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Leather jackets are a timeless piece, and they will never go out of style. Let’s be honest: we all have at least one leather jacket in our wardrobe, but maybe we don’t know how to wear it.

Many believe that leather jackets should only be paired with bold and rock outfits, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, these pieces aren’t necessarily a “rebellious item”, and they don’t need to be paired with a super edgy look.

Don’t forget that you can still rock a leather jacket even if you don’t like wearing real leather. Nowadays, many brands have adopted a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion, and there are many eco and faux leather pieces available on the market, to meet everybody’s needs.

If you are looking for some inspiration to style your old leather jacket, or if you want to buy a new one and be prepared to rock it every day, you are in the right place!


Simple Is the New Bold

Who said that you need a particular and bold look to rock your leather jacket? You don’t need to get all dressed up to highlight your new piece. In fact, you may still be a true fashionista by wearing a plain t-shirt and some acid-washed jeans underneath your leather jacket.

Jeans Is the Word

Some believe that leather jackets should be necessarily paired with other leather pieces, or with plain, black cotton pants. However, one of the best ways to rock your jacket is with a comfy pair of ripped denim, which are stylish and comfortable. This will add some streetwear vibes to your look, and you can even try a complete hip hop-inspired outfit with help of the right accessories.

Don’t forget your sneakers, a cool watch on your wrist, and a statement belt. Feeling bold? Add a baseball cap or a fedora, depending on your own, unique style.

Go All Black

Even the darkest leather jacket will pair perfectly with a total-black outfit. This will add some mystery to your figure, and make your silhouette look thinner and taller. Try to avoid bulky jackets or oversized pieces of clothes underneath it. Instead, play with other colourful accessories, such as a brown belt or some white sneakers, to highlight some parts of your body.

Play with Your Favourite Accessories

Leather jackets are already a very bold, statement piece, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot pair them with a lot of accessories, especially if this is how you like your style.

Try with some aviator glasses or a bulky scarf, or even a big hat. You will immediately feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

It only takes a few elements to make your look immediately more fashionable. This also means that you can wear plain clothes underneath your jacket and still look fabulous.

Besides, you can potentially play with thousands of accessories based on the occasion and the weather, making your leather jacket one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

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