick to natural shades and modern cuts. This will give your silhouette a better shape, and allow you to wear anything you like underneath your trench coat.

Petite trench coat in stone

Photo by Asos (Asos Design Petite Trench Coat in Stone)

Beanies and Winter Vests

If you have a small head, beanies may make you feel bulky and less fashionable. However, you can still wear them and create your favourite silhouette by pairing your hat with a vintner west.

unisex cuffed beanie in true pink

Photo by Goose and Gander (Unisex Cuffed Beanie in True Pink)

This will create a skinnier and more balanced look, which will still keep you warm and allow you to play with different styles. Just don’t forget that, with a vest, you need to pay attention to what you are wearing underneath. You should match all colours and textures so that your look is complete and well-incorporated.

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